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Full Name



Half Elf


Summoner 14 HP 83/95; AC 22, F +9 R +9 W +12; Init +8; Perc +2 and +9 for Thrak










common, elven, abyssal, infernal, celestial, terran, auran, ignan, aquan, draconic

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 21

About Paxs

speed: 30 ft
Base Attack +10/+5
Base Saves +4/+4/+9
saves: +9 fort/+9 ref/+12 will
(+1 morale bonus vs fear)

temporary: 10 int, 6 wis, 17 cha

AC: 10+2 dex+7 mithril shirt(+3)+2 ring=22
flat footed: 20
touch: 14

Attack: sling +12/+7(+13/+8 morale bonus) 1d4
Attack: dagger +10/+5 1d4

CMD 10 + BAB + Str Mod + Dex Mod + Size Mod=22
CMB Str Mod + BAB + Size Mod=10

Initiative: 8

Special: low-light vision, elven immunities (+2 save vs enchantment, immune to magical sleep effects), keen senses (+2 racial to perception), cantrips, eidolon, life link, summon monster 7 (3+cha times a day (5/8)), bond senses (12/day), greater shield ally, Aspect

Weapon and armor proficiency: Summoners are proficient with all simple weapons. Summoners are also proficient with light armor. A summoner can cast summoner spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance.

Base spells: -/5/5/4/4/2
Bonus spells: -/2/1/1/1/1
Spells per day: -/7/6/5/5/3
Spells per day used: -/2/-/-/-/-

Spells Known: 6/6/6/5/4/3
0: read magic, message, mage hand, guidance, detect magic, acid splash
1: mage armor, grease, protection from evil, shield, unseen servant, enlarge person
2: haste, create pit, glitterdust, slow, phantom steed, see invis, lesser evolution surge
3: black tentacles, heroism, greater magic fang, greater invis, dimension door, tongues
4: Wall of Stone, Magic Jar, overland flight, greater evolution surge, transmogrify
5: greater teleport, spell turning, greater heroism

8/8 per day
summon monster 7: bebelith, bone devil, dire crocodile, greater elemental, mastodon, roc, tyrannosaurus, vrock
summon monster 6: dire tiger, huge elemental, erinyes, lillend azata, succubus, triceratops
Summon monster 5: ankylosaurus, babau, bearded devil, bralani azata, dire lion, large elemental, kyton, salamander, woolly rhinoceros, xill

skills: use magic device 13(23), fly 7(12), diplomacy 4(9), linguistics 6(11), spell craft 9(14), perception 0(2), knowledge (the planes) 7(12), knowledge (arcane) 7(12)

feats: spell focus (conjuration), skill focus (racial) (use magic device), augment summoning (+4 str/con), improved initiative, superior summoning, expanded arcana, expanded arcana

traits: reactionary (+2 init), missing sibling (gather information and sense motive class skills)

equipment/money: 17210 gp, 1 sp, 3 copper, travelers outfit, sling, sling bullets (8), backpack, bedroll, chalk (2 pieces), flint and steel, ink (1 oz vial), inkpen, parchment (3 sheets), scroll case, silk rope (50 ft), waterskin, sunrod (1), spell component pouch, trail rations (5 days), staff, dagger, harrow card (the twin), amulet of mighty fists +2 (on Thrak), ring of protection +1, cloak of resistance +3, +1 ghost touch mithril shirt, +3 mithril shirt, headband of cha +2, Wand of cure moderate wounds (20/22 charges), belt of physical might +2 (dex/con) (on Thrak), ring of protection +2

Bond Senses (Su):
Starting at 2nd level, a summoner can, as a standard action, share the senses of his eidolon, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching everything the eidolon does. He can use this ability a number of rounds per day equal to his summoner level. There is no range to this effect, but the eidolon and the summoner must be on the same plane. The summoner can end this effect as a free action

Maker's Call:
dimension door as a standard action to bring the familiar to an adjacent square

Greater Shield Ally (Ex):
At 12th level, whenever an ally is within an eidolon's reach, the ally receives a +2 shield bonus to its Armor Class and a +2 circumstance bonus on its saving throws. If this ally is the summoner, these bonuses increase to +4. This bonus does not apply if the eidolon is grappled, helpless, paralyzed, stunned, or unconscious.

