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How many different type of processing there is going to be in the game?
Is it possible if you give us a list of all the crafting profession? If it does exist I couldn't find it.

I mean processing ore into ingot for example.

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Or you can sleep in that dark corner right there! :D

Joke aside All Fidelis member hope you enjoy your stay in the new settlement. I am planing to do processing side of thing well see if we can do businesses together in future.

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Seriously people who complain you really need to understand the differences between a Nation and a State.

Disclaimer: This is Strictly my opinion on this matter not Pax community as a hold.

If GW really want to stop this from happening They should add another rules: something like this,

"No Charter Company of which is part of an establish alliances of Charter company. Whom have establish a settlement, shall be allow to establish another settlement. In this land rush or future land rush"
and with punishment along with it to who break this rules.

Without rules of that nature you cannot stop an alliance from establishing more than 1 settlement. With whom each CC is an pre-establish company prier to joining the alliance, and not a splinter group.

Let me ask you what is the differences between An alliance of CC with a pre-establish settlement join together, and Alliance of CC join together than get separate settlement?

Just my 2 cents

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Fafryd wrote:
Is the linking working for people who signed up AFTER the Kickstarter? I have nothing in my "pledge drives"; but do have it in my "order history"

I have the same problem it appear we just have to be patient and wait.

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Pax Shane Gifford wrote:
And after 2.5 years your mount breeders will have their own equivalents to crafting Excalibur: could do horse-like mounts like Nightmeres, Pegasi, Unicorns, or something more unusual like Bulettes, Giant Spiders, or even small dragons or dragonkin! These types of mounts of course being very costly, complicated, and difficult to breed.

i would expect something like this involve some ridiculous system where you have to go catch the wild version or some kind yuck. :(

speaking of catching that bring back memory when i was catching mount in dofus. man that s#!$ take forever.

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What kind of structure would you guys think will be needed for breeding?
and should the structure be attach to the settlement or some kind of outpost?

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Pax Tigari wrote:
OOOO. I make dead people, Phyllain, you raise them to Undead, and we can put our engineers to work making Catapults/Siege Engines, and then our Military can Train/Arm the Undead, and we can Catapult the Undead over walls!!!!

nice trick :o free army <3

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breed able pets,such as guard like dogs or mini Wyvern would be awesome!

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Audoucet wrote:
Er, that is a little a too much precise question for me to answer, as I am just a player, but you must remember that in a game, you don't have to do everything on a 1/1 scale. Five horses in a little garden can easily represent a 100 heads herd !

I mistaken you for a dev haha XD <-- feel like an idiot now. :(

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Here is a question for you Audoucet,

would it be possible to build a semi or permanent outpost or some kind for mount breeding?

I would imagine they need a lot of building and large open space for raising and training them. That building it in settlement won't be practical I imagine.

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oh here is an idea, actually is from dofus. it is part of their pet hp system.

say mount have X hp everytime it die in battle it loss 1 hp once you lose all its hp you lose the mount. one could incorporate a system where the mount have to be return to paddock/shed or whatever system to regain its hp after a period of time.

on top of that mount have to be feed once every X hours so it doesn't go hungry. If the owner fail to feed it during the allocated time it lose hp as a result. how about that system?

oh yea I wouldn't expecting all 100 to be shown in screen it is just a random number i pick. my point is how to move large number of it from point A to B. :D

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Here is another question.

How would a breeder transport a herd of mount to X settlement?

for the sake of argument lets say X settlement order er 100 mount, and have to transport it there. it would be kind of annoying if they have to come here and ride a small group of mount back. that would just be silly. any idea out there that would speed this up? ideally do it in 1 or 2 run.

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Audoucet wrote:
I think that you should have a "minimum wage" mount which can't be killed, or which is replaced upon death (like the EvE beginner frigate), but yes, better mount being lost under certain conditions is an interesting idea. Maybe a percentage chance of dying after a defeat, to encourage people to actually buy one without thinking "Hell with it, I'll lose it anyway", plus an "ageing" system ?

That is pretty much what I am thinking if mount die too easily, personally I would just to hell with it it is going to die anyhow. I didn't know you can program it such that it have a probability of dieing. and ageing of course.

My personal opinion is that it is not that easy to flood the market with mount. I think people over estimating breeder capacity to flood market with mount. remember breeding is not easy and not everyone have patient for it. Also it is really tedious from my experiences so i won't expect more than a handful of full time breeder out there tbh.

another point I want to make is that does mount going to give some other status other than just raw speed? For example in Dofus each pure type mount is represented by a colour and they give curtain status. you can mix and match them to get the status you desire.

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Wurner wrote:

In order to keep mounts in demand, I prefer having them killable to having them be hard to get.

Reason is, if they are hard to get, once you have one you are set forever. Your mount is always there for you, you never have to worry about it.

