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"Look sharp, zappy-toes, here comes the village. Sifu told us this was our last one. Who knows what that means? Maybe you will get your wish!"

Percy arches a fiery eyebrow. " 'Sima, sweetie, be careful what you wish for." He waves at a few farmers in their completely unremarkable and unmemorable clothes. He hasn't taken three more steps before he's already bored with them and everything around them and about them. "Personally, I'd be amazed if the  place is even still standing. I've never known an educational facility that got beat on as much as that one. Good thing the staff and students are all so...hmmm...capable."

"Heh. I gotcha. Water it is..." The big elemental stands and goes over to the simple stone well just outside the room. Presently, he returns with the Sifu's bowl. She bows as she takes it from him, then takes a long sip of water, gratitude written plainly on her face.

"I can make some tea..."

"Sifu, can I get you anything?" Percy is doing his best to stifle laughter as 'Sima sticks her tongue out at him.

"She told us." Percy remains sitting and shrugs. "She's in some shadow-place or something. Doing grown-up stuff, I'm sure. Stuff we'll all be doing soon enough, I'm sure."

"That! Is apparent."

"That's descriptive."


Percy glowers.

Percy gives Nasima a flinty look. "I seriously, seriously cannot believe we are having this conversation, your protestations that I should believe it utterly notwithstanding. Just days ago you were sleeping beauty, before that you were 'cute, nice, shy kinda-hippe yoga girl'; like, that was your thing. You can't tell me that at least some of this isn't due to the influence of Khoda."

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Percy nods. "Mm. I do know what you mean, actually. At least maybe he'll be around more. Eye candy."

"Nasima! My god! HAhahahahaa!" Percy laughs uproariously. "I can't believe you just said that!"

Percy holds his hands up in a placating gesture. "Okay! Okay, sheesh, I'm sorry."

"...is this a 'Khoda thing'? The energy that they graf-"


"The relative hotness of a given boy." Percy looks over at his friend. "You used to always shush me when I'd try to bring it up, remember? Always!"

"Well, I...I mean, sure. But...it's just not like you to just bring up something like, er, like that."


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..."Dance Dance Ovulation"?

Sorry, that's terrible. 8-X

"Center yourself."

Percy frowns and emits steam from his veins. "Me neither. But whatever it is, I doubt it's good."



Percy smiles and pats Nasima on the shoulder. Even with her new stature, Percy's massive hand is still gigantic next to her slim frame.

Percy waves dismissively at Ghalen. "Oh no, we'll be leaving. Keme has a good idea. We're gonna go upstairs with him. You boys just...just do whatever it is you're here to do."

He then whispers back to Nasima; "Well I can certainly understand that. Frankly you're overdue for some 'urging', young lady."

Percy looks down at Nasima in mock surprise. "When did you get all snotty?"

Percy turns and lifts 'Sima up so she can stand. Her shirt is torn to tatters, likewise her yoga pants, leaving an awful lot of bare flesh exposed, of which she seems entirely unaware. With her new physique, she rather resembles a particularly attractive (and young) beach volleyball star. Percy clucks his tongue.

"Nasima, sweetie, you look fabulous now, but your last change really did a number on your clothes..."

"OOOOOHHHHHHhh it takes a lot more than that to do in a magma elemental, deario, 'specially this one. Sheesh. Give a girl some new powers and it goes straight to her head! Thinks she's all powerful all of a sudden." Percy 'glides up out of the floor and stands behind Nasima, smirking. Then, seeing Keme, he jumps in front of her, blocking her vision. "DON'T LOOK! This is a sight only I can handle. It would be too much for you! Rowr!" He looks at Keme's tush as the fox spirit turns to leave and two plumes of steam come out of his eyesockets.


*ducks back down under the floor*

"Yes! Powers! For example, ask yourself; 'self, why am I alive and unhurt despite being buried under tons of molten rock that would normally have crushed me to a cute-n-cloudy little pulp?'"


"Nasima, c'mon, we're supposed to be test-driving whatever your new powers are, or did you just gain the mutant ability to give yourself funky highlights?" Percy giggles.

Down in one of the gyms there is a soft trundling, clattering noise, like a careful avalanche, and Percy comes pouring out of the ceiling. He coalesces as he falls the hundred or so feet to the floor, landing with a resonant boom that echoes back at him off the walls. Slowly he stands up.

That...felt good. Used to be such a jock, didn't you Perce? But not anymore...

Percy ends that line of thinking before it even gets going. To occupy himself, he "feels" around under the dirt floor, locating bigger boulders, potential crevices and pits, magma flows...all the tools Aananda uses in her "dodgeball" sessions, and to sharpen up reflexes and cardio for lazy kids in lower-level PE classes. Nothing like a magma-laced boulder rocketing at your head to get the heart pumping.

He hears the awkwardly forceful steps of the newly-enlarged Nasima coming down the hall and smiles. Effortlessly, he pulls a clod the size of a truck out of the floor, injecting it with some of his own fire and lava, and waits...

Percy rolls his eyes. "I'm not gonna be your flirt proxy, dreamboat, so I'll just pretend you said that to me, and go away pretending to be confused about if you mean 'hot' or 'hott', 'cos I know for me both apply. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go make sure my friend doesn't get herself killed, or blow up the gym" He pauses thoughtfully. "...or both." He then drops into the floor and begins earth gliding down through the various strata of the school towards the gym, hoping that by taking shortcuts he can beat Nasima there.

