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Full Name

Qa'pelos, "The Risen"


Human (Garundi)


(11th) Ftr5/ Living Monolith 6




Medium (5'9")



Special Abilities

Endurance, Power Attack, Cleave, Combat Expertise, Improved Bullrush, Improved Trip, Iron Will, Greater Trip




Serenrae, Osirion Pantheon


It seems he's been spending a lot of time in Absalom


Common, Osiriani, Ancient Osiriani, Sphinx


Weaver/Mercer (And I've gotten to use it 3 times in mods - not counting his Day Job)

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Qa'pelos

Qa'pelos grew up as a young man in Osirion. His life was nothing more than the mundane mediocrity of a carpet merchant's son, filled with the hot sun of the desert.

As he grew, he served in the Ruby Prince's armies, and eventually came to realize that he had a calling that was a little greater. He felt a pull toward his ancestors. He felt that he had an obligation to honour and defend them. He sought out a legendary person called a "Living Monolith" that (according to the stories) can turn himself into a living statue and stand within the tombs of his ancestors for decades on end, as a silent and vigilant guardian of the honoured dead.

He found a paticular craftsman while investigating "The Citadel of Flame" (a one-eyed dwarf with an evil glare and a disquieting giggle, named Vulcus) that worked in stone, who agreed to engrave a scarab stone for Qa'Pelos and inlay it with gems and precious metals. It was later embedded in his forehead during a sacred ritual held in Osirion with a female sphinx present named Zulfiqar (said to be from mythical Kakishon). This is called his "Ka Stone" and it is inscribed on its inner side with his "ren" (his True Name), as well as his oaths to the gods and pharaohs. The Ka Stone tightly binds Qa'Pelos's mind and spirit to his body.

Qa'Pelos uses his position in the Pathfinder Society to help him discover the ancient relics of his ancestors, and return them to their sacred places from which they have been stolen. Qa'Pelos is deeply concerned with respect for the honoured dead, and plans that one day he shall fulfill his destiny by standing resolute - as a gaurdian statue of stone - over the places of the dead, lost in the sands of Osirion. [2010]

Qa'Peols took about a year to establish himself as a minor merchant in Absalom. In addition to fine Osiriani cotton, silks, and other fabrics and goods that his shop produces, he is a weaver of intricate Osirion tapestries and floor coverings. The carpets that he sells from The Coins district in Absalom are shipped widely throughout the Inner Sea from his shop, by both caravan and ship. He donates heavily to the interests of his homeland, and sponsors other Osiriani Pathinfinders. He is commonly seen with one of the managers or supervisors of his business, and a carter, shipper, hauler or other functionary in tow. [2011]

Some short months ago, Qa'Pelos found himself deep within the Hin Jao Tapestry, and was set upon in the caverns within the mountain by magical creatures who attack in magical darkness. He sacrificed his life in order to allow his fellow Pathfinders to escape from the evil malicious, loathesome creatures. When the Pharoah saw how valiantly Qa'Pelos relinquished his life, he raised him from the dead and gave him a position in the Risen Guard. He counts his proudest moment the inscription of his name in the Book of the Dead. [PaizoCon 2012]

A recent tragedy caused by an artifact - a Lissalian idol - has stuck down the Pharaoh, causing severe ailment and withering his arm. Qa'Pelos was one of the Risen Guard that was summoned immediately upon the Ruby Prince's fall. It was his ability to magically perceive the balance of life and death within the Pharaoh that was needed. He had to be monitored carefully, and immediately, and it had to be seen if he had been corrupted in any way, like poisoned and on the verge of death, or turned into one of the living dead, or worse.

Qa'Pelos plans to use his influence amongst the merchants of Absalom and Osirioin to find out more about the artifact that injured Khemet III. He believes that there is likely a magical cure to the Pharaoh's disability, and that he can find information about it in the lands of ancient Tassilon. There are rumours that the Rune Lords may have such information and/or magic. He has already traveled to Varisia and plans to continue return trips on his merchant ship each time that it is scheduled to be in port there. Qa'Pelos has vowed to be a part of the cure for the pharaoh's injury.