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Human | AC 17(22) FF 14(18) T 17(21)| HP 169/169 | F +11 R +11 W +14 | Initiative +7 | Perc. +22 | Sense Motive +1

About Oberon Krowe

DESCRIPTION: A human man in his early thirties, Oberon Krowe stands just above average height but with a strong presence that gives the impression he is larger. He is handsome, with dark hair and eyes that seem almost black.

He wears a slate grey long coat over a dark green tunic, linen shirt, black trousers, and cuffed leather boots. A dagger rests in a sheath on his belt, and over his shoulder is a satchel designed to carry books and scrolls.

RACE: Human
Arcanist Occultist 16
INIT: +7
AC: 24 [F: 21 T: 24]
FOR: +11 REF: +11 WIL: +14
HP: 169

STR 9 DEX 14(16) CON 14(20) INT 20(22/26) WIS 12 CHA 16
Ability Increases: 4th-Int, 8th-Int, 12th-Int 16th-Cha
*+2 enhancement to Intelligence from a tome

BA +8/+3 CMB +7 CMD 22
Ranged touch +11
+1 light crossbow +11 (1d8+1, 19x2)

Appraise 1 (+11)
Bluff 4 (+10/+11 to fool someone)
Diplomacy 10 (+15/+16 for residents of Phaendar)
Intimidate 12 (+19/+20 for residents of Phaendar)
Craft Alchemy 4 (+15)
Craft Jewelry 5 (+16)
Craft Stonemasonry 1 (+12)
Craft Carpentry 1 (+12)
Disable Device 1 (+4) *Headband/Ring +20
Fly 2 (+7)
Knowledge Arcana 16 (+27)
Knowledge Dungeoneering 5 (+16)
Knowledge Engineering 4 (+15)
Knowledge Geography 1 (+12)
Knowledge Local 7 (+18)
Knowledge Nature 6 (+18)
Knowledge Planes 6 (+18)
Knowledge Religion 2 (+13)
Linguistics 5 (+16) *undercommon, auran, ignan, dwarven, abyssal
Perception 2 (+3) *Headband/Lenses +21
Spellcraft 14 (+25)
Stealth 3 (+6) *Cloak +10
Survival 14 (+18) *Lenses +5 tracking
Use Magic Device 14 (+19)

Languages: Common (Taldane), goblin, draconic, infernal, sylvan, aklo, terran, ignan, dwarven, undercommon, auran, abyssal

FEATS: Spell Focus - Conjuration, Augment Summoning, Cosmopolitan (Languages: sylvan and aklo. Skills: survival and bluff), Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Arms and Armor, Improved Initiative, Empower Spell, Silent Spell, Extra Exploit - Quicken Spell
TRAITS: unbreakable survivor, trustworthy, omen, power-hungry (drawback)
SPECIAL: conjurer’s focus, consume spells, arcane exploit (quick study), arcane exploit (craft feat), arcane exploit (potent magic), planar contact (augury 1/day, contact other plane 1/week), arcane exploit (arcane weapon), greater arcane exploit (alter enhancements), arcane exploit (metamagic - quicken), greater arcane exploit (greater metamagic)

Arcane Reservoir: Max 18 - Remaining: 17

Arcanist Spells (CL 16 DC 18+/19+ for conjuration)
Cantrips – detect magic, read magic, daze, dancing lights, message, ghost sound, prestidigitation, mage hand
Level 1 (6/day - Remaining: 6) – vanish, featherfall, grease, mage armor, shield, *magic missile
Level 2 (6/day - Remaining: 6) – glitterdust, scorching ray, invisibility, darkvision, rope trick, *bulls strength
Level 3 (6/day - Remaining: 6) – fly, haste, dispel magic, resist energy communal
Level 4 (6/day - Remaining: 6) – dimension door, stoneskin, freedom of movement, named bullet
Level 5 (5/day - Remaining: 5) - teleport, wall of stone, overland flight, empowered fireball
Level 6 (4/day) - Remaining: 4) - true seeing, greater dispel magic, chain lightning
Level 7 (4/day) - Remaining: 4) - mage's magnificent mansion, quickened haste
Level 8 (3/day) - Remaining: 2) - clenched fist *mind blank cast in morning
*added by spell lattice or page of spell knowledge

