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RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16 aka NChance

Same here with the submitting and non-confirmation.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16 aka NChance

Ssyth'ek, He Who Devours Demons

Unique male half-fiend lizardfolk fighter 4/holy warrior cleric 7

Description: Born of the unholy union between between the tribe's former shaman and a hulking hezrou, Ssyth'ek rules over the Scything Claw tribe of lizardfolk with absolute impunity. Clearly different than other “standard” half-fiends, Ssyth'ek stands over nine feet tall, wingless, and able to exude a poisonous musk from his warty, gray skin. He stares out over his people with small eyes set forward and high upon his head, giving him more of a toad-like appearance then that of a lizard. He shows his wrath plainly, bloating and puffing up when angered, with beads of dark green poison flowing from his skin like sweat.

Clad in armor made from the scales of an immense black dragon that recently opposed his tribe, Ssyth'ek strides into battle using his claws and teeth as his favored weapons, reserving his Abyss-borne magic to gird himself before battle, but unleashing the remainder at his fleeing opponents. Despite his savage upbringing and demon-tainted blood, Ssyth'ek has a mind for strategy beyond pure barbarism, drawing enemies into traps and turning minor skirmishes into running battles with his swamp-skimmers and their monstrous crocodilian companions. His reptilian nature is decidedly evident in his cunning strategies; slow and sluggish to the casual observer, but snapping tight in sudden, vicious maneuvers.

Motivations/Goals: Ssyth'ek is a canny and ruthless leader who is no longer satisfied with the simple dominion of the surrounding swampland. He desires nothing more than to become an unstoppable, demigod-like being.

Schemes/Plots: When he assumed power, Ssyth'ek's first decree forbid the practice of the druidic faith, turning instead to a dark, primal power that answered the ruler's guttural prayers and bloody sacrifices. With the blessing of this mysterious abyssal patron, Ssyth'ek's priestesses uncovered an ancient and dark ritual that allows an idolater to feed upon the soul-essence of evil outsiders and grow in power. Using this ritual, Ssyth'ek called and consumed dretches, babaus, a vrock, and most recently a rank-and-file hezrou. Bolstered by this string of successes, Ssyth'ek plans now to call his own father, the massive hezrou Gragrorrp, so that he may devour him. Should he also succeed in this, Ssyth'ek will cease to be a mortal creature, transforming into a full-blooded demon. All that is needed are the right astral alignments, and the dark ceremony can begin.

Adventure Hook: The ritual to summon Gragrorrp is still beyond the abilities of Ssyth'ek, though fortune seems to favor the fiendish chieftain as his scouts have brought word of a human bearing the mark of a summoner that travels the tribe's estuaries. Pavius Alvonar, a Chelaxian devil-binder, is traveling through the area on a mission for his house and might employ the PCs as bodyguards for the long trek. Alternatively, the PCs may learn about the wizard's kidnapping, especially if any have ties to Cheliax, and be dispatched to rescue him.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16 aka NChance

The Rules wrote:


Apart from your own original content, you are limited to using or referring to the following sources:

* Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beta Release, and officially released web enhancements to the Beta
* The 3.5 SRD as presented at d20srd.org
* Published content from Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting
* Content from the earlier round of this year's RPG Superstar contest (whether you created it or not)
* Content that is in the public domain (such as mythological references, etc.)

You may NOT use or refer to Open Game Content (or any other material) from other publishers.

Emphasis mine on what I'm asking; When it says "original content", is that limited to the wondrous items we recently submitted, or can we use other original content as long as it falls within the realm of the other allowed sources?