Aspect (Su:
At 10th level, a summoner can divert up to 2 points from his eidolon's evolution pool to add evolutions to himself. He cannot select any evolution that the eidolon could not possess, and he must be able to meet the requirements as well. He cannot select the ability increase evolution through this ability. Any points spent in this way are taken from the eidolon's evolution pool (reducing the total number available to the eidolon). The summoner can change the evolutions he receives from these points any time he can change the eidolon's evolutions.

Life Bond (Su):
At 14th level, a summoner's life becomes linked to his eidolon's. As long as the eidolon has 1 or more hit points, the summoner is protected from harm. Damage in excess of that which would reduce the summoner to fewer than 0 hit points is instead transferred to the eidolon. This damage is transferred 1 point at a time, meaning that as soon as the eidolon is reduced to a number of negative hit points equal to its Constitution score, all excess damage remains with the summoner. Effects that cause death but not damage are unaffected by this ability. This ability does not affect spells like baleful polymorph, flesh to stone, or imprisonment, or other spells that do not cause actual damage.

Eidolon: Thrak
HD: 11
stats: str 31/dex 19/con 19/int 7/wis 10/cha 11
HPs: 45/109
Speed: 50 ft
size: Large
Type: Quadruped
Base attack: +11

+1 morale bonus to all attacks
Reach: 10 ft
Full attack:
Bite [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]2d6+1d6+1d6+16[/dice]
claw 1 [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+12[/dice]
claw 2 [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+12[/dice]
claw 3 [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+12[/dice]
claw 4 [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+12[/dice]
tail [dice]1d20+23[/dice], [dice]1d6+1d6+1d6+12[/dice]
Rend (Ex): [dice]1d8+14[/dice]

With power attack:
Bite [dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]2d6+1d6+1d6+24[/dice]
claw 1[dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+18[/dice]
claw 2 [dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+18[/dice]
claw 3 [dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+18[/dice]
claw 4 [dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]1d8+1d6+1d6+18[/dice]
tail [dice]1d20+20[/dice], [dice]1d6+1d6+1d6+18[/dice]
Rend (Ex): [dice]1d8+14[/dice]

Base saves: +7 good, +3 bad : +10 fort/+13 ref/+3 will

skills: use magic device 11(14), fly 11(14), perception 11(14), knowledge (religion) 11(14)
feats: power attack, dodge, improved overrun, charge through, greater overrun, feat (not picked yet)

ac: 10 + 12 natural armor + 4 dex - 1 size + 4 mage armor=29
Touch: 10 + 4 dex - 1 size =13
Flat: 10 + 12 natural armor - 1 size + 4 mage armor =25

initiative: 2
CMD 10 + BAB (11) + Str Mod (9) + Dex Mod (4) + Size Mod (1)=35 (41 overrun)
CMB Str Mod (9) + BAB (11) + Size Mod (1)=21 (25 overrun)

evolution pool: 19/21
Evolutions: claws (2) (1d6), pounce (1), improved damage claws (1), improved damage bite (1), energy attacks (acid) (2), energy attacks (fire) 2, large (4), limbs (legs) (2), rend (2), enhanced str (2)
Free evolutions: bite (1d6), limbs (legs) (2), tail (1), sting (1)
max attacks: 6
Equipment: amulet of mighty fists +1
special: dark vision, link, share spells, improved evasion, devotion, multiattack

In addition to the usual rules, each of you will gain 2 Harrow points during this chapter. These Harrow points can be used as follows:

Dexterity Rerolls: Spend a Harrow Point to reroll any one Initiative check, Reflex save, attack roll modified by Dexterity, or Dexterity-based skill check. You must abide by the new result (although if you have additional Harrow Points remaining, you can use them to attempt additional rerolls).

Dodge Bonus: Spend a Harrow Point to gain a +1 Dodge bonus to your Armor Class for one encounter. You can spend up to 3 Harrow Points per encounter to increase your Armor Class in this manner.

Speed Increase: Spend a Harrow Point to increase your base speed by 10 feet for one encounter—you cannot spend multiple Harrow Points to increase your speed multiple times in one encounter.