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HP: 12/24 | AC: 14 | F: +5, R: +4, W: +8 | Arc/Crft/Dip/Lor/Soc +6, Med/Nat/Rel +8, Per +10|


Lvl 1: 3/3, Font 1/3, Wand 0/1, Foc 1/1 | HeP: 3 | Active:

About Orchίd

Edicts & Anathema:
Prismatic Ray Pantheon
Create works that inspire good acts, defend those who cannot defend themselves, pursue evil
Allow evil to spread, destroy that which brings joy to others, fail to offer evil a chance to surrender

{Unnamed} Construct:

Female Poppet Cleric 2
NG Tiny Construct (Poppet)

Senses: Perception +10 (E, +4 Wis), Darkvision.
+1 circumstance bonus vs. visual illusions.

AC 14 (T, +0 Dex)
HP 24/24 (6 + 2*8+1) Weakness to fire: 1/3 level

Fort +5 (T, +1 Con)
Ref +4 (T, +0 Dex)
Will +8 (E, +4 Wis)
You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against death effects, disease, and poison as well as to saving throws against effects that would give you the drained, paralyzed, or sickened conditions.

Crossbow +4, d8. 120ft.

Spd 25 ft
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

0: Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Light, Shield, Stabilize
1: Bless, Magic Weapon, Protection.
Font: Heal (3/day).
1st: sleep, 3rd: fireball, 4th: creation.

Dazzling Flash

Str 10 (+0)
Dex 10 (+0) [-2 ancestry, +2 general]
Con 12 (+1) [+2 ancestry]
Int 14 (+2) [+2 background, +2 general]
Wis 18 (+0) [+2 ancestry, +2 background, +2 class, +2 general]
Cha 14 (+2) [+2 ancestry, +2 general]


Shiny Button Eyes [Ancestry 1]: You've polished your eyes to reflect the smallest details in dimmest light. You gain the Canny Acumen skill feat as a bonus feat, but you must choose Perception. Additionally, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks against visual illusions.

Domain Initiate [Cleric 1]: Your deity bestows a special spell related to their powers. Select one domain—a subject of particular interest to you within your religion—from your deity's list (Sun). You gain an initial domain spell for that domain, a spell unique to the domain and not available to other clerics.

Canny Acumen [Heritage]: Your avoidance or observation is beyond the ken of most in your profession. Choose Fortitude saves, Reflex saves, Will saves, or Perception. You become an expert in your choice. At 17th level, you become a master in your choice.
Healing Hands [Cleric 2]: Your positive energy is even more vibrant and restorative. When you cast heal, you roll d10s instead of d8s.
Inventor Dedication [FA2]: You become trained in Crafting and inventor class DC. You gain the Inventor skill feat, even if you don't meet the skill feat's requirements. Choose an innovation. You gain that innovation, though you don't gain any other abilities that modify or use that innovation, such as modifications or Explode.

Student of the Canon [Background]: You’ve researched many faiths enough to recognize notions about them that are unlikely to be true. If you roll a critical failure at a Religion check to Decipher Writing of a religious nature or to Recall Knowledge about the tenets of faiths, you get a failure instead. When attempting to Recall Knowledge about the tenets of your own faith, if you roll a failure, you get a success instead, and if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead.
Pilgrim's Token [Skill 2]: You carry a small token of protection from a site holy to your faith, or you touched your religious symbol to a relic or altar at such a site. So long as this token is in your possession, when you tie an adversary's initiative roll, you go first.
Inventor [Archetype 2]: You are a genius at Crafting, easily able to determine how things are made and create new inventions. You can spend downtime to invent a common formula that you don’t know. This works just like the Craft activity: you spend half the Price of the formula up front, attempt a Crafting check, and on a success either finish the formula by paying the difference or work for longer to decrease the Price. The difference is that you spend the additional time in research, design, and development, rather than in creating an item. Once it’s complete, you add the new formula you invented to your formula book.

Arcana +6 (T, +2 Int)
Crafting +6 (T,+2 Int)
Diplomacy +6 (T, +2 Cha)
Lore: Breachill +6 (T, +2 Int)
Lore: Dahak +6 (T, +2 Int)
Medicine +8 (T, +4 Wis)
Nature +8 (T, +4 Wis)
Religion +8 (T, +4 Wis)
Society +6 (T, +2 Int)

Common, Draconic, Elven.

