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PathfinderWiki wrote:

Whisperer of Souls

Shelyn bears the glaive gifted to her half brother called the Whisperer of Souls. The weapon was crafted by the former god of smiths, who fell during the same murderous spree that claimed Shelyn's mother. When he received it, the weapon corrupted Zon-Kuthon and convinced him to go to war against the other deities. It was during this war that Shelyn lost her mother and became goddess of love. When created, Whisperer of Souls was given the ability to absorb souls (hence its name) and once it absorbs 100 powerful souls (not just anybody's soul will do) it will become a god in its own right and bring about an era of murder and death. When Zon-Kuthon received the weapon it held no souls; by the time Shelyn stole Whisperer of Souls it had almost all it needed. In the time since, Shelyn has been able to free most of those souls thanks to the help of Nethys and brave adventurers (a grand quest of goodness must be performed to release a soul). Much to the frustration of Whisperer of Souls, it cannot seem to corrupt Shelyn or influence her in any way (earning her the title "the Incorruptible"). Quite the opposite, in fact: when Shelyn first stole the weapon it was a nightmarish and hideous piece of craftsmanship, but in the millennia since, Shelyn has remade it into a beautiful piece of art. It still bears a few ugly remnants, but they become less pronounced with each soul she releases.

Anyone know what book this is in? I seem to only able to find it on PathfinderWiki. They don't even know where it's from, so I wonder if you guys do.

I've got some questions concerning the interplay of Deadly Dealer and Martial Versatility. For reference, the benefits of the feats are below.

Deadly Dealer:
You can throw a card as though it were a dart, with the same damage, range, and other features. You must use the Arcane Strike feat when throwing a card in this way, or else the card lacks the magical force and precision to deal lethal damage. A card is destroyed when thrown in this way.

Harrow cards are treated as masterwork weapons when thrown using this feat, but are still destroyed after they are thrown. A harrow deck can no longer be used as a fortune-telling device after even a single card is thrown.

A spellcaster with this feat can enhance a deck of cards as though it were a ranged weapon with 54 pieces of ammunition. This enhancement functions only when used in tandem with this feat, and has no affect on any other way the cards might be used.

Only a character who possesses this feat can use an enhanced deck of cards; she must still use the Arcane Strike feat to activate the cards' enhancement.

Martial Versatility:
Choose one combat feat you know that applies to a specific weapon (e.g., Weapon Focus). You can use that feat with any weapon within the same weapon group.

Question 1: Does Martial Versatility change the type of weapon the Card emulates since cards are not in any weapon groups?

Question 2: If so, then could a character using Deadly Dealer and Martial Versatility to use the "other features" part of the feat to gain cards that can Entangle like a net, do non-lethal damage like Bolas, or gain better critical modifiers like the Starknife and Dagger?

m Orc 8 Fighter / 2 Champion

On a cool spring morning in the town of Picket, the frost still clung to the tops of the newly growing grass. The sun, newly risen had yet to be much warmth to anything, but there was a promised bright and clear day from the cloudless sky. Picket, as it was near the forest had its own morning alarm system through the number of birds that migrated through the area heading to their summer roosts.

The Gild house was abuzz with activity as well. This mandatory meeting for all who wished to be a part of the guild was about to come to order. Gerad, the former president, was leaving for the city the very next day and had done some heavy recruiting the few days before for this meeting. Even the Gild was known to snub members they felt were too young, their numbers had dwindled since it's founding and would be on the verge of collapse had it not been for this very meeting.

There was a crate near the fireplace which was lit but not roaring, on it's side with an arrow pointing to the door that said "This end up". As per Gild tradition, Gerad called the meeting to order by slamming the heel of a boot on the crate that had been pulled out of the river some years ago.

"Hear ye, hear ye. This meetin' has come into order." He shouts at near the top of his lungs, his face turning red from the strain to be heard over the gaggle of excitement from the new recruits, but after things settle a bit, he resumes a more normal tone. "As you may know, the Gild has been losin' members due to age as of late, and you sorry lot are the replacements. But just like it happen to us, it will happen to you. The way we learn to swim is be thrown in the pond. I have it on my word that you will be gettin' two requests today so you will have to man the chair and make sure thems are satisfied or you won't be gettin' much more afta that." With that he pointed at a three legged stool near the door which had a makeshift desk made from two sawhorses and a wooden plank that had a bit of a warp to it that made it unusable for any other purpose and barely usable for this one.

