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Full Name



Quasit (Demon)


Gestalt Vitalist/Psion(Telepath) 16







Special Abilities

Immune (Electricity, Poison), Resistance 10 (Acid, Cold, Fire), Poison, Telepathy (touch), Darkvision 60ft.


Neutral Good




Avalon Academy


Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Infernal, Celestial, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Auran, Aquan, Ignan, Terran (Three Unchosen)

Strength 18
Dexterity 22
Constitution 22
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 20
Charisma 20

About Phaezeriel

Gestalt Vitalist/Psion(Telepath) 16
Hit Dice: 16d6+3d10+114
Hit Points: 240 Current: 240

Height: 39 inches
Weight: 40 pounds
Horns, Claws, Teeth: Shining Silver
Eyes: Glowing Silver
Skin: Scaly Dark Blue/Pale Blue on Chest and Inner Arms and Legs
Wings: Translucent Dark Blue

Fortitude: 11 =5(Class)+6(Con)
Reflex: 11 =5(Class)+6(Dex)
Will: 15 =10(Class)+5(Wis)
Spell Resistance: 28

BAB: +8/+3 CMB: +11 CMD: 27 (34 vs. disarm or sunder of The Chainstaff)

Armor Class: 24 =10(Base)+6(Dex)+1(Size)+7(Natural)
Touch: 17 Flat-Footed: 18
Speed: 20ft Fly: 50ft (perfect)
Initiative: +10 (+4 Improved Initiative +6 Dex)

2 Claws +20 (1d4+9 plus poison), Bite +20 (1d6+9)
Touch/Ranged Touch Spell: +16
The Chainstaff (chain form) +19 (1d4+3) (+21 1d4+5+2d6 vs psychic creatures)

Strength 18(+4)
Dexterity 22(+6)
Constitution 22(+6)
Intelligence 28(+9)
Wisdom 20(+5)
Charisma 20(+5)

+24 Autohypnosis (16 ranks + 5 wis + 3 class)
+16 Bluff (8 ranks + 5 cha + 3 class)
+35 Fly (16 ranks + 9 int + 8 perfect + 2 small)
+16 Heal (8 ranks + 5 wis + 3 class)
+28 Knowledge (Arcana) (16 ranks + 9 int + 3 class)
+28 Knowledge (Planes) (16 ranks + 9 int + 3 class)
+28 Knowledge (Psionics) (16 ranks + 9 int + 3 class)
+20 Linguistics (8 ranks + 9 int + 3 class)
+13 Sense Motive (8 ranks + 5 wis)
+28 Spellcraft (16 ranks + 9 int + 3 class)


Vitalist: Expanded Knowledge (Cosmic Awareness)
Psion Lv1: Psicrystal Affinity
Psion Lv5: Maximize Power
Psion Lv10: Craft Universal Item
Psion Lv15: Craft Cognizance Crystal
Lv1: Overchannel
Lv3: Combat Manifestation
Lv5: Improved Initiative
Lv7: Power Penetration
Lv9: Psionic Meditation
Lv11: Quicken Power
Lv13: Expanded Knowledge (Energy Current)
Lv15: Greater Power Penetration

Equipment of Note:
The Chainstaff: A peculiar magical item, the chainstaff appears to be a psionic quarterstaff made of crystal strangely carved to resemble a chain whose links have all been compressed in a a line and somehow cling together. With a mental command, The Chainstaff transforms itself into a spiked chain. The Chainstaff re-sizes itself to fit its wielder.
In its staff form, The Chainstaff functions as a Psicrown containing 90 power points for use in manifesting its powers and has a daily recharge of 15pp, gaining 15pp. It can be used to manifest Personal Barred Mind, Body of Iron, and Psychoport Trigger. In addition, when touching The Chainstaff in its staff form, its wielder is constantly under the effects of the Detect Hostile Intent power.
In its spiked chain form, The Chainstaff is particularly deadly to psychic creatures. It is a +3 spiked chain with the Mindcrusher, Parrying, and Psibane properties. Additionally, the wielder can at all times act as though proficient with the use of a spiked chain.
Phaezeriel suspects that The Chainstaff may be an intelligent item because he cannot use any spell or power to identify it, and it has from time to time manifested its abilities on his behalf without his mental command.
Amulet of Mighty Fists +5: +5 enhancement bonus to the attack and damage of unarmed and natural attacks. Takes the form of a torc around Phaezeriel's left bicep.
Circlet of Demonic Intellect: Provides a +4 bonus to intelligence, and allows the wearer's darkvision to function fully in any kind of darkness, magical or otherwise.

Class Schedule:
Period 1: Meditation
Period 2: PE
Period 3: Psionic TA Period
Period 4: Alchemy
Period 5: Care for Magical Creatures
Period 6: Mathemagics (a.k.a. I've Got Tone 101)

Favored Class Bonus: Vitalist x 16(Skill Points)

Powers Known:

Level 1: Defensive Precognition, Energy Ray, Fortify, Inertial Armor, Mindlink, Mind Thrust, Missive, Offensive Precognition
Level 2: Brain Lock, Concussion Blast, Empathic Transfer, Read Thoughts
Level 3: Body Adjustment, Mental Barrier, Solicit Psicrystal, Telekinetic Force
Level 4: Empathic Feedback, Mindwipe, Psychic Reformation, Schism
Level 5: Energy Current, Incarnate, Metaconcert, Pierce The Veils, Psychic Crush
Level 6: Fuse Flesh, Remote View Trap, Temporal Acceleration
Level 7: Crisis of Life, Decerebrate, Divert Teleport, Energy Conversion
Level 8: Barred Mind, Recall Death, True Metabolism

Defensive Powers:

DEFCON 5: Life as Normal
Remote View Trap: Informs me when I am being Scried on and damages the viewer.
Barred Mind: Prevents any divination spell or power, including wish, miracle, reality revision, etc. from gaining information about me.

DEFCON 4: Hostilities Suspected
Inertial Armor: +11 Armor bonus to AC

DEFCON 3: Hostilities Expected
Defensive Precognition: +6 Insight bonus to AC and Saves
Offensive Precognition: +6 Insight bonus to attack rolls
Fortify: +9 resistance bonus to saves
Energy Conversion: Energy Resistance (all) 30, can redirect absorbed energy as rays (ranged touch attack)
Pierce the Veils: True Seeing
True Metabolism: Fast Healing 10

DEFCON 2: Hostilities Imminent
Schism: Gives me a second mind that can take purely mental actions

DEFCON 1: Engaged by Hostile Forces
Mental Barrier: +5 deflection bonus to AC