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3/5 Venture-Agent, Russia—Moscow

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Hi there

I have


3/5 Venture-Agent, Russia—Moscow

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Hi there
We have scheduled a multicity event in Russia and Belarus to occur this Sunday, Dec 17th to play new special Assault on Absalom. We plan to have 15 tables here in Moscow plus video connection to St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar and Minsk who will be joining online.
We have lots of people planning to visit this event.

The problem is that NONE of the GMs have received the scenario so far. The request for support has been submitted long enough (month ago) for this to be proceeded. The special scenario is not available for purchase yet on paizo.com so GMs have no access to it at all.

So the question is - is it ever planned to provide the GMs with this scenario? Or is it expected that GMs who all have their work and personal life will be able to prepare in 1-2 days for the event? Please bear in mind that we are not native English speakers and we do require additional time to prepare.