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9 sorc 1 oracle heavens dual cursed







Special Abilities

COLORSPRAY, I am not bully wizard. Bully wizards are jerks they just wanna blast and hurts things. The spells they cast are neat but rude. I mean seriosly who shoots magic at people. Barbarians. I prefer to be nice and knock them out while the..




non, they are all upstarts. The master gave me a crossbow and told me to find the weaknesses of the upstart gods. They can turn people to jelly, but not me I dance. Did I ever you tell I am a great dancer. Although I do have to admit I once met..


where ever cool stuffs is, I was once a tree for a couple of hours how many gnomes can say that? I am seriously a tree. What I did was I put this moving killing tree in a hole and then rained death on him. Well I did not rain death I am not a b...


I was taught tien


They let me be a pathfinder and I dance.

Strength 5
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 28

About Pontificor the Great

I am a nice wizardery person. I do not use that bully magic others do. I like magic that makes colors. I love colors they knock people out. They just sit there and twitch when you shoot them with colors. Then I have the servant pathfinders they put with me slit their throats, because that is crude work. My wittle arms are not meant for such hard labor. Did I tell you I once met a hell knight, he wrote me a citation, I ate it. He was kinda rude too. I mean who writes citations, what is a citation anyway. He is mean like the guerrilla guy always telling me what to do. I never tell him what to do. I should colorspray him in the face. I once met a guy with no face. He wanted to kill these cult memebers so I greased him and then I saw some head pathfinder guy die I was suppossed to meet his friends afterward but I just brought his head. And then this invisible guy came at my friend and knocked him out with his magicy sword casting. So I colorsprayed him and took his sword and told him he was bad. Then that silly hell knight and paladin killed him. I watched. I do not do violence as I told my girlfriend. Well she is not my girlfriend YET, but soon. I met her when her servant Sanos got taken. There were all these zombies things all over and they do not get bothered with colorspray so I put them in pits. Thier boss the porcupine lady, she got colorsprayed though and that cavalier lady that road a bird got bigged by the twins and then cut her in half. She is so amazing and colorfull. She is like so smart and she is gonna find a way we can both go into the fey again. I told her I was a tree once, I do not know is she believed me. I once put a tree in a pit that tried to attack me, and it left a potion that made me a tree.

Then there was this one time we found this dwarf with the most evil chair ever had cookies made of prositute's souls. So I ate one and got even more awesome, but then I felt bad and had the godly people adjust my tune so I would not be mean. Then I found out more about the jelly axes, but not why they like jelly axes. I saved the para-counters lady almost completely by myself, she is lucky there were no ladders or swimming. That stupid mosquito doctor would not let me pet the horse lady and the stupid fire dog bit me when I tried to pet it. Then me and twins went to go meet some other sczarni people, and they told us other bad violent sczarni people were selling drugs and hurting people. I decided I like drugs they make me fell nice and happy like when I color spray someone. So I put that bad guy in an orb of water and colorsprayed him and his buddy and put his buddy in the orb too. It was awesome I know understand the power of life and death bully wizards feel. But that rude Tian werewolf guy that got made at me for translating his secret langauge to our group saved the bad drug dealers from waterery death.