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2 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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Vanykrye wrote:

Yesterday I woke up at 8am after getting in at 3:30, then I went out and picked up breakfast for Aiymi and Zelda. I was sore and tired, but not horribly so. My feet were the worst of it.

Today is different. Today is awful. Today I feel like I'm just going to collapse into a pile of meat. As if my body was processed by a butcher, but still holding together...and then will just fall apart into the individual butcher cuts as I walk down the hall. Or just sit here. Stairs...holy crap stairs...

Hope you feel better soon!

Since I'm at the office the likelihood of that happening is close to zero. I've got a lady upstairs wearing *eye surgery dark sunglasses* complaining about "issues with her monitor dimming". I'm trying to explain that it's her sunglasses, but she's absolutely not listening. One of my techs goes up there and sees nothing abnormal happening with her monitor. He leans over to check the cables, and the instant he leans over the monitor she goes "There! It's happening right now!" He hadn't actually touched anything.



So when someone casts a shadow you're claiming your monitor is dimming.


And this is what NH means by "so freakin' out there that she must work at Vany's company".

Sorry, that was me.

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Everyone's got a shadow alias these days.

I got mine "on loan"

All I gotta do is periodically catch it and stitch it to my feet against it's will.

Do you ever wonder if maybe Captain Hook wasn't the bad guy...