He took a stride toward the door and tossed the boot unceremonially over his shoulder and took big important strides toward the door. As he grabbed the knob he turned back toward the group and said, "You lot are in charge now, figure it out. And remember the Gild motto, 'No job too small'. They often get bigga than you 'spect."

And with that he was gone, it was time to start swimming.

m Orc 8 Fighter / 2 Champion

Congratulations to the chosen few. The gameplay thread will start in a couple of days.

Here is where you can flesh out your characters and their relationships to one another. You can also ask questions about the setting and just plain goof off.

Okay, I have no idea how this is going to work, but I am going to give it a shot. I am not new to GMing games, or to PBP, but here I am doing something new, GMing PBP. I know there are a lot of people interested in gaming right now who have the capacity for great character development, and so I thought I would give this grand experiment a try. Helpful suggestions are welcome but attitude out of character is a quick way to get ignored or booted.

Concept: A friend of mine told me about a game like this, it sounded like fun and I thought I would give it a go. It is an extremely low powered game where everyone is a kid. (This is basically E0.) You will have to deal with various childhood challenges and handle harrowing situations that sometimes grownups would not find near as exciting. There will be some adventures given to you, and you being kids might just find them on your own. Someday, you will be a real grownup with all of the privileges that come with it. As most characters will be starting out between the ages of 8 and 12, this game will be rated PG.

Even though this is in the midst of a revolution torn area, this adventure will be relatively light hearted dealing with the innocence of youth and the opportunity of extremely normal things to happen in the middle of horrendous situations. There may be some legitimate danger involved, and I don’t intend on killing any kids, but accidents happen sometimes, and dice get ugly. And sometimes, sometimes, people stop paying attention to their characters. But at least you will have plenty of people attending your funeral.

Setting: You will be having your adventures in the small town of Picket (which I completely made up), which is east of the city of Isarn in the country of Galt next to the Boarwood. This village was settled by some regular folk from the capital city who tired of all the bloodshed and political upheaval, and thought that if they just left the city alone and try to live peacefully in the country, it would be much safer to brave the wilderness. And so far, they have been right. Many of the people they had left behind as well as family in the city have already been killed or imprisoned. The village has mostly been left alone for some strange reason.

The village has about a hundred people in it, and has a nice birch wall by which the town gets it’s name. It’s primary industry is logging, but it has all of the amenities of a small village can afford: general store, smithy, butcher, etc. The kids of the town have opened a “‘Dventurer’s Gild” to solve town problems in an abandoned house. The grownups currently tolerate it because it keeps them busy and does about as much good as it does harm, but mostly because it keeps them busy.

Character construction:

Ability scores: This is a 7 point buy game. (don’t spend it all in one place, kids) You will also be forced to take the Young template.

Money: You don’t have any. Not only do you not have any money, but you are required to do 4 hours of chores per day by your parents. You can solicit NPC’s to do your chores, with a DC 10 Diplomacy or Intimidate check, although there is a +1 circumstance increase to this every time you do it with an individual. You can reduce this DC for -1 for every silver piece you use to sweeten the deal. If you don’t do your chores, you will be punished in a particular way that suits my purposes.

Classes: All characters will start out as commoners. Other NPC classes are allowed to be purchased with traits. Aristocrat and Expert can be purchased with one trait. Warrior can be purchased with two. Anyone who wants to become a magic user can spend a trait to gain a non damaging cantrip to be able to use at will (grownups don’t want you whipping out acid splashes until you are old enough to know what not to melt). Your hit points will be max. This means if you don’t do anything with your traits or con score, you start at 4 HP. This might seem crazy, but if you get hit with a club as a kid, you are going to go down.

Feats: none. No character will have any feats except humans who get a bonus feat. The feat they must take with their bonus feat is the “Extra Traits” feat.

Skills: You get half skills for your class but full from your intelligence bonus or race. You can only choose skills from your class skill list. Class skills give you a +1 bonus instead of a +3. Even though your stats and scores might actually be quite bad, remember that perserverance and boldness is often the key to success.

