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Slurmalyst wrote:

Lay on Hands has a Somatic component, which gives it the Manipulate trait.

The Manipulate trait provokes attacks of opportunity (from the apparent minority of creatures that now have that ability).

So for practical purposes, Warded Touch reads "Lay on Hands no longer provokes attacks of opportunity".

Yeah, that's what I thought. But the way that manipulate works is kinda of vague, and from what you've told me, is a keyword inside another keyword (somatic)

The game seems bloated with keywords

Ok, since the Paladin is my favorite class, I was eager to look into it. But from the three 1st level feats, Warded Touch seems useless.

It says that lay on hands looses the "manipulate" trait, but the Power does not have such trait

Also, even if it had, the description of "manipulate" reads as follows:

Manipulate: You must physically manipulate an item or make
gestures to use this type of action. Creatures without a suitable
appendage cannot perform actions with this trait. Manipulate
actions often trigger reactions.

So, what does this feat does for the paladin? I think that you're suposed to have a free hand to use it, and the feat was suposed to let you used it with both hands occupied.

Does anyone have a different take on it?

yeah, but why is this sheet in Landscape position, when the pregenerated characters are in the good-old normal freaking Portrait position?

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Ok, one thing that is missing in this article - and that I think it's vital when you're talking about gear - are encumbrance rules. I think you could have an abstract system were each item had an "encumbrance cost", and your encumbrance capacity would be determined by your strength. That way you would have an easy way to track how much stuff you're carrying without adding their weight

Ah, ok. that makes sense

So, the DC to craft an +3, +4 or +5 item is the same? That does not seems fair

As we're on this topic, I have a doubt as well:

Let's say that my 6th level wizard wanted to create a +3 Cloak of Resistance. One of the requisites to make it is that he need to have a caster level equal to at least three times the bonus, so I don't meet the requirement, ok?

So, in Core, p. 549, it says that you can atempt to make an item that you don't have a prerequisite, increasing the DC by 5, correct?

Does that mean that, if he wanted, at level 6, to create an +4 Cloak, the DC would be the same? Or it will be higher?