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Female Aasimar

Natanja smiles at everyone's well wishes and hugs, at Arabeth's feather, and especially at Poterol's promise to care for Oko as for his own Merry.

"I will miss you all. May your path lead you to success against this great evil we face!"

Female Aasimar

Before you head out from Vigilant, Natanja calls you together.

"Cousins, I have something to tell you: I have decided to remain behind in Vigilant for now. I still worry for the safety of the people here. I would like to assist Captain Ronald in making further preparations for the potential threat, and I would like to be here to offer healing, should the need arise. Also, I would like to follow up with Gina and her Uncle Max, helping them adjust to everything. However, I would like to send someone very special with you..."

Natanja holds out her arm, and her hawk, Oko, hops down from her shoulder.

"Poterol, I am entrusting Oko to your care, for the time being. He cannot carry a message ahead to Resplendant, since he has never been there. However, once you arrive, and determine what the situation is, you can send him back here with a message for me and others here in Vigilant. Then, if I have news to share, I can send him back to try to find you where he last left you."

Oko hops onto Poterol's shoulder.

"Take good care of him."

You're not sure whether she's addressing Poterol or Oko, but Oko gives a caw.

"Farewell, cousins. Be safe. I hope we will meet again."

Female Aasimar

In the pre-dawn hours of the early morning, Natanja steps out onto the front porch of the Green Tree Inn and notices Aeryth, Lesith, Sister Azmaria, Marius, and Rex patrolling nearby.

She waves them over and inside the Inn. They join her and the others in the side room downstairs to discuss the current situation.

Natanja addresses Aeryth, Lesith, Sister Azmaria, and Marius, as she brings them into the side room to join the others' discussion.

"Cousins, has your nighttime vigil been as quiet as ours?
It seems those who dreampt had another vision, and a rude awakening.
We will likely be headed to Resplendent, the Capital city, very shortly.
Angelina may be in some trouble there, along with the rest of the people.
We are currently discussing the manner of our departure, and whether we should send some sort of message ahead.

You can stop the spoiler tags since everyone is together now.
Questions raised thus far but not fully resolved:

-Do you take the time to sell your mules and cart and buy faster horses instead? Or do you stick with mules and cart, possibly buying a second cart so more people can sleep in it along the way and guard at night? Keep in mind, you will have to rest several times along the journey. I'm afraid Father Peter is not capable of just teleporting your group to Resplendant.

-Do you talk to Captain Ronald, Father Peter, or The Lord Mayor before you go? If so, what do you ask or say?

-Do you try to find out if you can purchase a Sending from somewhere in Vigilant to send a message ahead? If so, to whom do you send this message, and what does it say?

Female Aasimar

At the Inn:

At Eli's urging, Nataja, Poterol, Shyness, Chap, Arabeth, and Cernan quickly join him in the side meeting room downstairs to discuss the matter privately.

Natanja considers Arabeth, Cernan, and Eli's words.

"I could go outside now to find our patrolling kin and see if, perhaps, Captain Ronald is on watch as well. He could get a message to the Lord Mayor, who could in turn see that word is sent quickly to the Capital. But... what word? What message exactly do we want sent, and to whom?"

"As for our own travel, we would definitely have to rest several times between here and Resplendent even if we used healing to push our mounts. And, especially given the current situation, I would think we should definitely have some of us on guard at night. Those guards would have to rest somehow. Perhaps we should simply set out using the mules and cart we already own? We wouldn't have to take the time to find and negotiate the purchase of horses, and those who have been awake all night could take turns resting in the cart two or three at a time as we head to Resplendent, as could those who take night watch along the way. If we rode horses at full speed, we wouldn't be able to bring anything like a cart. If we're going to buy anything before we go, perhaps it should be a second cart so more can rest at once along the way."

"If someone is currently being attacked in Resplendent, then we are already too late to stop it. If something will be happening in the near future, then we may yet be able to prevent it, but we must be in a fair condition to do so by the time we arrive, not sleep-deprived and exhausted."

Oko gives a soft caw, as if agreeing with Natanja.

Female Aasimar

At the Inn:

Natanja frowns at Arabeth and Cernan's words.

"The Capital? Are the fiends so bold? I know there is a good trade road from here to Resplendent, but it would still probably take us a couple weeks to get there. Now, what did Angelina say? And how did the dream end?."

Female Aasimar

At the Inn:
Natanja, still in the common room with Oko, glances over at Poterol's words.

"Shall we find out?"

Natanja climbs up the stairs.

Those already upstairs see her emerge into the hallway behind Shyness.

When she sees several of you up and about, she nods, walks over, and speaks softly.

"What news, Dreamers? Have you received another visit from our Lady?"

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Female Aasimar

Natanja smiles slightly at the tough but confused woman beside her.

"I know you have traveled far, Chap, but I would have thought you'd remember that Theramark is the name of the Kingdom in which we now sojourn."

"Vigilant's Lord Mayor seemed to have some reason to believe that Sir Hawkthorne --the man whose hawk-crested ring and dagger we found in the wreckage of Endurant-- might have become the next King of this Country if he had not met with such an untimely demise."

"Eli, given his tribal heritage, seems to be using the phrase high-chief to mean King. Shyness is using the term warlord. Either way, it is a position of leadership and great responsibility, and I believe it is this burden of responsibility to which Eli refers."

"Shyness and Eli are suggesting that someone else hoping to become ruler of Theramark may have been behind Endurant's destruction. The question is, who else stands to gain from Sir Hawkthorne's death?"

"Why did the Lord Mayor think Sir Hawkthorne might become King? Last I heard, the Queen was alive and well ... although I may have very old information."

"But, if Sir Hawkthorne was indeed to become King, who will rule Theramark now that he certainly seems to be dead? I don't think we have any specific way of knowing whether one person is behind this or many, or whether or not that person is a wizard, but he or she or they do seem to be able to summon or call fiends."

"I suggest that tonight some of us guard Vigilant and some of us rest in hopes of further enlightening dreams. Perhaps Angelina will be able to shed some light on the matter. And perhaps we should examine more closely this 'insanity of politics' in order to bring Endurant's mass murderer to justice."

Oko, perched on her shoulder as usual, caws a note of assent to Natanja's monologue.

Female Aasimar

"According to the surviving girl Gina, those belonged to a Sir Hawkthorne who was in town for the Summer Festival, visiting his sister."

Female Aasimar

Natanja considers The Lord Mayor's question, and finds herself the third to respond.

"I walk with the Spirits and am a fair healer. I managed to find the surviving girl in the rubble and aid her.
Others of our group are strong defenders, and thus we were able to defeat the small fiends whose corpses you see before you.

She nods at the guard holding the imp corpse and bag.

Female Aasimar

After all of you have exited Captain Ronald's office, Natanja kneels down next to Gina, Oko squaking slightly on her shoulder.

"You take care, Little One. Stay safe and be brave."

Female Aasimar

At Lesith's offer, the Captain hesitates, but Natanja speaks up...

"Captain, it may indeed be wise for some of us to be available to answer the Lord Mayor's questions directly, and we would be happy to accompany you."