Human, Halfling, and any race that can manifest itself as a human or has human heritages. You will be starting in a human settlement, and longer lived races don’t make sense for this kind of game. Any half blood will have to stat themselves as a human (putting their +2 in a stat that the race they want to grow up to be has a +2 in. i.e. no sylphs with +2 to constitution), but receive a special “racial” Trait as detailed below. These special traits replace the Extra Trait feat that humans get. Also, for the sake of expedience, all these different options will age at the same rate as humans generally do.

Racial Traits:
Half- Elf: You retain your racial immunity to sleep effects, and you only need 4 hours a night to be rested. You can pick any skill to be a class skill and you get a point in it..
Half-Orc: You are hardier than the other kids, and can see in the dark. You gain +2 hit points and Darkvision 30 feet
Aasimar: You have always been good looking and grownups love you. You gain a +1 to Charisma and Diplomacy is a class skill for you.
Changeling: You gain two claw attacks per round and low light vision.
Ifrit: Your fire blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Spark 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Kitsune: You look like a normal kid, but you are far from it. You gain low light vision, Dancing lights 1 a day, and a primary bite attack.
Oread: Your earthen blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Root 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Samsaran: Having wisdom beyond your years, you gain a +1 to your wisdom score and you can pick any knowledge skill as a class skill.
Sylph: Your airy blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Message 3 times a day as a spell like ability.
Tiefling: People think that bad things are your fault even if they aren’t. Bluff and Stealth are class skills for you. You get a -1 to diplomacy and have darkvision 30’
Undine: Your watery blood hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. You gain low light vision and you can cast Drench 3 times a day as a spell like ability.

: All characters will get one trait. Trait rules still apply: you cannot pick more than one trait from any category. Traits that don’t really apply to children will be frowned upon. Also, no Rich Parents or other trait that gives you any kind of money.

Campaign Traits: These traits are available to anyone, providing you have a trait available. Everyone must take one of these feats or if you are feeling clever, make up another one that fits your character subject to my approval of course.

“Mommy says I’m good with a knife!”: Due to a lot of work chopping or in the kitchen, you have a +1 trait bonus to hit in melee with a knife or dagger like weapon. But you also have 6 hours of chores a day instead of 4.

“I gots a popped blister, wanna see?!”: Your family needs your able hands for hard labor even though you are still young. You start with a hand axe or hammer and are proficient with it’s use. But you also have 6 hours of chores a day instead of 4.

“Pops let me kill da pig!”: Your family farm has animals that you are used to killing for food. Pick a weapon with just a X2 modifier, and attack rolls used by that weapon are considered 1 higher for the purpose of determining whether or not you critted with that weapon.

“‘S better than goblins can do!”: You can craft items without material cost, but they have a negative quality. Weapons get a -1 to hit or damage, Armor gets a -1 to AC or +1 to ACP, etc.

“Farmer Jozet is EVIL!”: You see things that grownups don't, but they don’t listen to you either. You gain a +4 trait bonus to Sense Motive Checks, but a -2 to Diplomacy rolls toward any adults or middle aged people.

“I’m boooooooooooooooooored!”: Your parents don’t require you to do chores.

“It was my birfday last week!”: Due to a growth spurt, you are a lot taller than your friends. You don’t take the size penalty from the Young template and reduce your penalty to your Strength to a -2. But you are also awkward, and only gain a +2 to Dex from it instead of the +4. This trait can be taken even if you have another Campaign trait.

“You don’t get an allowance?!”: Whether your parents try to smooth bad relationships over with money or they are just plain richer than other people, you get 5 silver a week from them and start with whatever you can buy with two shiny gold pieces!

“It’s spelled ‘g-U-i-l-d’, dimwit!”: You are smarter than some of the other kids or your parents cared about your education. You gain 3 skill points that can be non- class skills, but one of them has to be spent in a Knowledge skill.

“My uncle taught me something cool”: You gain a +1 to an ability score that isn’t currently your highest or your lowest, unless you have a tie for either.

: A good majority of your character’s improvement will be gaining equipment and treasure. The more enthusiastic the player, the greater the opportunity for the group to find goodies. How you divide it is up to you, but I would recommend playing nice. You should have enough to worry about without having to make enemies of each other.

At the end of a completed “‘Dventure” your character acquires an additional trait. As seen above, you may trade in traits for a different NPC class. You will also get a hero point. There will be no limits on the number of Hero Points you can hoard.

