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There should be some initiation ritual, involving the spilling of blood to appease the gods of FaWTL!

Did I just imagine it, or did we have a Gods of FAWTL thread at one time?

Solnes wrote:
Uhm, not really. Where's the bright lights? And shiny white robes? I kinda figured it would be more hollwoodish........

I can only speak for myself: I am the patron of Mexican Fawtlies. You know, the ancient Fawtlec civilization.

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Solnes wrote:
Uhm, what is this?

We're your gods! Don't you recognize us?

Just what I need to wash down the nachos that my devotees topped with sacrifices!

The heart wants what it wants. Often, mine wants other people's hearts. Mmm...hearts...

Sounds diverting. Come to think of it, I usually go in the other direction: use the stones to build my altars, then have the stones suck up people's blood.

Have you tried using the stone in a sling and shooting it at something that can bleed?

I am STUFFED. This weekend I had enchiladas, tacos, chilli, margaritas, sangrias...

Vecnorcus wrote:
Glad I didn't get TotP. I'm shy.

The undead have performance anxiety? Who knew?

At least you don't have damn artists making pictures of you dead on a silver platter. F!+!ers!

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Fawtlacamani wrote:

I might have to devour a few of those water-logged minions of yours, Vecnorcus. I hope you don't mind.

Don't be such a buzzkill, Archie! There's an order to the way I do things, too: Counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere, clockwise in the south!

Hey, man, be on the look-out for SP4NISH ships. They're major imperialistic buzzkills. Wipe 'em out before they make landfall.

I knew IssacX. And you sir, are no IssacX.
Accept no substitutes!

I only eat the living. Eating the dead? That's just gross.

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InVinoVeritas wrote:
Quetzalfawtl wrote:
I brought tostadas.
Ranch or Italian?


PaizoDM wrote:
I out rank all gods!

You are truly rank indeed. At first I thought you had brought expensive cheese to melt for the tostadas.

I brought tostadas.

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How did it take this long for this inspiration to hit me?