Cantrips - all
Level 1 - mage armor, vanish, infernal healing, crafter’s fortune, identify, grease, stumble gap, alarm, magic missile, enlarge person, featherfall, shield
Level 2 - bulls strength, glitterdust, invisibility, masterwork transformation, resist energy, rope trick, levitate, scorching ray, darkvision
Level 3 - haste, chain of perdition, fly, fireball, resist energy - communal, dispel magic, shrink item, flame arrow, ablative barrier
Level 4 - greater aggressive thundercloud, black tentacles, phantom chariot, scrying, stoneskin, wall of fire, dimension door, named bullet, freedom of movement
Level 5 - teleport, icy prison, dominate person, telekinesis, fabricate, wall of stone, break enchantment, hold monster, overland flight
Level 6 - stone to flesh, contingency, enemy hammer, true seeing, chain lightning, greater dispel magic
Level 7 - limited wish, firebrand, forcecage, mage’s magnificent mansion
Level 8 - mind blank, clenched fist


Staff of Fire Charges 10/10
Handy haversack
Headband of intelligence +4 (skills: perception, disable device)
Amulet of natural armor +4
Belt of might constitution +6
[i[Grinding bracers of armor +4 [/i]
Ring of Protection +3
2 dusts of disappearance
Luck blade (+2 short sword, +1 saves, 1 reroll/day)
Lenses of detection (+5 perception/tracking)
Spell lattice - magic missile
Page of spell knowledge - bulls strength
Minor ring of energy resistance (acid)
Cloak of Elvenkind with +2 resistance
+1 Light Crossbow
+1 crossbow bolts of frost (3)
+1 crossbow bolts (6)
Potion of tongues
Jar holding 3 applications of gravity bow
Lesser metamagic rod of quicken
Deep red ioun stone (+2 dex)
30 +1 seeking thundering shocking burst arrows

Silver mirror (1000gp focus for scrying)
Diamond dust 500gp
Adamantine starknife
Heavy crossbow
18 cold iron bolts 4g
Dagger 2g
Wizard’s kit (backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, ink, an inkpen, an iron pot, a mess kit, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin) 21gp
Traveler’s outfit
Artisan’s kit

Wand of infernal healing (48)
Steel wand decorated with engravings of helms and breastplates - mage armor (22)
Wand of magic missiles (5)
Wand of magic missiles (0)

Scroll of gravity bow
Scroll of baleful polymorph
3 scrolls of darkvision (CL 11th)
2 scrolls of gaseous form (CL 11th)
2 scrolls of heroism (CL 11th)
Scroll of foresight (CL 17th)
Scroll of power word stun (CL 17th)

Potion of guidance
Potion of cure light wounds x3
Potion of cure moderate wounds
Potion of cure serious wounds x4

Belt of incredible dexterity +2

+200g starting gold
-166g starting purchases
+997g divvy 7/21/18
+6251g divvy 11/6/18
-6750g purchases 11/7/18
+3168g divvy 3/9/19
+14562g divvy 10/1/19
-16200g purchases 10/6/19

CURRENT Wealth - 2062 gold


Unbreakable Survivor: Over a decade ago, bandits took everything you valued in life and le you barely alive. You managed to rebuild your life in the years since, and your tenacity has made you a local legend. Once per day as a full round action, you may shrug o some of your injuries and immediately heal a number of hit points equal to your Constitution modifier + 1 per Hit Die. Your reputation for tenacity inspires your neighbors, and you gain a +1 trait bonus whenever you attempt to influence residents of Phaendar with Diplomacy or Intimidate checks. At 6th level, your reputation spreads further across the nation, and you may apply your trait bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to in uence all humanoids in Nirmathas.

Trustworthy: People find it easy to put their faith in you. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff checks made to fool someone. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy is always a class skill for you.

Omen: You are the harbinger of some future event. Whether this event bodes good or ill, you exude an ominous presence. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Intimidate checks, and Intimidate is always a class skill for you. Once per day, you may attempt to demoralize an opponent as a swift action.

