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About PFS 2 GM ZD

Welcome to my game. Please read the following list.

1) Please go to each of the links in the campaign header and add the requested information.

2) Make sure to post once in 24 hours and at least once during the weekend. Exceptions are holidays.

3) If you are going to be taking some time away from the game for whatever reason, let me know ahead of time and set some botting instructions on your profile.

4) Combat Encounter: Initiative will be rolled for what is selected in the Macro sheet. If for some reason the exploration activity does not mesh with the situation, I will change it to default perception check.

I use block initiative and you may act in any order within the block. If you wish to delay for a certain scenario, such as waiting until after the bard activates their performance, please state it in the post.

If I require saving throws, you may roll those outside of you turn to resolve them faster.

5) Finally, lets have some fun.