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Shale - yes, I wasn't involved in your issue (though I did weigh in an opinion) -- apologies if the above post made it sound like I was, you ninjaed me while I was typing it. :)

My situation was indeed as you describe. And yes, for my own reasons, I think it's best to step out before getting embroiled in the plot. But I very much appreciate what you've said.

Hopefully we'll get to play in another game down the road.

PS: Even though I am leaving, happy to take build advice still--always handy for next time.

A high-pitched shriek of terror echoes from around the corner.

Seeing there are a number of experienced superheroes dealing with the miscreant (miscreants?) that caused this, Proxy calls out vocally and along any open communication frequencies, "I'll help the civilians, I hope all of you can stop the villain who did this!"

Proxy reshapes her mechanical hand into a grapple gun, shoots it upward into a nearby support, and swings away to disappear into the smoke and rubble.

Proxy will return in CALCULATOR'S DAUGHTER #1, to be out on stands next year! Now back to your regularly scheduled Justice League adventures!

Folks, I've already discussed this with GM SuperTumbler, and I have offered to step out of the game. We've agreed this is a good idea. I know I helped kick up some drama -- and although I re-assert to all the importance of protecting player agency, I still got off on the wrong foot and I don't think there's an easy way for me to recover. Moreover, I think this particular setup isn't a good fit for me and my style of play. I've already got a few PBPs going so while it's sad to pull out, I'm certainly not without other opportunities to play.

Since I've only just barely gotten started here and hardly met the team, Proxy can easily run off to help civilians and disappear off panel without affecting the narrative at all. Consider her appearance a brief "crossover easter egg." I'll post her exit in a moment.

I know I've seen a number of you around the PBPs; some I've had the pleasure of playing alongside before. And I hope to play with many if you in other games as the opportunity arises. I certainly hope other issues will resolve, and SuperTumbler will find himself able to continue running what looks like a fascinating storyline.

Best of luck to all of you. Happy funtime games!

Also willing to take any advice.

Whipporwill, are the powers listed under your Quills alternate sub-powers of the device?

Then as for Proxy's relationship with the League, I'll stick with my presumption that she was scheduled to report in a few days to sign up for a trial membership, but had not yet joined---and may not yet be known by everyone.

Proxy runs toward the rubble, shouting to any civilians she passes to run away. She reaches down to help someone stand and sees them run off before she continues to the site--to see up ahead SHALE create the shockwave to stop the blue figure and the clay man. She's immediately less worried about the supers than if the shockwave itself caused further damage to the already blown up buildings.

As she approaches, she picks up Whipporwhill's communications (I am assuming an open radio frequency correct me if I am wrong), including the glowing figure and the mudperson identified as possible persons of interest. She communicates back on the same frequency. "I am Proxy. A prospective League member. I want to help."

Her right hand clicks, and the fingers twist and bend themselves into a gun shape, with an electric filament poking out of the narrow barrel--her stun weapon. Aiming at the glowing blue figure, she fires an arc of electricity at the individual. She isn't even sure the energy will work on an energy being, but one had to start somewhere. She figured an explosion was a hostile enough act to warrant some kind of attempt at deterrence.

Taser power: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31

DC 22 Stun attack if it hits (and of course if it affects him)

I very much appreciate the opportunity for RP, but let's start off by making something very clear: you play your character, I play mine. Please do not "godmode," i.e., please do not in any way, shape, or form, subtly or overtly, play my character for me. This means you don't assume my character's placement ("in the woods" -- what if my character doesn't want to go to the woods?) and you don't presume consent (mine or the character's to be touched) or in general the results of an attempted interaction. For example, for the touching of the shoulder, a respectful roleplay description would read something like: "Kara reaches for Proxy's shoulder, trying to rub it." That would be fine -- then I can opt for Proxy to receive the contact or avoid it myself. Presuming contact just happens without my involvement in the interaction is not okay.

In general, please describe attempts rather than results, note that consent is never something to be assumed, act for and describe only your character and her situations and not mine. If in doubt, please ask. Respecting each other's agency as players is crucial in a roleplay like this, especially where characters get very powerful. Thank you.

Proxy spins around at the touch on her shoulder and steps a good couple feet back from the woman who has approached her. She's still learning people, and learning to acclimate to her situation while around police has given her a fair sense of "stranger danger." Proxy gives Imagine a good look. She may or may not recognize her (not sure if Proxy knows the current make up of the group or not).

She says in a neutral tone of voice, "I have been taught that touching a complete stranger is inappropriate in social introductions. Please don't do it again. Normally, the accepted introduction is to offer a hand to shake, yes?"

Proxy does so, holding her hand out, but still otherwise standing well away from Kara. "I am Proxy."

She then receives the telepathic communication, and blinks, as she's never directly interfaced with another mind. Proxy's mind is a strange place, rigidly structured with a series of complex algorithms on one hand, but there's a faint, strange "overlay" on the other of a more random, fluid sense of being. She knows what telepathy is, and deduces quickly that is what is happening to her. She answers verbally, however--her own mind running a number of analyses as database references as she also initiates speech.

