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12d4 ⇒ (4, 2, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1) = 32

Their FAQ says nothing about offline support. In fact, from various answers, to include the one that mentions not losing anything if you're temporarily disconnected, online-only usage is a reasonable conclusion to come to, especially considering one of their primary selling points is players interacting with each other for starship play.

That or a possessed Stargate.

I would gladly pay $75 every month for a potion that magically made me look and feel as perfectly healthy as I wanted to be.

Aerotan : Without any life-long consequence to the potion (you can always drink another to undo what you did), there'd be no reason to have an age of consent.

On age, could a child take the potion to appear to be an adult? That'd seriously mess with hormonal balance and developmental issues.

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Doesn't the serum require willingness in order to work?

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If you can cause gender dysphoria just by taking the serum, I would argue there's a better term for that, as the two root causes are very different. Gender Assimilation Disorder? Gender or Neutral Assimilation Disorder maybe.

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Gender dysphoria affects a vanishingly small percentage of a population (if we're going to go by human norms).

For Drow, I would think their society would outright ban sex changes, since sex is tied to power/caste. I'd expect it to be a "punishable by death on sight" issue.

For non-extremists like the Drow, I'd expect to see varieties of group dynamics concerning fluid sexual identities. You'd have those that change their sex on whim. You'd have those that believe it immoral to ever change your sex. You'd have those with gender dysphoria who'd bless the day they could afford the serum.

I bet orgies in Starfinder get crazy.


This means distributing a digital character sheet application (say, something I'm working on for Android) will need specific permission to include stuff like equipment.

How can we tell what aspects of Starfinder are OGL? Are all mechanics OGL? Clearly setting isn't, but if equipment and deities can be considered part of setting, then they aren't OGL. Is this accurate?

The word "ovum" is literally Latin for "egg". It doesn't matter what non-scientific ideas people had in the middle-ages. The Female of a species is the one that creates/contributes the egg. How much you "experienced your female-ness" is irrelevant. The term "incubator" cannot be offensive unless you think of yourself that way, since the point I was making was that female humans are NOT incubators.

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I don't know why you'd want to. The Starfinder PDF is only $10.

The female of a binary species is the one that contributes the ovum. Female humans are more than incubators; they contribute 50% of genetic material. Theirs just comes preinstalled in the egg, that's all.

Relying on killing enemies in one shot isn't reliable. The amount of damage enemies can take, and the total number of rounds it takes you to kill them, is what you have to consider. With spray-n-pray, there's a point at which taking a full round to attack 4+ enemies is very worth it, since you end up dealing more damage than you would have otherwise.

Just to chime in on the military experience here, I served in the US Army for 16 years and am intimately familiar with the M249 and M240B. Nobody is trained to spray-n-pray, and while I understand there needing to be a penalty of some sort to doing so, using up an entire magazine/cartridge (don't get me started on proper terminology here) to do so strikes me as wrong.

I suppose it might not be so bad if there was a feat in order to make the charge/ammo usage match the number of targets in the cone * 2. Maybe even another feat, having prerequisite of the prior feat, that allows the player to choose their targets within the cone. For the cost of two feats, being able to be actually good with an automatic weapon seems fair to me.

I wouldn't make their bodies hackable. They should be susceptible to Charm Person, like any other player class, since you can make an easy argument for all their hardware being a closed system.

You could also go the opposite route - an organic brain inside a construct body. There's a lot of unexplored room in Starfinder right now for cyberpunk tropes.

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Has anyone else considered the rich and expansive universe that is Mass Effect as a setting for a table top game? I find the idea very attractive, and I'm wondering if anyone else has started on any homebrews of their own.