0 gold 2 silver 8 copper
Crossbow (30sp)
Explorers Clothing (1sp)
Healers Tools (50sp)
Artisans Tools (40sp)
Silver Holy Symbol (20sp)
Climbing Kit (5sp)
Backpack (1sp)
Bedroll (2cp)

Haunting Visions: (Amended) You’ve been haunted by frightening dreams of fires, quite natural for a creature of cloth and stuffing, but recently your dreams have taken a darker and more specific turn – of Breachill burning in torrents of flame. Then you found an image, story, or other omen featuring the dragon god of destruction, Dahak, and you were struck with an unnerving sense of deja vu—you’ve come to think that the draconic deity might have something to do with your dreams, and as such have been studying all you can about the god. Your visions have bolstered your faith as well; even if you don’t worship a specific deity, you have a deep passion for matters of faith. You’ve decided to join the Call for Heroes hoping to save the town you fear might burn to the ground soon.
Choose two ability boosts. One must be Constitution or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.
You’re trained in the Religion skill and the Dahak Lore skill. You gain the Student of the Canon skill feat.

Toy Poppet: You have the form of a child's tiny toy or doll, but you don't let your small size impede your joy of life. Instead of Small, your size is Tiny. Like other Tiny creatures, you don't automatically receive lesser cover from being in a larger creature's space, but circumstances might allow you to Take Cover. You can purchase weapons, armor, and other items for your size with the same statistics as normal gear, except that melee weapons have a reach of 0 for you (or a reach 5 feet shorter than normal if they have the reach trait).

Orchid is tiny, standing no more than a foot tall. Her hair is currently black, made from black thread and neatly twisted into one hundred and three individual braids. She’s proud of her hair but in the deepest part of her stuffing she continues to long for the flame-haired red she had about forty years ago when a generous patron of the Smile sacrificed a piece of red silk (all the way from Katapesh!) to make her hair. Her best feature are her eyes, tiny chips of real agate, which gives her a bright green gaze and goes well with her black hair.

As old as she is Orchid’s ‘skin’ is somewhat mismatched after years of washes and a few accidents. Fortunately however she is always neatly dressed and has recently been enjoying a fine red dress with black trousers underneath it and, best of all, a neatly crafted toolbelt. WIthrop Finney hadn’t been in town long before Orchid commissioned the dress and although he found the talking doll rather odd, the prospect of such a detailed challenge invigorated the man and his work was as exceptional as ever. Orchid, meanwhile, is almost sinfully proud of her red dress, and has since invested much of her ‘life savings’ in his work.

Orchid is old, old enough that she and Trinni Spizzlegig have ‘always been friends’ and the poppet has a correspondingly long outlook on life. Normally she is cheerful and optimistic, taking pleasure in simple things like pretty clothes and always expressing confidence that ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’. She is fiercely protective of children and like to dispense advice and blessings to young people whenever they’ll allow her to. This proclivity, as well as her residence in Shelyn’s Smile, has made her something of an expert on relationships and over the years she has counselled, encouraged and in some cases, match-made a number of couples in Breachill.

Recently however she has become much more somber as her sleep has been haunted by dark dreams. Originally a source of pleasure, gifted to her by Desna, Orchid is worried that her recent dreams, of fire and Breachill burning beneath a vast draconic shadow, are more than the simple nightmares that Tarindlara says they are and actually portend something significant. Accordingly she’s been spending much more time on the ‘other side’ of Shelyn’s Smile, working on a number of crafting projects in the nook near the back window which has been hers for time out of mind.

Her faith, in Desna, Sarenrae and her beloved Shelyn, is undimmed but Orchid can’t help but feel that this might be the moment in her own life which she always observes with sorrow in the children. When the realities and harsh truths of life steal in and strip a layer of childish wonder from the world. That scares the poppet but Orchid has decided that it’s a price she’s willing to pay to protect Breachill, should it come to it.

Breachill was once a town of amnesiacs and it is no surprise therefore that no-one can remember exactly when Orchid made the leap from beloved children’s toy to sentient creature in her own right. Orchid can’t either, much like a child her early memories are foggy at best and the only thing she really recalls is a little girl with blonde hair and slanted eyes who played with her and loved her dearly. Orchid doesn’t know if this was before or after her awakening but believes that the girl was Laura Kinney, the half-elven daughter of Breachill’s first priestess of Shelyn, and it would explain Orchid’s own presence in Shelyn’s Smile, which has been a fact of life as long as anyone can recall.