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Just because you like it doesn't meant that it should be the ONLY choice. This game is about customisation, not cookie-cutter builds.

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I'll start with a few points.

1. Even 5e has proper multiclassing. PF2 should have more customisation than 5e.
2. Some people want to be a proper 50/50 even split between two classes. Like a Double Degree in university, not a Major with a Minor. The current pseudo-VMC system is more like a 70/30 split at the most generous.
3. PF2 should not have less meaningful character options than core PF1.

I'm glad the multiclass system will work for you, CactusUnicorn, but there are people who want to build a character, 50/50, in two classes. Not 90/10.

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A lot of possible builds in core PF1 simply do not exist in PF2 as is. That is what I dislike.

There should be, simply, a list of generic class feats that ANY class can take, that lets them access what should not be a class feature. Like dual-wielding weapons. Being competent with a crossbow. Being competent with a ranged weapon. All this stuff was possible in PF1, but are now locked behind class feats for no real reason.

Also, restricting multiclassing to only 'class feats' feels likes scrapping a core part of PF1. Even 5e allows multiclassing, why can't PF2?

Species is a more accurate term.

Hell, you could have a new acronym to represent Pathfinder Society, replacing the 'ABC' backronym.

Profession (replacing class)
Framework (replacing background)
Species (replacing race)

Personally, I'll just be using the word race whenever 'ancestry' pops up in the rulebook. One syllable is faster than three. Besides, changing one word is simply, well, not useful in its desired intent.

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I think there should be generic class feats, like Power Attack, in the final version. I'd houserule that myself if it isn't a thing.

I think your math is slightly off. They'd need to be level 5 for a single level 1 monster to be a trivial encounter.

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I am highly disappointed in the Shifter. It seems like a class that was bathed in praise internally from day one, and was never given the necessary, thorough bathing of constructive criticism that makes things great.

Cannot be flanked is basically Improved Uncanny Dodge as a racial... which would be very overpowered.

I agree with the Alertness bit.

Maybe make it so that in order to be flanked, they require a third opponent threatening them. This third opponent does not to be opposite any of the other threatening opponents, just threatening the character in addition to the current two opponents flanking.

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Do you know of any third-party/homebrew classes that meet those requirements?

I actually wrote one a while ago, but I'm not sure how balanced it is. I'd link to it here.

(I read through the rules, and it seems like I can link off-site to other forums, or at least it didn't say I cannot. So I did. I'd reformat it here, but Paizo messageboards don't have table formatting.)