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Hey all! I need some help on two things!

1. My party is about to find their first cache of custom loot that I've made, and I'm having trouble thinking of exactly what to give my party's fighter. I basically want to give her proficiency in katanas so that someone can wield Suishen when they find it. I'd thought of giving her a book, but I'm already doing another free-feat book for another player and am hesitant to repeat that.

2. I'd also like any feedback I can get on the following items that I've made.

For my half-elf rogue:

Setsuri & Fukushu - These masterwork rapiers are impossibly light and their mithral blades are both etched with serpentine dragons. Both their scabbards and grips are fashioned from finely cured black dragon hide. Each blade also features an engraving in Tian-styed Sylvan; one reads Setsuri, the other Fukushu. Setsuri's blade catches even the smallest amounts of light, appearing to glitter even more than mithral normally does, and Fukushu seems to almost consume light, even though the blade is clearly pristine.

When these rapiers are dual-wielded by a PC with the Two Weapon Fighting feat, they are considered light weapons for the purposes of dual-wielding and sneak attack, and allow the wielder to add their dexterity modifier to damage
instead of strength.

I know that normally mithral doesn't change the weapon's weight category, but it's going to be a good fit for the character's desired flavor. Note: Setsuri and Fukushu are the Japanese words for Providence and Vengeance, respectively.


For my human Bard:

Omamori no Kaiun - This Omamori amulet is neatly wrapped in white silk and is embroidered with the Tian symbol for luck.
As a swift action, the luck from this amulet can be used to make a creature roll twice on any d20 roll. If this effect targets an ally, that creature can take the higher roll. If the effect targets an enemy, they must take the lower roll. This effect can be used a number of times per day equal to the wearer’s Charisma modifier, but the effect must be used before the outcome of the roll is resolved.

My bard is a brand new PF player coming over from 5e, so I know that advantage/disadvantage will be a mechanic he's familiar with. And since he's already going to be learning a lot of spells I wanted to give him something that can help with those


For my Dwarven Cleric:

Incense of the Azure Dragon - This ornately crafted incense burner is carved from a single piece of azurite and features an engraving of a serpentine dragon beneath a golden inlay of the rising sun that amplifies positive energy effects. When a cleric spends 15 minutes meditating and uses this to burn a single stick of incense worth at least 50gp, any channel positive energy actions used during that time heal an extra 1d6 and the effect’s
radius increases to 45ft.

If rare and exotic incenses are used, these effects last up to 1 hour for each 100gp the stick of incense is worth.

My cleric likes to play up some fun hippie stereotypes when they break after a fight and he channels energy to heal everyone up. So I wanted to play on that, but also give him something that he could potentially use in combat since many fights will be in wide open areas


For my tiefling ranger:

This +1 Composite Shortbow (Str +2) is
crafted from lacquered bamboo with a serpentine dragon design burned into the wood. It appears to have once been adorned with a number of large gemstones along the front edge of the bow. However, all but one are currently missing, pried from their settings.
An arrow fired from this bow can use the magical energy in the gems set into the bow to achieve a listed spell effect. Each gem can be used once per day. Spell
effects use the player’s character level as the effective caster level, the save DC is based on the character’s Wis modifier. A creature struck by an arrow takes no
damage, but suffers a –2 penalty on any save required.

and it starts with:
This emerald measures nearly two inches across and glitters with arcane energy. If set into the Teisatsu bow, it can imbue an arrow with the Sleep spell, which triggers on impact.
School enchantment [mind affecting]
Area one or more living creatures within a 10-ft.-radius burst
Duration 1 min./level
Save Will negates, (11 + Wis Mod)
SR Yes

Causes a magical slumber to come upon 4 HD of creatures. Creatures closest to the spell's origin are affected first. HD that are not sufficient to affect a creature are wasted. Sleeping creatures are helpless. Waking a creature requires a standard action or dealing damage. Noise has no effect.
At 4th level, and every even level thereafter the spell can affect an additional 2HD

Technically this is a slightly modified version of Sleep, but I wanted it to scale with her.