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My suggestion to improve this feat is to add Double your Int modifier to your AC, when using a weapon and shield. While just subtracting your Int modifier from your attack score that round.

This is a concept I just don't like. People don't just forget how to do things so they can do new things.
The way I handle it in my current 3.5 game is giving the Sorcerer ways to make his known lower level spells more useful at higher levels.
One way this can be done is by using spontanous metamagic feats.
For example the spell sleep is good for a low level sorcerer , but at medium level its no good, because its hit dice limited. By allowing the Sorcerer a bonus power that increase hit dice limit by 50% , you increase its use at higher levels.

I playtested the cover rules(page 40/41) tonight, and they worked fine. However my group agreed to use a simpler version as a house rule.
The simpler version is , rather than the table on page 41 , we decided to use ,+1 ac bonus or reflex bonus per blocked line. Anybody can quickly work out the bonus, rather than lookup/remember the table.

I would definatly like to see Armour as DR. I was disappoited when I saw it wasn't in 4E . And anybody thats played conanOGL knows it works.

anthony Valente wrote:

Hello All.

I just wanted to start a thread that specifically lists what everyone thinks needs to be fixed. It could serve as a "table of contents" or bullet list of sorts to be used as a platform for other threads. I love the idea that paizo wants to tweak 3.5 and also wants our input as I would rather stick with the 3.5 system. However, looking through the threads so far, there are a lot of interesting ideas and feedback, but it is bewildering to try and sort through it (for me anyway).


My List would be, in priority order.

1. Magic item dependacy (christmas tree effect)
2. High level DMing problems. I won't DM 3.5 past 10th level, its way too much hard work and no fun.
3. 15 minute adventuring day.
4. Low levels spells are mostly wasted at higher levels.
5. Setting portability. By this I mean the ease with you can run a different setting with minimal rule change.

For me the 15 minute day can be a problem. Its sometimes more of a problem if players don't use their resources wisely. But even then it still happens. I've DM'd a number of adventures, which have been great, and players are being challenged, having fun, and they have to retreat because they are short of something HP or spells etc.

My solutions
For hit points, an increase at 1st level, and a change to the way -ve hit points are handled. Also allow the use of heal skill to gain Hit points.
For magic , use spontanous metamagic. I've found this greatly improves use of lower level spells at mid & high levels. Make divination spells (detect magic/identify etc)skill checks, eliminating the need for them as spells.

I approve also