Gen Con 2023: Call for Leadership Volunteers

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Greetings, players! I’m pleased to let you know that the wheels have already begun to spin up for 2023’s convention season.

For our major shows (such as PaizoCon and Gen Con), we have a volunteer organizing committee that runs our organized play space. This group works closely with me, as the Organized Play Coordinator, to determine the schedule, recruit GMs, and get them everything they need to make the show a success!

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While we’re still finalizing what our presence looks like for Gen Con, we know we’re going to need a few new members of our leadership team. Applications for these positions are open until January 1, 2023. After that, I’ll anonymize the submissions and discuss them with our existing Gen Con Committee.

Please note that joining a leadership team is a significant commitment, as there is a lot of preparation work to do to get ready for a show. More information about the leadership team’s responsibilities and rewards are available in this document. If you’re not already a Venture Officer, we’ll be asking you to sign a volunteer agreement stating that you agree to these commitments. Note that anybody is free to apply for a committee; we welcome those who are not already Venture Officers!

Gen Con 2023 is seeking applicants for the following positions:

Online Committee Member

We’re looking to add one member whose sole responsibility will be to focus on Gen Con Online. This position is not required to attend the show in Indianapolis (and in fact, it will be much easier if they don’t). We’re asking them to oversee operations via our Discord during the show: coordinating with HQ, ensuring GMs have what they need, and taking responsibility for the Organized Play-related activities. It’s a tall order, so we’re looking for someone experienced with online conventions.

Academy Assistant

The Pathfinder and Starfinder Academies are our programs designed to teach young players (under the age of 18) about our games in a safe, family-friendly environment. We’re looking for someone who wants to learn about this program this year, with the goal of training them to take over next year. As a result, we’re looking for applicants willing to take on a multi-year commitment for this position. The ideal candidate enjoys working with children and families and can mentor GMs on playing with young children. A background check is required for this position at the applicant’s expense; this is only required once the position is offered and accepted, and previous checks (such as from a teaching or youth group) will be accepted.

Headquarters Department Head

At major conventions, we have a team of HQ volunteers whose task is to support GMs, answer questions from players, and muster players to tables. The HQ staff is the backbone of our conventions, and we can’t run a show without them. We’re looking for someone to serve as our Department Head for this team. They’ll work to train our in-person HQ staff on best practices, serve as backup for the team in the event of issues, and document methods for future conventions. The ideal candidate has experience with running HQ at larger conventions and is able to train new staffers quickly.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please fill out the form below! If necessary, we’ll contact applicants with follow-up questions and notify all applicants of their status before the end of January. We’re looking forward to working with you at the Best Four Days in Gaming!


Alex Speidel
Organized Play Coordinator

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Some exciting things here, and a great opportunity to be in the thick of things at a busy convention.

The Academy Assistant seems like it might be particularly rewarding for the right person.

1/5 *

This seems to imply that there will be an in-person presence at Gencon, so I will call that a win.

Second Seekers (Roheas) 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia

This is a great opportunity for someone really looking for the rush of accomplishment that comes with pulling off the greatest event in tabletop gaming.

I am unable to attend this year but I wish anyone who takes this on good luck.

Paizo Employee 5/55/5 * Organized Play Coordinator

Just want to prod this up, as there's only a few days left to apply!

Dark Archive 4/5 5/5 ****

How much does the background check cost?

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