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I've been tinkering with a Solarian build I really like the look of that's (hopefully) a melee CCer with decent damage but since I've never been able to play a game yet I was looking from some advice from people who have played or at least understand the system better than me on if this was a viable build and maybe some ways to improve it or if I should just scrap the idea

Character Sheet

Some of the Solarian powers seem a bit confusing and was wondering what people thought about them:

Gravity Hold: While under this effect, the target creature cannot move, but can take any other normal actions.

So does this mean the target can't take a move action but can still shoot or that they can't do anything?

Stellar Rush: you can substitute a bull rush for the melee attack at the end of the charge. Whether or not you succeed at the bull rush, the target takes 2d6 fire damage (Reflex half).

If I decide to do a normal melee attack do I still get the 2d6 fire damage or is that only an attempted bullrush?

Just wondering if it was possible to upgrade armor by paying the difference or if you had to completely replace it when you wanted new gear?

For example if I bought Freebooter armor 1 could I just pay the difference to upgrade to Freebooter 2 or would I have to pay full price and just sell my level 1?

After watching the "Hell and Back" Smite cinematic I wanted to try and make a build based on Bellona during the scene so to get her large sword and shield set up I was considering taking a level 2 dip into titan mauler then stacking two handed fighter onto in hopes of making an interesting fighting style

But I'm not sure how well this will all work since I'm very proficient in pathfinder so does anyone have any advise for making a character that one hands two handed weapons?

Current Sheet

I've been working on an a build for a character that is built around dueling and I mean it in the literally sense of a 1 on 1 battle played on a fair ground. ( think duel of honor )

I've considered things like Swashbuckler, Daring Champion Cavalier, Fighter, Rogue, and Slayer but I'm open to any ideas.

The character will likely be used in fights that aren't duels but I'm hoping to build a majority of the kit around calling out one person and making sure they drop.

General Rules: This is to gather ideas so anythings welcome but for a baseline.
1. 20 Point Buy
2. Any Level
3. No Third Party

Why Non-Duelist? For two main reasons:
1. This character will likely start at level 1 so until 6 bab it's not an option

2. Even after level 6 I'm not a fan of prestige classes much less duelist.

I'm working on a character for a game that we got three classes that progress as the same pace we just hit level 2 and I had some questions about a build idea or advice on the character as i've never built something with this much power

Here is my level 1 build profile

at level 2 I was considering taking
Jabbing Style and Bleeding attack which should raise my damage to something like this

Level 2: 1d6+1d6+1d6+1d4+1d4+1+1+1+1+1+1 (+1d6 Sneak attack)
Level 3: 1d8+1d8+1d6+1d4+1d4+5+5+1+1+1+1 (+2d6 Sneak)
Level 4: 1d8+1d8+1d6+1d4+1d4+5+5+1+1+1+1+2+2 (+2d6 Sneak)

Breakdown Level 2: Unarmed+Unarmed+Jabbing Style+Bleeding Attack+Bleeding Attack+Str Mod+str mod+changeling+changeling+Heavy hitter+heavy hitter

Breakdown Level 3: Unarmed+Unarmed+Unarmed+Jabbing Style+Bleeding Attack+Bleeding Attack+Dex mod+Dex mod+changeling+changeling+Heavy hitter+heavy hitter

Breakdown Level 4: Unarmed+Unarmed+Unarmed+Jabbing Style+Bleeding Attack+Bleeding Attack+Dex mod+Dex mod+changeling+changeling+Heavy hitter+heavy hitter+Weapon Specialization+Weapon Specialization

Would this build work or am i understanding some of these ability incorrectly?

I'm applying for a game that will likely be Gestalt and I've been wanting to play a Swashbuckler for a while so I'm set that it will be my first class but I was wondering what people thought about for the second class.

I've considered Arcanists since Exploits don't have a spell fail and they can convert spells into Exploits it would also give things like healing spells for when out of combat so I wouldn't have to worry about ACP

Feat Plans:
Level 1: Weapon Focus/Slashing Grace(+1 to hit,+dex to dmg, str to hit)
Level 3: Weapon Prof Exotic (+dex to hit)
Level 4: Quickdraw
Level 5: Dueling Mastery (+2 init and +2 ac)

Level 1: Weapon Focus/Quick Draw (+1 to hit)
Level 3: Dueling Mastery (+2 Init and +2 ac )
Level 4: Weapon Prof exotic ( +dex to hit )
Level 5: Slashing Grace ( +dex to damage )

Level 1: Weapon focus/slashing grace (+1 to hit, +dex to damage
Level 3: Quickdraw
Level 4: Dueling Mastery ( +2 init +2 ac )
Level 5: Weapon Prof ( +dex to hit )

I'm trying to make the best single target assassin I can, someone that gets into the fight and drops one person then gets out or something similar at least

I instantly think of rogue but I'm still undecided on the whole idea so I'm asking what people think is the best build for a single target assassin

20 point buy
level 5

so ideas?

I'm making one of my first characters that uses a craft skill for more than just flavor and I had a few questions about how it all works.

1) Would you recommend it? A feat for a crafting skill is kind of costly but half price magic items seems well worth to me.

2) Whats the rule on upgrading things with craft? i have +1 bracers and i can make +2 for 2k from scrap so what if i just make my +1 into +2 do i still pay 2k or less?

3)What would you rule on if crafting was interrupted? like after 3 hours of crafting i get attacked and have to stop would i still lose half my mats as a failure or would it just count as 3/8 hours of work done?

4)Would I have to be in a town to craft or would I be able to carry the supplies to craft with me?

5)Do I need any special tools for crafting them? I saw craft alchemy had an alchemist table does craft Wondrous have something similar?

6)Do I take any penalties while crafting? This is mostly Aimed towards perception as my character is ideally crafting while keeping watch.

7)Would I be able to craft while under the effects of the Keep Watch Spell or would the crafting cancel the spell?

8)Is taking 10 allowed, Would taking 20 waste half my mats?

9)Do I need to take the craft feat and the craft skill? If not what would I level up to make higher dcs?

Any tips or ideas about taking this would also be appreciated since I'm still figuring everything out, thanks.

The Character

Not sure if this is the right spot for this so sorry if it isn't

Me and my friend are wanting to get into a Skype pathfinder RP, preferably text since I don't have a mic and he doesn't like using his, I'm fairly new to the system but he has a decent amount of experience with it. We've checked out sites like roll20 but those are mostly rollplay not roleplay so not really what we are looking for.

Preferred starting times : Central Time Zone
Friday 6:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 PM

I'm also hoping to use the Glory rogue/True professional 3rd party archtype but I am fine it is not allowed.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/rogue/archetypes/drop-dead-stu dios---rogue-archetypes/glory-rogue

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/rogue/archetypes/drop-dead-stu dios---rogue-archetypes/true-professional