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Looking to find Group in the Ottawa, Ontario area to play some Pathfinder 2e. IF Anyone in this area had any room at their table or would like to start a new group send me a line.

Algaran wrote:

Shameless bump to my own thread with a little update.

I am still looking to begin a pathfinder campaign in the Ottawa area, but after running a few scenarios I am now far more confident in the role of Pathfinder GM.

I am prepped to run a Rise of the Runelords campaign, though I do have additional options should it be required.

I would be interested in your game if you still gave room and depending on when and were you play.

Vong wrote:

Who We Are:

A group of friendly guys looking to add two members to our Pathfinder roleplaying group.
We are in our 20's, 30's and 40's, so chances are, you'll fit right in age-wise :)
We usually play custom campaigns.

Who We’re Looking For:
1 or 2 guys or girls. (Bards are welcome, but will be teased ;) ).
People of all ages and experience levels.
People who are open-minded and easy-going.
People who can commit to playing once a week, usually on Saturday afternoons.

Games take place in the North Barrhaven area (5 minutes from the Wizard’s Tower) If you're interested, or even just a little curious to know more about us, please PM me for e-mail details (or post it here :))

I would be interested but would like to ask you a few question. Il leave you my email so you can better contact me if you still have room in your group.

desbiens (dot) brousseau (dot) h (@) Gmail (dot) com

Bakku wrote:


So I'm looking to find anyone in the Ottawa/Gatineau area that plays, or wants to play, pathfinder. I'm a rookie in the most literal sense (I just got the beginner box) and wanted to try and find others who might be interested.

Reply here or drop me a message.
Have a good day and to those of you south of the border, Happy Thanksgiving.


Have you been able to find a game? If so would you still have some room?

Greyblade wrote:

Hey guys,

I'm 33 and moving to Ottawa in January from Europe. Been playing for 20 years or so, and I'm looking for a group to join. I am a DM/player, and my fav games are 3.5/PF, Cthulhu, Warhammer, Pendragon and Alternity.

Hopefully we can hook up?

Talk soon

Hey Grey, I'm putting together a new group of players to play some games mainly 3.5 Edition and Pathfinder. We're open to playing other systems as well. I currently have 2 other players that are very interested. We are all in our early to mid 30's and have various levels of experience in gaming. If you're interested, feel free to send me an email since there is no PM system. My email is desbiens.brousseau.h@gmail.com

Tilnar wrote:

Hey PBGB - just saw the reply.

Since there's no real PMs here, why don't you send me an email?

tilnar [at] silverblaze [dot] net

I sent you email, Hear is mine in return.

desbiens (dot) brousseau (dot) h (dot) Gmail (dot) com

Hi, I would be interested in joining your group and would like to know more.