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Fake Healer wrote:

Actually had this one time but the dude had taken a picture of himself, in a ratty brown robe with rope belt and crown royal bags on it and a Halloween styrofoam raven with feathers and all on his shoulder while carrying a homemade staff that used a lot of tape....and this was in the game room behind the FLGS where we were gaming, not at a con or anything.

*(walks off singing People are Strange)...

That guy sounds awesome... :)

-Ozmar the Fan Boy

Hi, I'm new to the campaign and my daughter was interested in playing a Kitsune, so I am wondering what we would have to do to earn a Kitsune boon?

I looked around the forums and it seems that we should attend a convention or two. But are there specific modules that we should try to play that give out this boon? Or do I have to DM some games to earn it? Any specific advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

And if it is no longer possible, or likely, to earn this boon, I'd like to know that, too, so we can focus on other ideas instead.

-Ozmar the Fox-Curious

Anyone notice that Cauldron appears on the Greyhawk map? I think it is on the second installment - its the one I received with my Dungeon last week. Cauldron and Sasserine are on the map down in the southern region. Check it out!

Ozmar the Map Geek