I suspect that when you have taken the birthday campaign trait, have advanced to an NPC class (or have 3 cantrips), and have a trait from every category as well as a feat, you are too old for the “‘Dventure Gild” and are expected to act like an adult. If you happen to be ahead of the other kids, we can work out some solution at that time.

Future: Will we go on after the kids grow up? I don’t know. There are a lot of variables. I think it would be cool, and I really don’t know how long this game will interest the players, so I won’t be committing to any length of campaign at this time. It is really just for some fun role play and kicks and giggles right now.

Requirements for application: Post a few paragraphs about your family and what you like to do as well as what you want to do when you grow up (perhaps a desired class?). Out of character, I need your stats and trait(s). Try not to make any grammatical or spelling errors outside of your character's quotes. Feel free to make up things about the town in your application, I only have a base idea of exactly who is there and will fill in gaps as needed. If your application contradicts one that came before, I can only pick one of you to be in the “Gild”. Applications will be done in a week or less, and I will pick 4-6 players.

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Okay, got the bug and went after another one. To be honest, I have been working on this for months, and it got put on the back burner for quite a while when I was waiting for an answer to the whole "Can you flurry with just one weapon" debate. For the time being, I don't make a big deal out of it in the guide, although being able to flurry with one weapon gives the Monk another fine option for being a duelist, there are other ways that are good as well. Since there has been recent desires for people and the Duelist, I figured I could finish it out.

Please, leave comments and questions. I am but one man struggling to deal with every single class that can be used in the creation of a Duelist (technically all of them), and so there is something that I was sure to have missed, and I am willing to hear people out, provided they give me good reason to.

Anyway, here it is.

Oterisk's Guide to the Duelist- or How to be a Fighter with out being Big and Stupid.

Also, Make sure you check out Face_P0lluti0n’s guide to Weapon Finesse for extra advice on the more general points of finesse.

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I know there have been a rash of PrC guides out lately, and I wanted to put this out there before anyone else decided to do one. What? No one in their wildest dreams thought of doing this one? Ever?

Does anyone actually play these? To be honest, now that I have finished my guide, I kind of want to do it now.

I dunno, but I thought I would put this out there because there are actually some cool options. The synergy of this PrC actually works pretty well with Battle Herald, so someday I might actually put the two in the same document. But I think I got as far as I can without any input to tell me if I am way off on any of my conclusions.

Anyway, without further ado...

Oterisk's Guide to the Pathfinder Chronicler?!?!

Okay, I just hit level 15, I have Greater Alchemical Simulacrum and Cooperative Crafting. I make two Simulacrum with the crafting feats that supplement my abilities to craft an item.

For those who think that Alchemists can't get crafting feats because they don't have a caster level: [spoiler]I've got Master Craftsman too, so I can make a 7th level simulacrum with the ability to help me craft if I make them specifically for Wondrous Items or Arms and Armor, both of which I also have.[\spoiler]

Since the text of the feat says you can assist another character, I assume that you can. I also believe that it holds true if more than one assists. Otherwise it would have specified a number of persons able to assist.

Now when it says that you can double the amount of gold pieces worth of items that you can craft in a day, I also imagine that it increases by multiples the same way that weapon damage does. For example, doubling a double equals a triple, not a quadruple. So me and my two Simulacrums can make 6000 gp worth of items in a day if we all help and take the -5 penalty for rushing. Since circumstance bonuses do not stack, we would only get the +2 for crafting cooperatively, and any additional helpers would not increase that bonus. Seven helpers would let me make 14000 gp per day worth of items, but I would only get an effective -3 to my roll.

From what I understand, I have this down according to the rules and it is an acceptable RAW. Although there might be something I have missed. If you disagree and have an equally valid interpretation of the rules, I would like to read it.

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Here is a look at my semi-secret project. It has kept me sane while I wait for the results from the RPG Superstar. Please leave comments below, because I know it can still be better. I also promise to respond to everyone but it will take time, especially tonight because I am running off to go do some gaming.

Mike Myers wrote:
Talk amongst yourselves... I'll give you a topic.

Click on this for access to the guide.

So, if I spent say, 3 rogue talents on the terrain mastery rogue talent, and then went horizon walker until level 10 and got the capstone, wouldn't you say I would gain a +8 terrain bonus to the relevant abilities in any terrain?

