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Full Name

Olivia Moore


Human (variant)

Sorcery Points: 1/6 | Spell Slots 1st: 0/4, 2nd: 0/3, 3rd: 2/5 | Hexblade Curse: 1/1, Favored by the gods: 1/1, Accursed Specter 1/1, Inspiration: 0/1, HD: 6/6; Kit used on: Horat


Sorcerer 6/Warlock 6 (HP 56/56 | AC 13 | Init: +0 | Passive Perception: 14 | Str -1, Dex +0, Con +6, Int +0, Wis +4, Cha +7)








Common, Sylvan, Celestial



Strength 8
Dexterity 11
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 18

About Olivia "Liv" Moore

Base stats:
Human (Variant) Sorcerer/Warlock 6
Init: +0 [0 Dex]
*Passive Perception: 14
Proficiency: +3

Proficencies: Simple, Martial, Pact weapon
Pact weapons
- Heavy crossbow +8 (100/400), 1d10+5 P
[dice=Heavy Crossbow To Hit]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Magical piercing damage]1d10+5[/dice]
- Other weapons: +7 to hit, XdY + 5

Regular weapons
- Dagger +2 (20/60), 1d4 P

Proficiencies: Light, Medium, Shields
HP: 51 [6d8 + 6*3]
AC: 13 [Chain shirt: 13 + 0 Dex]

Skills and Saves:
* = Proficient
Str -1
- Athletics -1
Dex +0
- Acrobatics +0
- Sleight of Hand +0
- Stealth +0
*Con +6
Int +0
- Arcana +0
- *History +3
- Investigation +0
- *Nature +3
- *Religion +3
*Wis +4
- Animal Handling +1
- Insight +1
- *Medicine +4
- *Perception +4
- Survival +1
*Cha +7
- Deception +4
- Intimidation +4
- Performance +4
- Persuasion +4

* Herbalism Kit: +3

Class abilities:
Font of Magic: 6 sorcery points
- Quickened (2)
- Twinned (Spell level)
Origin: Divine Soul
- Can select spells from either the Sorcerer or Cleric spell list
- Affinity: Good (Add Cure Wounds to spells known -> Replaced with Healing word)
- Favored by the gods: +2d4 to failed saving throw or miss with attack roll once per short/long rest
- Empowered Healing: Starting at 6th level, the divine energy coursing through you can empower healing spells. Whenever you or an ally within 5 feet of you rolls dice to determine the number of hit points a spell restores, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll any number of those dice once, provided you aren't incapacitated. You can use this feature only once per turn.

Pact: Pact of the Blade
Patron: Hexblade
- Proficient with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons
- Expanded spell list
- Use Cha instead of Str/Dex for attack and damage with one non-two-handed weapon you're proficient with or your Pact of the Blade weapon (no matter the type)
- Hexblade's Curse: Curse someone within 30 ft as a bonus action once per short/long rest. Curse lasts 1 min or until the target dies, you die, or you are incapacitated. Until the curse ends
-- Add proficiency bonus in damage vs target
-- Any attack roll against target crits on a 19 or 20
-- If cursed target dies, you heal HP = Warlock level + Cha mod
- Accursed Specter: Starting at 6th level, you can curse the soul of a person you slay, temporarily binding it in your service. When you slay a humanoid, you can cause its spirit to rise from its corpse as a specter. When the specter appears, it gains temporary hit points equal to half your warlock level. Roll initiative for the specter, which has its own turns. It obeys your verbal commands, and it gains a special bonus to its attack rolls equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum of +0).

The specter remains in your service until the end of your next long rest, at which point it vanishes to the afterlife.

Once you bind a specter with this feature, you can't use the feature again until you finish a long rest.

Eldritch Invocations
- Agonizing blast: Add Cha to eldritch blast damage
- Improved pact weapon: Can use weapon as arcane focus for Warlock spells, gains +1 to attack and damage (unless it already has this), and can additionally take the form of a shortbow, longbow, light crossbow, or heavy crossbow
- Repelling blast: When you hit an enemy with eldritch blast, you can push them 10ft away from you in a straight line

- Feat: Healer- Spend a charge to heal 1d6+4+HD once per short/long rest

Spell Attack: +7 (Prof + Cha)
Spell DC: 15 (8 + Prof + Cha)

Cantrips: 5
Known: 6 + Bonus cleric spell
1st: 4/long
2nd: 3/long
3rd: 2/long

- Guidance (Touch, Action, Conc): Once before the spell ends, target can add 1d4 to one ability check of its choice before or after rolling
- Gust (30ft, Action): Push creature 5ft away, push object 10ft away, or a sensory affect
- Light (Touch, Action)
- Spare the dying (Touch, action): Stabilize dying creature
- Thaumaturgy (30ft, Action)
- Healing word (60ft, Bonus action): Heals 1d4 + Cha [+1d4/level]
- Featherfall (60ft, Reaction): Slows fall of up to 5 creatures
- Guiding bolt (120ft, Action): Attack for 4d6 radiant damage and next attack roll vs target has advantage [+1d6/level]
- Magic Missile (120ft, Action): 3 darts that deal 1d4+1 force damage each [+1 bolt/level]
- Aid (30ft, Action): 3 creatures get +5 max hp and current hp [+5hp/level]
- Spiritual Weapon
- Beacon of Hope (30ft, Action, Conc): Chosen creatures in range have advantage on Wis saves and death saves and regains max HP possible from any healing
- Revivify (Touch, Action): Spend 300gp to revive a creature who died within the last minute. They come back with 1HP

