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"Why yes, I look forward to our solstice celebration. That is one of the matters I tend to delegate, so I will mostly be enjoying the preparations of others."

"Well I daresay I have staved off your dinner for long enough. I do hope you can pardon my forwardness. It was a pleasure, may Abadar watch over you." With a last smile over the group, the queen returns to her table.

There is an almost imperceptible pause as Ianna finishes, the Queen's smile never fading but her eyes twinkling. "Ah indeed, you are right. We are being rude to the rest of you." She says, looking at the others as she shifts the conversation from politics.

She responds to S'meena. "Well I have many advisors and ambassadors and others who advise me, and I must often delegate, but at the end of the day I am Queen. And my guard is something I am most concerned about."

"Truly you clan brings together the virtues of dwarven longevity and capitalism. Although one must raise an eyebrow at the blinding swiftness upon which your clan has been seizing opportunities of newly created economic shifts."

Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 5

"Ah and you speak to individualist wisdom as well. I suppose in this situation I am the gardener, and believe me I am doing my research to get fruitful results."

Pame nods to Toramin. "An unabashed evil. The fallout may not be an easy situation, but it is far preferable to Nuro being in power." She arcs a brow and smiles to Ianna. "From what I have gathered you have been sharing more than the Golden Gift, you are also sharing the gift of gold. Our trade with the Trealamhgabha has had a non-insigificant increase since your arrival here. As you can imagine, a nation primarily of followers of Abadar has high appreciation for that."

The queen turns back to Dalton. "Ah, well that is good to hear. Unfortunately we must all pass into Pharasma's judgement, but a mind and body clear of sickness is a good way to pass. I have watched my late husband travel down that path, and I hope to follow the same path one day. But many things to do first, most importantly preparing my grandson for the crown." She gives an almost girlish giggle. "Oh Mr. Barrowwheel, to be complimented by a jeweler for my countenence is high praise indeed."

She addresses Rilka in turn. "Ah, it is always good to meet more of the people of Andril. Ah that does indeed look charming, may I?" She inquires to Rilka's hand.

After a brief examination and the return of the jewerly to Rilka, she at last turns back to Geoffrey. "Well Geoffrey I am actually very glad I ran into you here, for I would have needed to see you before your departure anyways. As valuable as you were in the castle, I am eager to hear of your accomplishments in more dynamic projects and to what heights they will take you. Who knows, there is a spot opening in the Queen's guard and your name has been floating around a bit..."

The queen turns to Dalton, acknowledging the arcanist.

Knowledge (nobility? history? same mod): 1d20 ⇒ 9

Pame gives a surprised look. "Dalton? Oh my it has truly been years. I remember you, although I don't believe we've met in anything but passing. Geoffrey has mentioned his care taking of your mother recently. Is she well? I am sure she must be proud of the student of the arcane you have become."

SM: 1d20 ⇒ 6

"Ah yes, he was complimenting the broach you made him some time ago. A wonderful piece of craftsmanship, if I do say so. Perhaps I might commission you to make a personal piece for me as well, if you could find the time."

Finally Pame turns to Rilka. "Rilka Featherfeet, a pleasure. I don't believe we've met before either, although you appear much more local than S'meena."

Dalton and/or Knowledge (Nobility) DC 15:
Prior to taking charge of Andril, Pame was the embodiment of a typircal noble's wife. Regal, beautiful, pleasant, and quiet. But as Riken's health deteriorated, Pame became more and more active in running Andril, making a very smooth transition of power. Some rumors indicate she was never as quiet as she seemed, always wielding significant influence behind closed doors and only stepping into the light with Riken's passing.

After taking over, Pame has made some fast changes in the last decade. Significant infrastructure projects within the major cities of Andril, pulling back exploration into the uncharted wilderness of the far borders, pushing for the nations to be more connected and trade more openly, evolving military strategy beyond traditional methods, and increasing the budget for magic and alchemical research are the most notable events.

Pame is well known for the kind of demeanor she is radiating now; a wise and calming maternal figure, and one that deals with problems old and new with a variety of strategies and solutions, be them traditional or innovative. She always seems to lead with understanding and compassion, often throwing a wrench into the heated and aggresive politics of what is almost entirely a man's world. Some misread this as weakness, but that perception was quickly tossed out the window when some foreign leaders and a few local nobles tried to intimidate or aggresively confront her, revealing her ability to switch to an icy rage that has made some truly tough nobles wither. The most notable event is that within the last year when meeting with Nuro of Xilres prior to waging war on him, she came across the table and hit him, although that is a rumor.

Dalton's family did not have a direct connection to the royal family, but they undoubtedly bumped into them from time to time. It would be quite an amazing memory if Pame recognized him, especially since the last time she would have likely saw him was as a child.

It's believed that Heveta and her husband never made it to the wood elves, the site of their attack several dozen miles away from their destination. From what Takaral would know as S'meena, this is true, and knows that nobody is sure what killed them except it was clearly some sort of large creature who killed them with natural weapons.

Pame gives a calming smile as the dwarves introduce themselves. "Ianna and Toramin Trealamhbagha, it is a pleasure. I am happy to hear such strong words on our treaty, it is reassuring in these unsure times."

She looks at Toramin. "I believe congradulations are in order, Stonelord, for your ascension into the holy service. I am sure Vorn is proud to have you among his ranks." She said "Stonelord" in dwarven, effortlessly slipping in and out of the dwarven tongue with a perfect accent. "And I am proud to have had you among our ranks during the siege of Xilres with your direct involvement in the fall of the tyrant Nuro. That is a service to Andril that will never be forgotten, and we are in your debt." She says the last bit to Dalton as well, acknowleding his involvement.

She looks back to Ianna. "I am honored to have an exalted of Bolka, for with you comes love and prosperity. As well as a daughter of the Trealamhgabha, for Yana has always been a strong ally and friend to me when making treaties with the dwarves. But above all I was glad to hear Yana inform me of your safe return." She gives a consoling smile.

Pame then turns to S'meena with a curious arc of her brow. "S'meena, well met. I do not believe we've had the pleasure. Forgive me if I make undue assumptions, but you seem to be from among the wood elves, yes?" She appears completely unbothered by the not-quite-formal greeting of S'meena. "I am glad you have found our realm safe. I think it is important for leaders of the land to protect foreigners." She says with a dimpled smile.

Sense Motive DC 45 (wow!) (a nat 20 will also get this):
Bluff: 1d20 ⇒ 18 hahahaha

Pame does not seem tricked by S'meena's alias, but is humoring the outsider.

"Oh come now, I know very well how tired you must be of formalities for the day." She looks around to the party with a gentle smile. "And who are your friends?" Geoffrey introduces each person with the appropriate titles, pausing between each name to let them speak.

The member of the Queen's Guard looms behind her, his face a mask of stone.

Sense Morive DC 30:
He does not seem overly fond of Takaral or Rilka, watching them whenever they move.


Across the room, the queen stands as she looks over at the party's table with recognition. Her guests quickly stand as well, and the armored half-elf quietly scans the group.

"That is you, isn't it? Oh forgive me, I always thought she should have better lighting in here, and I hardly see you out of your armor." The queen of Andril encourages her guests to sit then glides across the room to the party's table.

Once up close, the party gets a better look at Pame. A human on the brink between middle aged and elderly with silvery hair and almost endearingly befitting wrinkles. She is wearing a well made nobles outfit of purple with gold trimmings, quite impressive for any other noble but very modest for a queen. Her light hazel eyes are bright and comforting, and her entire demeanor radiates a matriarchal figure that could put a raging dragon at ease.