Would you allow it at your table?

I've provided the appropriate feat and ability in this here spoiler tag.

Master of All Lands (Su): At 10th level, the horizon walker becomes familiar with and comfortable in all possible terrains. His terrain bonus in all favored terrains increases by +2, and he treats all other terrains as if they were favored terrains (+2 bonus). If a naturally occurring condition of temperature or weather requires a check or saving throw, he automatically succeeds. All allies within 60 feet of him gain a +2 bonus on these checks and saves; if the horizon walker is in a mastered terrain, this bonus increases to +4.

Terrain Mastery (Ex): A rogue with this talent gains a favored terrain as the ranger ability of the same name, though the favored terrain ability does not increase with her level as the ranger's ability does. A rogue can take this ability multiple times, each time applying it to a new terrain, and granting all other favored terrains a +2 increase to the favored terrain bonus.

My friends and I are planning to do Crimson Throne after we finish with the Serpent's Skull, and while preparing to do a thorough backstory I discovered a problem. I planned to make my character from the defunct house Fordyce, but while I was looking through the Guide to Korvosa (the parts that my DM lets me read anyway) I found some facts that don't add up.

Here they are:

Cousins war happened in 4502-3
House Zenderholm participated in the Cousins' war.
House Zenderholm replaced Fordyce 30 years after arrival in Korvosa as a great house.
House Fordyce became a great house after 4551 when the breaching festival granted fame and fortune to the family.
House Fordyce retained their title as a great house for a century.

I was wondering if there were any spoiler free people out there who could tell me a bit more about House Fordyce or offer speculation on how all of these facts could be true.

I have an alchemist with infusion who is going to give his friend with a snake fetish the ability to turn into a Lamia Matriarch with the snake tail. Now, if I also gave her a potion of enlarge person, would it turn her into a Huge creature with the ability to hit as a large creature?

I know the size bonuses would not stack, but since the potion affects her attack and the size of her weapon, how would you deal with it? Of course if Monstrous Humanoids are not affected by spells that affect Humanoids, then it is kind of a moot point, but I thought I would ask.

The new Ultimate Mercy feat in the UM allows a paladin to use 10 uses of the lay on hands feat to raise someone from the dead. They have the choice of taking a negative level for a day or using the components of a 5000 gp diamond. Since the feat does not have any requirements other than the Greater Mercy feat (and a 19 charisma), which can be taken at 3rd level, the feat itself can be taken at 5th level, but with these two feat slots being used already, the earliest a character can do this is sixth level, with this build...

Start with 19 charisma
Go with the Warrior of the Holy Light Archetype
Any basic race will do, except dwarf and elf
Charisma bump to 20 at level 4
buy headband of Charisma +2 (should be affordable before level 6)
thats +6LOH from charisma +3LOH from levels, and +1 from kit.

It takes a bit less of an investment to be able to do it by level 7, just take the extra lay on hands feat at level 5 and the Ultimate Mercy at level 7. If you go Warrior of the holy light, you can start with a 14 charisma. But its still two levels before any other class can do it.

Broken? Considering it takes two feats and gives you a negative level for a day, and it only comes into play if someone actually dies before the cleric gets the spell at level 9, I don't think so. But it is kinda fun. Which is why I will probably do it. :)

Okay this might sound strange, but I was considering being a Kobold summoner, and I was wondering what you all thought of this. At 18th level, taking the Greater Aspect ability and becoming a Large sized Kobold. I know it is probably against RAI to do it, but as far as I can see, it isn't against RAW unless there is some errata I've never seen. I'm sure my question would apply to all small summoners considering this.

So the question is this: since the statistic adjustments are based on a medium sized eidolon being upgraded to a large, would you...

a) need to apply the reverse of the small eidolon adjustments before you made the large adjustments?

b) apply the adjustments straight up and make the kobold large?

c) apply the adjustments and make the kobold medium?

d) other?

Improvised Weapon Style

2nd level: Catch off Guard, Improved Unarmed Strike, Throw Anything, Improved Initiative
6th level : Jaguar Pounce, Spring Attack
10th level: Improvised Weapon Mastery, Dreadful Carnage

What do you guys think?

So, I was wondering...

When the Dragon Disciple uses his Dragon Form I or II, does his bite still get a +1.5 strength bonus? And do his claws and bite still do energy damage as well?