The economy behind it can also be ruined in some ways if the supply turns out higher than what was originally intended. Like, imagine there is a bug/exploit/unbalance appearing that allows everyone to get a mount easily. The devs can patch away the problem by the time of the next update but now the damage is done, everyone has a mount and breeders are no longer in demand.

If there is a turnover of mounts because of death/loss/decay then there can be some stockpiling going on when supply increases but, once the mechanics are adjusted, this surplus will inevitably decrease back to reasonable levels. Thus, the system can be finely tuned and modified in an ongoing way that can make sure the economy and the supply and demand of mounts stays balanced.

Also, it means that in anticipation for a war or after a war horses will likely be in high demand because people will want to make sure they have several backups, providing interesting opportunities for merchants and market fluctuations.

Hmm what you suggesting definitely good news from breeder point of view. but from the way you describe it sound to me like mount made of glass a little poke and its gone.

I think having a mechanic where a mount is warn out after you continuously use it. or having mount use armour for its protection instate of just making the mount look good. to prevent it from getting kill and such.

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Using Dofus as an example to get the best mount which is 10th gen mount. It take at lest a year and half for a breeder to get there. on top of that the gestation period for 10th gen mount is 6 and half days. So yea I don't think people need to worry too much about too many mount in circulation, assuming they programme it right. :p

on the note on mount killable I think killable mount in combat abit over kill.
maybe something like die of old age?
or something like mount need to visit stable for maintenances every so often as they do IRL.

Believe me it is not easy to fill the market with so many mount that it ruin things.

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Before we start I just like that mention this is my personal opinion on this thing and some ideas taken from Dofus about breeding. I would like people to provide practical opinions about breeding.

In Dofus I used to be a large scale breeder, In that game the mount that everybody used has to be breed by a breeder. They are call Dragonturkey(DT/Chocobo) for short. There is several key points about breeding that stand out.
1) Infrastructure 2)Mount 3)Time

Let's start with infrastructure.
The most basic thing you need infrastructure wise is:
1) Shed 2) Paddock 2) Breeding item

1)Shed: This is where your mount can rest up after training in the paddock. The shed is also where your mount gives birth and where you store your mount. In Dofus shed is not a building rather it is sort of character space for mount.
If we translate that to PFO one could say we will need to build shed for the mount we are breeding and also they could have limited space to avoid abused. I don't know we could have a separate building for when mount giving birth?

2) and 3) kinda go together so I'll explain it together. In simpler term each paddock has limited space for the number of mounts you can train in it at any given time. And, each breeding item increase certain statuses on the mount you want to increase so you can continue breeding. Every time a mount interacts with a breeding item it gains tiredness, hence it have to rest in shed. As the mount gain tiredness the status it gains also increases by x%. I'll use Dofus as an example since there is number we can use. A full tiredness amount has a tired value of 240 so to reduce the tiredness it have to rest a day/24 hours to clear the tiredness bar.

PFO could use different kind of food for mount to gain maturity? or for it to gain the status in other means. or just have different kind of paddock that give different status and the mount is require to train in there for X number of hours.

if you like more detail version about how Dofus does its breeding here is a link.

Next is mount.
In Dofus mounts are split into 3 key type of mount each gives a special status or purpose.
1) Wild 2) Pure 3) Strip

Before anyone can ride a mount a breeder has to go through a ridiculous trial to gain the mount taming ability. Then they have to go catch the type of wild mount so they can breed the wild mount. where the new generation can be mounted.

In Dofus mounts are split into 10 generations where odd generations give pure mounts and even generations give strip mounts. And, each mount has a family tree that goes back 4 generations. So, to give a higher % getting a mount you wanted. breeder tends to interbreed the mount so that the family tree is pure. In simplest terms it is easier to deal with if you know what mount you are getting.

In short, pure mount give single status, and strip mount give a mix of 2 status. I'll just quickly cover gestation period of mount 'cus is important. In Dofus the gestation period of a mount is 72 hours for 1st generation then increases by 12 hours every successive generation.

I think PFO can use similar system for different type of mount/pet etc. this system sounds hard but it really is simple yet consumes a lot of time, win win either way as far as content goes.

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Stephen Cheney wrote:
Pax Areks wrote:
@Lee or Stephen or any Goblin actually - Just curious. The blog said the Heinous flag would get you attacked by NPC guards. Does that include NPC guards in Fort Inevitable?

Probably not, but the nuances of what NPC guards will be able to do is pending some AI implementation cycles. We'd also like to let individual settlements customize their own guard aggro mechanics so you can tell them to attack some flags and not others.

Also, in regards to fast travel. Is that something that will only be available on roads or can you fast travel through any hex?
The early "talk to a stablemaster to get a horse to a specific point" fast travel will probably exclusively use roads to traverse those points. Once we have player-controllable mounts, you'll almost certainly be able to ride them anywhere at faster than you could walk, but they may achieve their best possible speed on roads.

I know this may or may not happen in future, but Would player be able to breed mount? I have to ask curiosity driving me nuts.