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This will be great for the new vine leshy boon that I have and plan to spec as a leshy warden (druid) ... can hardly wait until it comes out! I'll make sure not to play it past first level until then so i can still use this lovely sounding source!

please cancel my adventure path subscription ... I have fallen too far behind to be able to catch up

thank you

my question for this thread is:

would having this ioun stone allow an alchemist access to a cantrip or an orison since they normally have access to neither?

blackbloodtroll wrote:

A Tengu Heretic Inquisitor of Graffiacane, or Yaezhing will have all the tricks and proper proficiencies.

Yaezhing is best, as on top of him granting Shuriken proficiency, you can nab the Deception Subdomain.

Way more Invisibility, Teleporting, and other "Ninja" Tricks.

what kind of stats and feats would you suggest for this build? it sounds interesting and I'm considering giving it a try ...

would my divine hunter be able to use this on her owlbear companion using the 'share spells' ability?

Axolotl wrote:
The trait Rough & Ready plus Profession (Chef), and you have yourself a Flynn Rider-bashing frying pan.

or samwise gamgee from lotr ('I think I'm getting the hang of this!') ... which came out first


Branding Opportunity wrote:
Here's a quick legend for the numbers listed on the map of Oppara on p. 15. The information is incorporated into the location descriptions, but I feel it's useful to have it grouped for easy reference.

yay! now, just one question ... where's the house of the immortal son, now oppara's opera house? I was looking for it as I'm scheduled to run among the living and I just know that they're going to demand to tour the town


yes, I would like only one of the Alfred redlute minis and I would also like to have the demonic wings and shining child added to my most recent order ... thank you for your time

order 3099450 has been stuck on 'pending' since july 27, 2014 ... either let me cancel the order or send me the items! I'm tired of waiting for the order status to change

as for order 3322202 ... any idea if/when this one will finally ship? it's been 'pending' for a week now without a status change ... is there some sort of hold up?