I think RAW makes his bite attack even for the dragon form do +1.5 strength+ d6 energy, but not the claws, because of the wording for the bite under the Dragon Disciple says whenever the DD uses his bloodline to grow claws, which I think would include Dragon Form I, providing he did it as a class benefit, and not from a scroll or even from one of his sorcerer spells.

What do you think?

Terrain Bond (Ex) (Guide Archetype for Ranger)

At 4th level, the guide forms a bond with the land itself, enabling him to direct others in such terrain. When in his favored terrain, the Ranger grants all allies within line of sight and that can hear him a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks.

Terrain Mastery (Prestige class Horizon Walker)

At 2nd level, a horizon walker selects a favored terrain to master. When within this terrain the horizon walker may, as a move action, grant a +2 bonus on Climb, Stealth, Perception and Survival checks made by all allies within 30 feet who can see and hear him.

Would a Ranger(guide)6/Horizon Walker 2 Who tries to use both of these abilities at the same time in his mastered terrain give a +4 bonus to Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks and a +2 for initiative and Climb checks? Or would it remain +2 for all of them?

Im involved in a pirate campaign, and just found the ship to ship combat stuff on the PRD. Pretty fun, although the character I was building to be the captain of the ship, ended up being really bad at directing a ship in combat. So I started from scratch, making a character that would be awesome at it.

According to the above rules, there are two basic things that a captain needs. A high Profession(Sailor) modifier and a good initiative score, because the AC and saves of the boat are modified by the profession of the captain and the boat moves and attacks on the initiative of the captain.

Now if I was really optimizing just for a captain, I would crank up dex and wis for the highest scores possible, but I want to have him do other things besides just run the ship. With an 18 dex and a 14 or 16 wis, which should be obtainable by nearly any point buy, we can get ready to go.

So, what race? Gnome and halfling might be tempting because they can get a racial bonus of a +2 to craft or profession, but the winner is human. Heart of the fields grants them a +1/2 per level bonus to a craft or profession, and so it grants us the best race for a captain. At level 20, you have 20 ranks, 10 for racial bonus, 6 for skill focus, and maybe a +6 with a super headband of wisdom. 42's a nice place to be, but maybe you can find some more ranks somewhere. If you can, it might be fun to see them.

Class? Something that uses dex and wisdom? Either monk or ranger would be good in that respect maybe even inquisitor, but the ranger takes it because of favored terrain. Now, if your DM doesn't think that the deck of a ship is the water terrain, you might as well go with a dex wisdom build of an inquisitor. But if he/she allows the deck of a ship for favored terrain, you got yourself a winner.

Favored terrain is best when added with horizon walker prestige class. for a 18 level build, you end up with 9 favored terrains and the nice capstone for the horizon walker which gives you a +2 to all terrains. Since every time you get a new favored terrain, you can add +2 to a previous terrain, you can crank up that water terrain until you get a +20 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks while on the sea. Trait with a +2, dex (with happy happy belt) and improved init give you a +33 to initiative while on the sea, and unless your opponent did something similar, your ship is going first.

With an 18 dex, you can pretty much go with any build you like, and it will work out just fine. So even off the ship, you only really lost some skill points and a couple feats to make one of the most awesome captains out there.

So here is my rules question. Is all of that legal? Or did I misunderstand any of the rules? It would be nice to know before I show it to my DM.

Just out of curiosity, if someone got a typed bonus of +2 and the same type of penalty of -3, do they:

1. Stack for a -1 even though they aren't supposed to be added together
2. Go with the +2 because it is better
3. Go with the -3 because the penalty is greater than the bonus, sorta.

I want to make a Cerebus type eidolon, but the rules only allow one bite attack per Eidolon. I can understand why this is. The Bite attack is one of the best attacks available to the Eidolon, and multiplying it would be pretty potent.

Here are my proposed ideas

1. Completely legal: use the mechanic of limbs and claws, but for flavor purposes, just say that they are extra heads. I will likely do this, just because it is completely legal, and any other options requre my DM to allow it.

2. Allow extra bite evolution with a prerequisite, such as limbs for each new head

3. New evolution, Head. Allows the taking of another bite evolution, increases intelligence +1

4. Allow extra Bite attacks with a new feat

5. Allow extra Bite attacks at a cost of 2 natural attacks per bite attack.

Any opinions?

