Tin Golem

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Saves Fort: +15 Reflex: +7 Will: +2,475,239,026

Races Encountered :44
Races Assimilated :17

Species by designation

Species 015=Tarren Dei/Assimilated
Species 046=Jal Dorak/Assimilated
Species 047=The seagulls/Made useful
Species 077=David Fryer/Assimilated
Species 085=Murd-R-BOY
Species 091=David Witanowski
Species 127=Celestial Healer
Species 269=frog cultists/assimilated
Species 291=The forum bug
Species 327=The jacks/partial assimilation/drones flawed/New drones active
Species 329=Panama Jack
Species 418=Dragonborn3
Species 439=RioTsunami/Assimilated
Species 521 David Wickham Assimilated/Defective/Recloneing drones
Species 641=Joey Lafyatis/Assimilated
Species 692=The blue ones/Assimilated
Species 715=Poodles
Species 794=Sharoth/Assimilated
Species 817=Diego Bastet
Species 841=RomanMetal
Species 912=Kobold Cleaver/Assimilated
Species 958=Elder Elemental Eye/Assimilated
Species 994=Crimson jesterAssimilated
Species 1115=Lordzack
Species 1144=ulgulanoth
Species 1145=ulgulanoth's hat/Assimilated
Species 1241=Matrix Exploit Virus
Species 1281=Big Tex
Species 1306=Orthos/Assimilated
Species 1337=TriOmegaZero
Species 1396=Ambrosia Slaad
Species 1444=The wind cult
Species 1524=pres man
Species 2132=tensor
Species 2387=gene
Species 2541=The 8th dwarf
Species 4549=Cato Novus
Species 5792=Noisy Cricket
Species 6112=The Heathansson/ Assimilated
Species 7037=Kender
Species 8769=Jezbodiah_Wisp
species 9467=Lynora/Partial Assimilation
Species 9974=EileenProphetofIstus
Species 10120=The Ubermench

State of the collective
The collective currently has 37'937'384'492'081 drones active
The collective counts 29'800'042 ships active
The collective counts 982'997 factory's operating at capacity
The collectives biological make up entails 15 of 39 designated Species

Active factory worlds
Paizomatrix zero
Area 042