Spell slot: 3rd, 2/short
Cantrips: 3
Known: 6

- Eldritch blast (120ft, Action): Attack twice for 1d10 force damage (+ Cha because of invocation) [3 beams at 11th, 4 at 17th]
- Prestidigitation (10ft, Action)
- Sword Burst (5ft, Action): Each creature within range must make a Dex save or take 2d6 force damage [3d6 at 11th, 4d6 at 17th]
- Shield (Hexblade spell)
- Hex (90ft, Bonus action, Conc): Extra 1d6 necrotic damage and disadvantage on one type of ability check [3rd-4th Conc 8 hours, 5th+ Conc 24 hours]
- Misty Step (Self, Bonus action): Teleport up to 30ft
- Counterspell (60ft, Reaction): Cancel spell 3rd level or lower. Otherwise make a Cha check DC 10 + spell level
- Thunderstep (90ft, Action)
- Tongues (Touch, Action): Understand any spoken language for an hour and can talk to other creatures
- Dispel Magic (120ft, Action): Cancel spell 3rd level or lower. Otherwise make a Cha check DC 10 + spell level

Hexblade Expanded spell list:
1: Shield, Wrathful Smite
2: Blur, Branding Smite
3: Blink, Elemental Weapon
4: Phantasmal Killer, Staggering Smite
5: Banishing Smite, Cone of Cold

Notes for future levels:
- Hellish Rebuke
- Shield
- Lesser Restoration
- Create Food and Water

- Devil's Sight (dark vision)
- Eldritch Spear (Eldritch blast 300ft)
- Eyes of the Rune Keeper (read all writing)
- Maddening Hex (Deal Cha psychic damage to Hex'd creature and anything within 5ft of it)

- Broom of flying (uncommon)
- Chain shirt
- Shield
- 40 bolts
- 2 daggers
- Dungeoneer's pack (backpack, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons, 10 torches, tinderbox)
- Scholar's pack (backpack, book of lore, bottle of ink, ink pen, 10 sheets of parchment, little bag of sand, small knife)
- 18 days of rations
- 150ft hempen rope
- 6 waterskins
- Component pouch
- Healer's kit x4 (3 charges used; 10 charges per kit)
- A winter blanket
- A set of common clothes
- Ball bearings
- Crossbow bolt case
- Caltrops
- Chalk x10
- Grappling hook
- Hunting trap
- Steel mirror
- Oil flask
- Signal whistle x2
- 50 ft silk rope
- Mess kit
- Shovel
- Potion of healing
- A scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies or prayers
- 2 person tent

744 gp


Prof: Medicine, Religion
Tools: Herbalism kit
Language: Sylvan

Feature: Discovery One potential "discovery" is mentioned in background and leads to Olivia gestalting into Warlock. I'm open to a different discovery if the DM thinks it would be interesting/useful.
The quiet seclusion of your extended hermitage gave you access to a unique and powerful discovery. The exact nature of this revelation depends on the nature of your seclusion. It might be a great truth about the cosmos, the deities, the powerful beings of the outer planes, or the forces of nature. It could be a site that no one else has ever seen. You might have uncovered a fact that has long been forgotten, or unearthed some relic of the past that could rewrite history. It might be information that would be damaging to the people who consigned you to exile, and hence the reason for your return to society. Work with your DM to determine the details of your discovery and its impact on the campaign.

I'm taking the 'can be customized' to mean I can just make these up instead of picking from the list. Though I'm a little unsure how to fit my idea of a character into this framework, so appologies if, for example, my custom "bond" isn't really a bond.

Olivia Moore
Trait: If people find out I'm possessed, they will turn on me
Trait: It's best to stay out of the limelight

Ideal: There is always redemption for those who seek it

Bond: A terrible fate awaits me if I can't rid myself of my demon(s)

Flaw: When the going gets touch, I run away

Alter ego: Liv the Id
Trait: Live for today for who knows what tomorrow may bring
Trait: A little fun never hurt anybody

Ideal: Meddling in other's affairs only makes things worse

Bond: I must protect Olivia no matter what

Flaw: I don't think about the potential consequences of my actions

Backstory and Character Description:
Olivia Moore is the daughter of an apothocary (her father) and a former knight and adventurer (her mother). At a young age, she started to exhibit signs of magic. This in itself wasn't that extraordinary -- she was at about the age such things typically manifested -- though it was a little odd that she seemed to have an affinity for healing. But as well her mother knew, such things weren't unheard of. However, it was uncommon enough that other people in her small village (most of whom had spent little to no time out in the wider world) had not heard of such a thing before and began to talk. Sensing an opportunity for their own social and political advancement, her father's sisters began spreading rumors that Olivia was a blessed child, specially chosen by a god long thought dead. Such claims worried her parents, and as Olivia's aunts became more and more outspoken about their claim, her parents eventually decided to quietly send her far into the woods, ostensibly to learn herbalism from the hermit who had taught her father.