My friend was talking about doing a pirate campaign in the shackles and it got me thinking about possible characters I could put together. When one of my friends quipped about having a parrot with an eye patch, a peg leg, and a hook for a wing as a wizard's familiar, I started thinking about how we could make it work. And then it hit me.

Recipe for Mr. Cotton (pirate) Summoner 1/Rogue x

Go TWF with a rogue build, have a 11 or 12 Cha. Take one level of Summoner, get the spells: Grease, Expeditious retreat, or whatever you like, and build the parrot as an Eidolon.

Blackbeak the Eidolon

Base form quadruped?
size small

Str 10
Dex 16
Con 11
Int 7
Wis 10
Cha 13

Feats: Skill focus: Intimidate
Evolutions: Skilled (Intimidate), Ability Increase (Charisma)

Do what you like with the skill points, just allocate one for Intimidate (pretty sure it is a class skill. This should give your parrot an intimidate score of 16, which should be pretty much automatic against 6 HD creatures and lower, and has a maybe a 50/50 shot on creatures between 12 and 16 HD depending on their wisdom score.

Then take some Rogue (or possibly fighter) levels and be sure to get Shatter defenses and have the parrot intimidate everything you run into.

Have fun.

Then I thought of this idea.


Gronag the Fighter and Bobo the Golden Wonder Monkey.

Summoner 4/Fighter X

Build Gronag as you would any other fighter, or even go Paladin if you are feeling crazy, just make sure you got a 12 Cha. Go with whatever spells you like for 1st level, but make sure you get Lesser Evolution surge (for utility) and Haste (because its awesome). By getting to level four, you get the Shield bonus to AC when your Eidolon is near you (i.e. using you for cover), and the bonuses to all your saves. If you absolutely have to, go to level five and get craft wand, but hopefully you should not have to do this.

Four levels of Summoner will only have you at -1 BAB from full fighters. Sure you might lose a few things that straight up fighters enjoy, like more feats, but the two handed build doesn't require as many feats, and still puts out some major damage.

Bobo should get a similar build to Blackbeak, with feats in Skill Focus UMD and Stealth. Use your extra evolution points to bump Charisma and Intelligence. Dump the rest of your skill points into whatever is a class skill, especially the knowledges, or some "trained only" skills, and then use evolution surge to gain a + 8 to any knowledge or skill you might need. At level 1 Summoner you should be able to also pick various other skills to help out the party. Need disable device or slight of hand? You got a "thief" that comes back the next day if he fails. Got some knowledges that are not covered in the party? You still get a chance to find out that crucial information.

Give the wonder monkey a bunch of wands and have him buff you with haste, or expeditious retreat, or enlarge person as you run into battle. Have him use a grease wand in front of the bad guys. At level 4 his skill should be 19 with UMD, and so wands should be pretty much automatic, even using a cure light after battle to heal you up, or even keep you from bleeding out. He can also avoid combat with a stealth of 25 if my math is right.

Due to the nature of these ideas, the Eidolons made though level dips can be used for comic relief during campaigns, as even if you "kill" them, they come back just fine the next day. And even without them, your low level summons can be useful for distractions and even some utility. Don't want to swim across the moat without your Full Plate? Try summoning a dolphin to help you cross (only 35% chance of failure that it comes, 80-90% chance it gets you in a discussion how much a dolphin can actually help you across a moat when you are wearing full plate.)

Anyway, just thought I would throw that up there so the rules monkeys could come and tell me what I did wrong before I show this to my DM. He's busy, you know. He doesn't need to be bothered with silly things that can't/shouldn't be done.

I was wondering the feasibility of doing a Rogue 5/Dragon Disciple x build. The two Rogue talents would be minor and major magic of course, but would it qualify for "Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation" clause in the prerequisites. I know it is treated like a spell like ability, but does it require preparation like the wizard does?

The basic flavor of the character is to basically start off with an orphaned kid growing up on the streets, doing what he had to survive, with a gnawing suspicion something was different about him. As he gets into more and more stressful situations, (i.e. leveling) he would start manifesting portions of his (copper, of course) draconic heritage, and it would really kind of freak him out.

I think it would be fun to play, and I just wanted to know if the rule lawyers would say its good to go, or might I have to get special dispensation from the DM.