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"Bald" wrote:
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....And the dark elven male shakes off his shapechange spell.

".....Ah. That's better. That seemed to go just as you planned, old man."

"It actually did," one of the other two figures responds - a human man of middling years with a bald pate.

"I must admit - that was a bit exciting. Who knew that this 'cloak and dagger' thing could be this entertaining?"

"Aye," the third figure (an older, white-haired human male) replies, a mischievous twinkle dancing in his youthful eyes. "I knew ye'd enjoy it if ye but tried it."

"I've sent our overworked apprentice the good news. Enough problems to deal with he has already, methinks. Now, let's be getting back to our table - I for one am anxious to try Luigi's latest culinary delight," he finishes with a chuckle, pulling out a pipe that lights itself.