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My portcullis was barely bent, but I live way up north :) The medium copper dragon could not stand on its own though. The wings were straight up instead of spread out so I had to use hot/cold water to fix them.

The paint jobs are really nice overall though. But like it has been said before the rarity of some minis are off (from a usability point of view). And there is a lot of small minis in a case (3 derros, 4 pugwampis, 6 ratfolks and 4 halflings for me).

I also do not like most of the dungeon dressing, but I might be biased since I use Dwarven Forge for those. The knight statue is nice, but the door and portcullis are pretty useless to me, and they take a large rare slot, so I am really unhappy with that. But I knew it beforehand, so it’s not like I was surprised by it. I guess it’s just a way for me to state that I would be in favor of having the dressing pieces in another product line instead of where they actually are.

Overall still a good set though. My favorite minis from this set are the blue dragon, minotaur guardian and the viper vine. I think the viper vine surprised me the most.

Least favorite (besides the dungeon dressings) would be the halfling butcher, the pretty goblin and the ice devil. The first 2 because I don’t need more than one of them and got a bunch. The devil because it’s really bland.

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First off, let me preface this by saying that I haven’t read most comment yet, so I might be repeating ideas that were already thrown around the forum. I apologize if that is the case. It simply means that I add my voice to those who already said them. Also, this is just my opinion, not facts. I’m merely saying what I would have liked. Now, let’s look at the class.

Flavor-wise, I was really glad to see a skald. Viking bard are my favorite type of bard. Then only thing that concerned me at first was the possibility of being too similar to the savage skald archetype.

The thing is that they both have a performance related to inciting rage. Since we are keeping the same flavor as the archetype, I would have like a different take on the class, more barbarian than bard. I would have ditched the spell casting altogether. For the poetry stuff, I would have borrowed from the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class and given something like Epic Tales, linguistics bonus and so on. Keep the writing related to performance instead of spell casting.

Speaking of performance, like many have said, either revamp the rage bonus, or stick with inspire courage. Maybe an enhance version of it? Inspire heroics too. Maybe having the choice of having a performance going for all the party, of two performances going for one ally? Giving access to rage powers (except totem powers) while under the effect of the performance? With a full BAB and performance, the skald can be an effective melee combatant, if somewhat fragile. Better than a bard, less than a full barbarian, but at increasing their allies’ effectiveness at the same time.

All in all, I really like the concept, but in my mind, it should have been much more barbarian than bard.