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Hello to all. It's been a while since I've been here but I'm sure I can find some answers.
Sorry for my english I ll try my best to make me understand.
I play (for once) an Oracle of the mystery of the waves.
If I want to use the revelation Water Form to transform myself into a water elemental
I apply the rules of metamorphosis
And so my equipment merges with the form.

Does this mean that no equipment can be worn and everything is merged even AFTER the spell is cast? so if I pick something up it merges with the body???...

The classical armor and shield merges and doesn't give any bonus armor but what if I summon the Ice armor after the mutation? Nobody will ask the question about the fit to size of the revelation armor, we all think it's quite like a wild armor special ability. If you summon the ice armor after it changes in the new form and fit well. What about the merging or not merging equipement

SO ...
Can I use the ice armor revelation on the elemental?
Can I pick up a weapon or anything else ( wand... ) ?
In general can you summon a Shield , an armor or a weapon suitable for the new form (I m not talking about mage armor, I know you can ).
Is it possible to pick up something or not because everything you hold will merge in the new form?

I'm trying to understand the nature and the limits of the spell. I don't know if the rule wants to avoid this kind of accumulation or if the rule is made to simplify the change of size of strength belt, magic crowns... and to avoid ending up with an armor physically unsuited to the new body... but I'm calling to your knoledge before discussing it also with the DM

I'm really puzzled about this because without the ice armor the revelation has no real interest, the elemental is still quite weak in CA and his HP will not compensate for the number of hits he can take. and without the revelation of watery form the ice armor is not very interesting before lvl 11 / 13.