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What about warping his soul and having him return as a powerful undead? He is unwillingly bound to undead and maybe even if he has to fight the good guys he still wants a way to be released.
Maybe he is bound to a phylactery-like object that the baddies have and he can only be destroyed permanently and his soul released by destroying the object.
That could be an interesting side quest for the PCs, to free the soul of the paladin. Here, playing him as an unwilling enemy even if he is forced to fight recklessly could be fun to do.

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A Saliva Colonizer wrote:
Punniculus wrote:
Yes, I am determined to try and recruit all of Kileanna's aliases. Is that so wrong?
Is it?

How do you recruit this one?

Edit: a good trap for paladins has to be appealing.
*gets nekkid*

Edit: I'm not sure how an abstract concept could be able to undress xD

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Don't worry, angel, you are doing fine.


I am not so proud of this one.

No, THIS is a trap.

Good morning, by the way.

I've been moderately interested in Starfinder. I've always liked fantasy better than science fiction, but I think this one can be really cool.

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{1d4 goblin babies run with scissors through the thread}

Goblin babies!

Do you want to work for me? We'd get along well.

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NOOOOOOOO not another alignment thread.

Only a matter of time Now

So I have a player playing a Paladin...

Tell me more about him.

We could be friends.
Good friends.

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You are as much a Paladin Trap as I am, Alric. You are beyond my reach.

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I'm not evil, just misunderstood.

Now, Paladins come to me...