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The book's looking absolutely sinister so far! Can't wait to run it. One question though:

Back in Lords of Rust, in the encounter with the rhu-chalik, it says to keep track of whether any of your PCs get their thoughts copied and transmitted because it might have consequences in Valley of the Brain Collectors. So far, I have not seen any reference to it in Valley.

Did I just miss something or was the idea abandoned in the end? If the latter, can anyone speculate on what could have been?

*And finaly Krieg from borderlands with a pet skagg with no clue how to build either of them.

Mad Dog seems like the right way to go if you need the animal companion (though the late acquisition of Rage makes it feel iffy to me, especially starting at level 1).

Alternatively, if the player is willing to ditch the skag or use it just as a pet rather than a companion, I once had tons of fun with a Bloodrager Krieg. The GM was running a Dark Sun game with Pathfinder rules and a heavy Borderlands influence. Although it might not be the purest translation of the character, I found the Bloodrager's access to evocation and other shenanigans well represented a lot of his fire/explosion-based skills.

I'm GMing for a group that consists of Data, The Predator, Kamina and the unholy lovechild of Tyler Durden and Harley Quinn.

What this roughly translates to:

-LN Female Android Techslinger who wants to learn emotion.

-N Male Android Slayer, "brother" of the first Android, much more interested in Kellid honour culture than tech and people's feelings.

-CG Male Kellid Bloodrager (Fire Elemental Bloodline), a skymetal smith/Shōnen protagonist who used his budding skills to forge a sweet pair of glasses.

-CE Female Tiefling Alchemist, a witty sociopath with a love of high-explosives and political anarchism.

Except from what I understand of Council of Thieves, the Hellknights do show up as physical opposition. Quite a bit, in fact.

That said, I'm not trying to imply that the AP is bad or anything of the sort. I love the melding of sci-fi and fantasy, and all the craziness that comes from it.

I can also understand if the writers wanted to make the League more of a generalized villainous force than something that comes to attack you off the bat. I was just wondering if they were going to be something the party faces off against more actively (prior to the group's eventual decision to wander into Starfall and wreck the organization's fun).

Whatever works, really. I can see how it's hard to discuss this sort of thing without spoiling the remaining books for everyone.

Ah, so in other words:

The Technic League are less the ubiquitous main villain of the AP and more a significant antagonistic force in thrall to the campaign's true villain, Unity.

So yes, I understand that not allowing players to be outright friendly with the League is essential to cut off potential conflicts. I was simply curious if they were going to have a more physical presence in the story (beyond the occasional infiltrator) before Book 5. Giving a significant face to the major villainous factor, you know?


up to this point in the AP, the PCs main concerns have been groups largely tangential or unrelated to the League as a whole.

So, in spite of the League's policies affecting Numeria's society in the broader sense, it has felt like they have taking a bit of a backseat as characters in the story.

(New to the forums, so please correct me if I'm not spoiler tagging things properly or committing other offenses.)

The Player's Guide to Iron Gods gives the sense that the Technic League are supposed to be major movers and shakers in the AP, even going as far as warning prospective players away from wanting to join up with them.

However, up to the end of Book 3, the Technic League has felt a bit...peripheral. Disappointingly so. Certainly the NPCs play up a fear of the League and the story adequately conveys the organization's tendency to involve themselves (violently) in other people's business. However,

So far, they have not really shown up much beyond Sanvill and Ilarris, spies who don't even start off with the PCs as their main concern.

The reason for this observation was because prior to the release of Books 2 and 3, I had been working on a way to link up a PC's background villain with the League itself (I won't crowd the discussion with detail for now). Usually when creating connections between the PCs and the overarching AP plot, I have all the books at my disposal. Since no one has yet had that luxury with Iron Gods, linking things up has been a bit more difficult. I was hoping that the League would actually take interest in the PCs, sending agents to hamper their progress or at least putting themselves at odds with the group in a dynamic manner. That way, the aforementioned villain could be introduced early enough, connected to the AP antagonists.

The problem is that, as they have been presented so far, the Technic League simply don't seem active enough as villains

Nor do they seem to have much interest in going after the PCs or complicating the group's plans to retrieve Casandalee.

So that brings me to my question: Will the Technic League actually show up in a more significant capacity (beyond foreshadowing and the general fears of the Numerian population) before Book 5? Will they start to play more of an active role in Valley of the Brain Collectors, or will they continue to sit in Starfall until the PCs show up on their doorstep?

Any thoughts on the matter would be helpful.