(Drawback) Power-Hungry:You're addicted to power. You take a —2 penalty on Will saving throws against charm and compulsion effects if the creature creating the effect promises wealth or power.

Arcanist Abilities:

Arcane Reservoir (Su): An arcanist has an innate pool of magical energy that she can draw upon to fuel her arcanist exploits and enhance her spells. The arcanist's arcane reservoir can hold a maximum amount of magical energy equal to 3 + the arcanist's level. Each day, when the arcanist prepares spells, the arcanist's arcane reservoir fills with raw magical energy, gaining a number of points equal to 3 + 1/2 her arcanist level. Any points she had from the previous day are lost. She can also regain these points through the consume spells class feature and some arcanist exploits. The arcane reservoir can never hold more points than the maximum amount noted above; points gained in excess of this total are lost.
Points from the arcane reservoir are used to fuel many of the arcanist's powers. In addition, the arcanist can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir as a free action whenever she casts an arcanist spell. If she does, she can choose to increase the caster level by 1 or increase the spell's DC by 1. She can expend no more than 1 point from her reservoir on a given spell in this way.

Arcanist Exploits: By bending and sometimes even breaking the rules of magic, the arcanist learns to exploit gaps and exceptions in the laws of magic. Some of these exploits allow her to break down various forms of magic, adding their essence to her arcane reservoir. At 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, the arcanist learns a new arcane exploit selected from the following list. An arcanist exploit cannot be selected more than once. Once an arcanist exploit has been selected, it cannot be changed. Most arcanist exploits require the arcanist to expend points from her arcane reservoir to function. Unless otherwise noted, the saving throw DC of an arcanist exploit is equal to 10 + 1/2 the arcanist's level + the arcanist's Charisma modifier.

Consume Spells (Su): At 1st level, an arcanist can expend an available arcanist spell slot as a move action, making it unavailable for the rest of the day, just as if she had used it to cast a spell. She can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1). Doing this adds a number of points to her arcane reservoir equal to the level of the spell slot consumed. She cannot consume cantrips (0 level spells) in this way. Points gained in excess of the reservoir's maximum are lost.

Occultist Archetype:

Not all arcanists peer inward to discern the deepest secrets of magic. Some look outward, connecting with extraplanar creatures and bartering for secrets, power, and favor.

Planar Spells An occultist adds all planar ally spells to her spell list (using her arcanist level as the cleric level), and treats plane shift as a 5th-level arcanist spell.

Conjurer's Focus (Sp):An occultist can spend 1 point from her arcane reservoir to cast summon monster I . She can cast this spell as a standard action, and the summoned creatures remain for 1 minute per level (instead of 1 round per level). At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the power of this ability increases by one spell level, allowing her to summon more powerful creatures (to a maximum of summon monster IX at 17th level), at the cost of an additional point from her arcane reservoir per spell level. An occultist cannot have more than one summon monster spell active in this way at one time. If this ability is used again, any existing summon monster effect immediately ends. This ability replaces the arcanist exploit gained at 1st level.

Planar Contact (Sp): At 7th level, an occultist can cast augury once per day and contact other plane once per week, using her arcanist level as her caster level. This ability replaces the arcanist exploit gained at 7th level.

Perfect Summoner (Su):At 20th level, an occultist can use her conjurer's focus without spending points from her arcane reservoir, and the creatures summoned last until dismissed. This ability replaces magical supremacy.

Game Notes:

Aubrin the Green - (Bard or Cleric of Cayden Cailean) A woman dressed in forest greens, the polished white wood of her staff, bow, and sword hilt contrast against her ebony skin. Her left leg ends at the knee, replaced by a knotted wooden peg.
Jet - A dark haired woman who ran the Taproot Inn.
Rhyna - Chelish woman with honey blonde hair. Rescued from the Temple in Phaendar.
Lirosa and Taidel - Half-elf hunters and siblings. Rescued from the smithy in Phaendar. Lirosa's holy symbol was recovered from the Temple and returned to her.
Kinning - Dwarven shopkeeper of Phaendar's Trading Post. Kinning was not happy that her shop was looted to supply the survivors of Phaendar.