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Full Name

PU-34LE "Puzzle"


| SP 6/6 HP 10/10 | RP 3/3 | EAC 13; KAC 14 | Fort +0; Ref +4; Will +2 | Init: +2 | Perc: +4, SM: +2; darkvision (60ft), low-light vision


| Speed 30ft | Active conditions: -


Non-binary LG companion android scholar envoy 1

Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About PU-34LE "Puzzle"

Name PU-34LE "Puzzle"
Envoy 1
N Medium humanoid (android)
Init +2; Senses Perc +4, SM +2; darkvision (60ft), low-light vision

EAC 13, KAC14
SP 6 HP 10 RP 3
Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +2; +2 vs. disease, mind-affecting, poison, and sleep effects (unless the effect targets constructs)

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Tactical dueling sword (1d6, S) or Unarmed strike (1d3-5, B non-lethal)
Ranged Laser rifle, Azimuth +2 (1d8, F; critical burn 1d4) or Autotarget Rifle +2 (1d6, P, 60 ft)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks
Spell-Like Abilities

Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 14

Acrobatics +6, Athletics +4, Bluff +6, Computers +6, Culture +6, Diplomacy +6, Intimidate +6, Perception +4, Physical Science +6, Sense Motive +2; (reduce the DC of skill checks to recall knowledge about Physical Science (Physics) by 5)

Starship-Combat Version of Skills
Bluff +6, Computers +6, Diplomacy +6, Intimidate +6

Feats Longarm Proficiency

Languages Akitonian, Castrovelian, Common, Drow, Eoxian, Kasatha, Shirren, Vercite, Vesk, Ysoki

Other Abilities Expertise, Skill Expertise (Bluff)

Combat Gear Serum of healing, mk I (x1), Frag Grenade I
Other Gear Backpack, industrial, Autotarget rifle (10/10), Clothing, everyday, Comm unit, personal, Field rations (1 week), Hacking kit, Laser rifle, azimuth (16/20 charges), Longarm rounds (16), Second skin armour, Tactical dueling sword, credstick (171 cr)

Special Abilities

Companion (Alternate Ability Adjustment) These androids have better personality matrices and might have fewer signs of artificial construction. A companion android has an ability adjustment of +2 Charisma.
Constructed For effects targeting creatures by type, androids count as both a construct and a humanoid (whichever is worse).
Darkvision Androids can see up to 60 feet in total darkness.
Expertise (Ex) If you have at least 1 Resolve Point remaining when you attempt a Bluff or Sense Motive check, you can roll 1d6 and add it to the result as an insight bonus.
Flat Affect The DC of a Sense Motive check attempted against androids increases by 2.
Get ’Em (Ex) As a move action, you select one foe within 60 feet that you can see or hear, and that can see or hear you. You and your allies gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls against that foe until the end of your next turn.
Low-Light Vision Androids can see in dim light as if it were normal light.
Multilingual New languages are easy for some androids to learn. An android with this racial trait knows four additional languages at 1st level. In addition, whenever such an android invests a skill rank into Culture, they learn two new languages instead of one.

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Puzzle is....

[dice=Azimuth laser rifle+Get ‘em] 1d20+2+1[/dice]
[dice=Flame Damage]1d8[/dice]

[dice=Azimuth laser rifle] 1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Flame Damage]1d8[/dice]

[dice=Autotarget Rifle+Get ‘em] 1d20+2+1[/dice]
[dice=Piercing Damage]1d6[/dice]

[dice=Autotarget Rifle] 1d20+2[/dice]
[dice=Piercing Damage]1d6[/dice]

[dice=Tactical Dueling Sword+Get ‘em]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Slashing Damage (NL)]1d6[/dice]

[dice=Tactical Dueling Sword]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Slashing Damage (NL)]1d6[/dice]

[dice=Unarmed strike+Get ‘em]1d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Bludgeoning Damage (NL)]1d3-5[/dice]

[dice=Unarmed strike]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Bludgeoning Damage (NL)]1d3-5[/dice]

In ship combat, they....