Not to this elemental, sugar-buns.

Keme Tokala wrote:
Keme glanced at Percy as they left the lab. "You know, I have to say, I'm really shocked you haven't decked me yet. I was really expecting you to."

Percy arches a dubious eyebrow at the erstwhile Champion of Hope. "What, and wreck that pretty face? Fun as it might be, being able to look at you in an unmarred state is much more fun. Anyway, you might have my peace-love-n-cumulus-clouds friend, there, fooled, but I know you're not that big of a jerk, Keme, you just act like you are because it beats the alternative."

"What th-"

"Sorry, Peach, you just need to relax. As best you can, okay?" Percy re-shapes his hands into slim, flat discs with slightly pebbled surfaces. He slides these under Nasima's shoulders and the small of her back, and warmth radiates out from under her. She gives a slight gasp, then visibly relaxes, almost melting.

Like a hot stone treatment in a massage...

Percy bows before Ryleh; he's heard the stories...

"I'm her friend." He says. "I'll stay and watch over her. Maybe...maybe I don't need to be brought fully up to speed. It might be better that way."

"Shhhhh...it's me. Just shush. You start talking in this condition and you'll just embarrass yourself, worse than even I could save you from." With surprising tenderness, the gigantic elemental makes sure the knot will hold, the blindfold snug but not too.

"Please, Keme." Percy sniffs, "She's a princess, I don't care what the circumstances are, she deserves better than your pocket-rag. Although she'd kill me if she heard me say so."

Percy reaches into his backpack and pulls out a bolt of expensive silk that he'd been toting along to show everyone in Fabrics class. He effortlessly, carefully tears a piece off and gently ties it around his friend's head.

Percy falls in behind Keme. "Gotcha."

::I don't understand any of this, but I'll go along. I've seen enough Big Things happen here to know this is probably all real.::

He makes a glum face.

::I cannot fly, unfortunately, or at least not without magical aid. And I have no particular immunity to electricity. I'm great with fire, though, obviously.::

Percy's eyes flash at Keme's stinging retort, but he quickly calms down as he looks at his near-helpless friend in the Champion's arms. "I...okay. What can I do? How do you know she's going to die, what's happened? I just want to help."

Percy, on his way to his Textiles class, spots Keme and immediately changes direction, the cracks in his rocky flash flaring orange as his magma core heats up at the sight of the frustrating fox spirit. "HEY! Tokala, where are you going with her? She doesn't feel good, put her down!" The gentle but short-tempered elemental hammers one fist on the ground, vibrating most of the hallway, to drive home his point.

"Working" from home. ;-)

Well, it'd make this thread a lot shorter, that's for sure. :-p

"Elitist? In those shoes? Oh Helen. Please."


Nasima will mud wrestle.

Although Percy just wants to go back to arguing about hip-hop and related issues of perceived authenticity in the audience.

Khassar Blackadder wrote:
Khassar watches the cloud sculptering and listens to the conversation wondering who these people that Percy and Nasima are talking about are. Some of the local bards he guesses. He waves when Vai walks up and continues to listen to the converstion. When she and Nasima leave he wonders whether either of them realize that Nasima is still wearing Nexiv. He sends Nex a message to continue to observe and recieves a rather sleepy confirmation. To Percy "Well they're a rather interesting pair, are they not? One so full of energy and one jumping at her own shadow. They will either become life long friends or kill each other. So tell me who is this Khoda Nasima seems so worried about?"

What form is Nex in right now? I totally missed it.

"Hm? Khoda? He's the God of Lightning, and also the God of Destruction. Or maybe just a God of Destruction, I lose track of these things. Back like thousands of years ago he -- it -- helped a horrid dragon god as it tried to consume the universe. They were stopped, Khoda was too powerful to be destroyed so he was banished to his home, the plane of storm." Percy makes a face at the clouds, which have now started wandering off to do their own thing, leaving only "E C A E R K" still floating about.

"Anyway, somehow, someway, our little sylph there is a gate. No, that's not right. She's the gate for Khoda. She's the only way he can come back to our plane and destroy everything. I don't know how these things work but that's how it is. Anyway, she's the star of our advanced meditation class with Sifu Daiyu, 'cos she can achieve deep meditation. She needs it to deal with this Khoda business, Khoda has shown up a few times and each time it's been...violent. Now she can control him, but only a little, and she pays for it pretty dearly. She was..."

The magma elemental stops himself and smiles an embarrassed smile at Khassar. "Oh geez listen to me going ON! Mister flappyjawpants. Anyway! She's a princess of the plane of air, generally a sweet girl and a pretty terrific dancer even if she doesn't know the difference between popping and locking. So that's that."

"No, you two go ahead. I'm going to stay put for a bit, talk to Khassar maybe, maybe just hang out, you know." he gives a wave. After 'Sima has re-entered the building, something suddenly occurs to him. He looks up to see what Nasima ended up spelling. Floating across the sky, a couple hundred feet up, written in little fluffy clouds for anyone to see, is the following:



Percy looks up. "Nasima that's not a word."

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