"I can drink. I don't experience the effects of alcohol." She pauses. "Thank you for the invitation. But I would prefer not to join you. You are... intrusive. I don't..." she searches for the best way to describe a complexity of sensations, "I don't like that. I expect if you are from the League, and we are to work together, we can maintain a professional comradeship, but I find no need to socialize with you outside professional parameters. I hope you find that acceptable. I am catching a train to Central City soon. Goodbye."

Proxy waves and turns and walks down the path toward the park's outdoor chess tables.

Proxy had wanted to see the Flash museum. Databases described its contents, but she reasoned there was value in seeing it for herself, picking up the details records overlooked. To be a helpful recruit for the JL knowing the history of its members had value. Central City seemed much more... pleasant compared to Gotham. She was sure something was wrong with her visual sensors, but it seemed like the sun shone brighter here.

Then the explosion came. Proxy was close enough to her destination to be shaken to the ground, far enough to not be hurt. Dark clouds quickly rose into the sky, taking all the brightness away.

Proxy picked up herself and ran toward the museum so see how she could help.

GM, are we yet considered members of the League or still yet to be recruited? In my mind Proxy was scheduled to report for a trial membership, but hadn't been yet formally made a member. (So she wouldn't yet have League ID, for example.) If this is off base or there is something she needs to know, let me know

Eta: Imagine, you ninjaed me. I'll respond to the backtag later as I'm about to head into work

Since I'm just coming in here, it may not be my place to say (but I'll say because I'm a loudmouth): as a mostly total outsider and observer at this point, I read Shale's post as totally IC, and while perhaps it was oddly graphic, I personally wouldn't have read it as a veiled threat, but as the fantasy it was described as. This isn't to say I don't understand why Imagine would have felt targeted--I do, and it's scary to see something important to your character threatened, however indirectly. Mostly, I am actually really glad to see folks willing to talk these kind of issues out openly. But just for whatever it is worth, from my perch, IC appeared to be well separated from OOC, as it should be.

It's very hard in inter-party conflict not to take stuff personally even when it isn't supposed to be. And sometimes there is stuff that IS personal or crosses acceptable boundaries--the only thing to be done is talk about it, with the GM and/or each other as appropriate, and it's good you're doing that.

Otherwise, personally I find chanting to myself "Pretendy Funtime Games" over and over again to be helpful. I don't mean to be flippant here: it really helps. Even as amazingly dramatic and intense as RPs can be, they're still games that we play pretend in to have fun, and I find it therapeutic to remind myself of that.

I'm sorry if I'VE crossed a line by saying something--and if I feel prompted to, it's probably because it's intimidating to come into this moment as a new player. I trust that if we newbies have concerns about coming into a tense time for the existing team, we are welcome to discuss it with GM and/or players as is appropriate.

I was actually just coming here to post some minor updates about my character sheet, but as that seems to not be the order of the day, I'll just spoiler them.

Notes on Proxy:

I did update her stats a bit, as I forgot when I redid her attack powers that I needed to boost her ranged attacks, so I had to shove some things around a little to get her ranged attack bonus up where it should be for a game of this power level (lowered Cha and Reflex saves and adjusted a couple skills). I didn't adjust her base attack, so her "fist" version of attack isn't going to have a high to-hit rate, but I figure that's a last ditch effort sort of thing, or something to use when breaking objects.

Changed the username -- the 2.0 both references that she's a second take on an existing mantle in the DCU, and that Proxy "1.0' would have been the base AI before the Calculator "fed" Wendy's brain matrix into her program. She'll still go by "Proxy" in the game.

In a city park somewhere...

The child was still crying when Proxy bent over and picked up the broken doll.

"May I see this?" she asked quietly.

The little girl hiccuped into silence, reaching for her father's leg to squeeze some safety out of. From under Proxy's hood, the little girl could see the glowing eyes.

The father also eyed Proxy warily, but nodded. The doll in Proxy's hand made a strange, garbled squeak.

The tip of her right hand opened and revealed a screwdriver head underneath. She opened the back of the doll. A simple enough design, sound chips and a speaker, to let the doll simulate rudimentary conversation. A few flicks of the fingers, and the toy was fixed.

She turned it over to look at it, brushing the dirt and grass that had been clinging to its synthetic hair.

"I love you," the doll intoned.

"That is unlikely. We have just met and I doubt you have that capacity."

She held the doll back out to the child. The child snatched it, as if she believed if she did not take it fast enough, Proxy might grab her instead. Still, she hugged the doll to her chest, her tears abated. "I love you," the doll repeated to the child.

The father allowed himself a smile. "Thanks... uh... lady? You're a hero."

"Am I?" Is that all it takes? Proxy doubted it. "Regardless, you are welcome. Have a nice day." Proxy pulled her hood further over her face, and headed toward the lakeside benches, well away from the playground.

Coming in with Proxy, will get her alias fully up and running and post in the gameplay thread tonight.

Apparently "Proxy" and "Pr0xy" were already taken as usernames (probably for someone's joke account, which annoys the heck out of me), hence the + symbol. She doesn't really have an alter ego so I wasn't sure what else to use. Proxy Gordon? (Since Babs took her in?)