Things went swimingly for the next several years. Olivia learned a lot and no one from her village seemed able to find her remote forest location. One day, Olivia was running through the forest, playing and exploring, when she tripped and tumbled down a hill. The force of her landing caused a small, underground tunnel to collapse. Suffering only minor bumps and bruises and an insatiable curiousity, Olivia decided to explore the tunnel. The tunnel lead to ruins lead to the girl accidentally releasing some monster bound within. The monster immediately attacked her, bringing her to the edge of death's door, where she saw a vision of a shadowy blade and a soft woman's voice promising protection and strength. In a panic, she grabbed the weapon, but as soon as she did so the blade turned, plunging itself into her and slashing violently upward. Olivia felt something rip in half.

Unknown to Olivia, this fractured her psyche. At this point her other half, Liv, took over. Liv misty steped to the other side of the monster and used her new warlock powers to put up just enough of a fight that the monster -- weak from its long captivity -- decided she wasn't worth killing.

When she came to, she was still in the ruins, badly hurt but still intact. There was no sign of the monster, and not wanting to wait for its return, she scrambled out of the ruins and back to the hermit's camp. To her horror, her mentor had been torn to shreds. In a daze, she buried his remains and set out to try to find her home village, but she hadn't really been paying attention on the journey from there so many years ago and was unable to find it. Around that time she started to become aware of missing pieces of time. Pieces that sometimes involved waking up next to dead things. Mostly predatory animals, but when she one day woke up next to what looked like dead thugs, she began to really worry.

Gradually she became aware of a second personality that seemed to take over in times of stress. Convinced she was possessed by some evil being (after all, "Liv," her id, seemed to keep killing people/animals), Olivia began looking for a way to rid herself of her demon. And after one bad experience in a small town, learned that it was best to keep her possession to herself. Hoping that a larger settlement would have better resources for such things, Olivia began to head towards Waterdeep. And when she received her vision, believing that the toothy maw belonged to none other than the beast she had unleashed, she became convinced that the way to her redemption (and to lose Liv) was to end this menance.


Olivia is a fair girl of slight build. She has pale skin, long platinum blonde hair, and pale blue eyes. She tends to hunch slightly in an attempt to make herself smaller and less noticable. She tends to be shy and uncertain and in many ways naive. She likes stories, peace and serenity, reading, and helping others. She dislikes loud places and loud or pushy people. She currently has no knowledge of what Liv gets up to and believes her to be a demon or devil possessing her.

Liv, on the other hand, is confident and kind of impulsive. She believes in going after what she wants, and looking after number one. Where Olivia would like to run from a fight, Liv would rather put down the threat. If she had control, she probably never would have agreed to help out on some silly vision quest that is probably just going to get her killed. But unfortunately for her, Olivia is in control most of the time. She's aware of everything Olivia does, and is a little miffed that the girl thinks she's evil ("I'm not evil; I'm just practical") when all she's doing is protecting a silly little girl who keeps getting them both into trouble. She likes stories, lively parties, and having a good time. She dislikes bullies, busybodies, and people who take things too seriously.


Olivia desperately tried to get the attention of the city guard ushering the clump of people into the city of Waterdeep. "Uhh, e-excuse me? Sir? Could I maybe get directions to-". She was jostled by someone behind her causing her to lose her train of thought. Not that it mattered; her words were drowned out by the crowd, and the guard seemed more intent on his conversation with the buxom lady next to him. Clearing her throat, she tried again, her voice only maginally louder. "Excuse me? Sir? I need to find-" This time the jostling person managed to knock her down, plunging her into a word of mud and a sea of countless legs. She began to panic. Why were there so many people? Surely she'd be trampled.

Oh for pete's sake... From somewhere in the back of her head, Liv rolled her eyes and took over. Standing, she made a few gestures to prestidigitate the mud off of her clothes. The small act of magic quickly had people backing away to give the spellcaster who might be casting fireball a wider bearth. Straightening her shoulds, Liv walked up to the guard and tapped him on the shoulder. When he looked at her, she gave him her best smile before asking, "Excuse me but could you direct me to the nearest temple? Then I'll let you get back to your conversation with this lovely young lady." She threw a wink at the woman for good measure as she waited expectantly for the guard's response.

The next thing Olivia knew, she was next to the guard hearing "...head down this street, make a left at the courtyard, and continue on until you see the foundtain. Then it's a right and keep walking until you hit the temple to Tyr." She blinked, ducking her head and mumbling a quick 'thank you' before fleeing the man's odd look.