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Full Name

Radient Cai Fen of the house of the Plummeting Eagle




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Special Abilities







Common, Tien


Caravan Guard

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

About Plummeting Eagle Cai Fen

Epic Backstory:
Radiant Cai Fen of the house of the Plummeting Eagle (Plummeting Eagle Cai Fen to his friends) was born into a family of merchants and scribes. To the despair of his parents, he had no patience for lessons or interest in “civilized pursuits,” preferring to climb trees, balance off roof ledges, and pretend fight with terrifying imaginary foes. Tired of his antics, and his nightly boasting about his “grand adventures,” his family arranged for him to train with a company of mercenaries and caravan guards, hoping that a few hard years on the road would sap some of his adventurous spirit. Although Cai Fen fit in well with this rowdy, boisterous group, he eventually began to tire of the routine nature of guard work. One night, while celebrating his payday, he met a mysterious woman who regaled him with tales of the Way of the Kirin, an organization of knights dedicated to serving the common good and protecting people from evil and injustice. Cai Fen woke the next morning befuddled and hung over, but his heart was filled with joy because he realized that he had found his true calling. After being reassured by the citizens of every nearby town and village that there was no evil or injustice to be fought, thank you, and would he kindly please get off the table, Cai Fen set his sights across the ocean to the far-flung lands of the Shining Kingdoms, where, as rumor would have it, everyone was constantly miserable and oppressed. Armed with Reliable Wu’s Guide to the Heathen Tongues of the Western Barbarians, Cai boldly stepped onto the shores of the kingdoms of the Inner Sea where he promptly found himself work… as a caravan guard. Nevertheless, he held his head high because he could feel that adventure was just around the horizon.

Radiant Cai Fen of the house of the Plummeting Eagle.
PFS - 2361589-2003
Human (Versatile Heritage), Tian-Dan, Martial Disciple
Perception (E) +6
Languages: Tien, Common
Skills (training level in parentheses): Acrobatics (T) +6, Arcana (T) +4, Athletics (T) +6, Lore (T) (Warfare) +4, Medicine (T) +4, Society (T) +4, Stealth (T) +6, Survival (T) +4, Thievery (T) +6.

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10.
Items (bulk in parentheses): War flail (2b), Studded Leather (1b), Climbing Kit (1b), Healer’s tools (1b), Thieve’s tools (L), Writing Set (L), Backpack, Bedroll (L), Flint/steel (L), Torch (L), Waterskin (L), Oil (L).
Carrying: 5 (5.7)
Encumbered >8. Carry limit 13.

AC: 18; FortT +4, RefE +8, WillE +6
HP: 20

Speed: 25/30(Pan).
Melee: Unarmed Strike +6 (1D4+3/5(Pan))
Melee: War Flail +6 (1D10+3/5(Pan))
Innate spells: DC14 Electric arc.

Class features: Precise Strike, Confident Finish.
Ancestry: Dragon spit.
Skill: Quick Jump
Class: Tumble behind.
General: Toughness (versatile heritage).

Things that get me panache:
-Using athletics for initiative
-Rolling through an opponent (tumble behind feat makes target flat footed on success)
-Grappling an opponent
-Tripping an opponent
-Disarming an opponent