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You guys that have had it easy, I'm wondering what characters you're playing as and how lucky you're getting with the random monster pulls. I had a scenario at the Town Gate (where losing a combat check adds another random monster to the deck) - I was playing as Seelah and had a Shadow in there (no magic traits to permanently kick it from the deck), a werewolf, a satyr, and a giant hermit crab. We (me and a friend as Seoni) finished the match scenario with 2 cards left in the blessing deck, and he had 2 cards left in his draw deck.

Winnable, yes. Easy? Well, as with all random based games - Each round varies. Even the luck of the draw having determined what you have in your deck up to that point will alter the difficulty. So say having a Greatsword versus a scimitar at that point. If we were finishing the match with full decks and 15+ in the blessing deck I'd agree. As it stands though, the thrill of death / loss was at our heels for that one.

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Thing is. you can only go to the box for a basic card,(spell in this case) in between scenario's if you don't have enough of that type of card in your deck after the scenario. which doesn't happen often.

perhaps it would happen more with a character that doesn't start with a spell and doesn't find any.

I wonder if you have to take a party members spare card (spell) before you could choose one from the box?

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I believe you do. It represents not being at shops that sell those things, or they're closed, or just refuse to serve you after an incident with the shopkeeper's daughter...

Yeah, does state it in the rulebook on page 19, "Between Games", top of the second column

"If you can't construct a valid deck from the cards your GROUP has available because you don't have enough of certain card types, choose the extra cards you nee from the box, choosing only cards with the Basic trait"

I'm confused - The way you guys keep talking about banishing cards you're saying they should be permanently removed from the game (adventure path) outright? The rulebook states that they should return to their decks inside the box.

Then once we start Adventure 3, all basic cards should be removed from all decks within the box (at which point I plan on returning them to their respected adventure boxes, and core game cards will go in the adventurer add-on box).

Am I wrong in either of those two thoughts?

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I think you're right (from the cards currently available) - there are no 'random H/V/L effects'

No, but it is stated in the book if you want to build your own scenarios to go nuts and have at it. Would love to see a section of player made scenarios in the event my friends and I catch up to the end of the adventure. Right now we play through about 2 scenarios a week - Assuming we don't lose, we'll be ahead of the release curve by about a month every adventure.