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In a scenario, I choose to shoot first...stating I shoot him just because thats what my character would do, while everyone else is trying
to figure out what to do. Would this constitute a surprise round..Gms make everyone roll initiative, becauseit starts combat, which means I may or maynot go first even though I started it, without their blessing ot the target starting anything shouldnt this be asurprise round?

Im confussed . On page 19 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook .it sates that a reduction in ability point below 10 is ok ,but the points CAN NOT be added to the pool. This is all under the heading Optional rule:Character Flaw . In Society Play is this a rule of law or not?

thanks . trying to make my archer a little more party friendly. as in, keeping close to party members... I can do healing also...

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I have a level 9 human fighter archer. i have combat reflexes, point blank master, and also snap shot. does this mean i can now, stand right next to the enemy and enable flanking bonus for the rest of the party?

That being said, do i, get the flanking bonus?

Wanted to find out before I brought it up to a gm just before a game. Thanks for any advice.