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Full Name

OiL Lube Initializer


Modron (Exile)


Cleric 3






150 years








Common, Modron, Infernal, Abyssal, Celestial


Works as a scribe at the Lady's Library

Strength 8
Dexterity 6
Constitution 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 17
Charisma 11

About O.L.L.I

"Olli the Modron? Yeah I've seen that barmy berk around. Always hanging around the Hardheads either by the Barracks or their favorite tavern, Liberty Hall in the Lady's Ward. Knights of the post tell me he's a harmless sod, but I'm always peery about any cove who twigs to the Hardheads' screed. Peeling a Hardhead, even a sodding clueless namer shaped like a box, is a good way to earn yourself a free swing on the leafless tree."
-Kylie, master tout of Sigil

Basic Description:
O.L.L.I is basically a 5 1/2' tall walking steamer trunk with a face. He is clumsy, and his square shape often causes him to bump into people or items, causing unintentional collateral damage. When walking around Sigil, O.L.L.I wears a custom-designed robe, sort of a boxy photographer's vest-style garment with various pockets and a bandoleer belt cinched around it that holds his warhammer Spanner. O.L.L.I's hands, clothing and chassis are stained with many ink spills, giving him a smudged appearance. His two distinctive features are a holy symbol of Mechanus (interlocking gears) raised on his front panel and an aspergillium (holy water dispenser) that rises from his top panel. O.L.L.I is often described as "cute" by the more sentimental of Sigil's residents; he is described as a "Soddin' nosy suitcase" by the less sentimental. O.L.L.I spends a lot of time at the Lady's Library transcribing sections of manuscripts for patrons (since the library has a strict no lending policy) and the remainder of his time walking the streets of Sigil attempting to get a handle on the darks that flow through the Cage like a shadowy river.
James' sketch of O.L.L.I

O.L.L.I is an earnest friendly sort, if a little dry and pedantic for the tastes of the chaos-loving residents of the Cage. His appearance makes a lot of people discount him as harmless, which suits him fine. Despite a known association with the Harmonium, bashers and sods often rattle their bone boxes around him, not really noticing that he is around (he tends to look like a misplaced box when standing still). O.L.L.I uses his 'natural' camoflage and his keen hearing to try and keep up with the street-level darks.

O.L.L.I's Biography:


What does he/she/it believe?
O.L.L.I is a firm beliver in the righeousness of Law. Being a Modron, this kinda goes hand in gear. However, thanks to his rogue tendencies and his semi-independent Exile status, O.L.L.I is not as millitant about Law as an average Modron might be. His Prime Directive from the mind of Primus himself is to observe chaos and chaos-influenced creatures and alert Primus if there is any undue interest in Mechanus by such creatures.
What is the most valuable thing to this character (may be a material possession, may be something more abstract)?
O.L.L.I secretly values his (semi)independence from the Modron hieracrhy above all else. Being an Exile allows him to perform a valuable service to his race and yet indulge his abberant curiosity. Riches or fame mean little to O.L.L.I, these things are too tied to the self for even an abberant Modron to indulge in. If Primus should ever decide to recall O.L.L.I to Mechanus for repurposing, he might actually go rogue.
Where are they from (Prime or Planar? Where on the Prime Material, where in the Planes?)
O.L.L.I. was formed on Mechanus, and dwelt there for a long time. He did take part in the recent Rogue March, and his unexpected tour of the multiverse might have been the catalyst that woke his curiosity and latent individualism.
Are they part of a faction? If so, why did they join? Did they pass a test? Fill out an application form?
O.L.L.I. is attempting to join the Harmonium (Hardheads). Due to his comical (to most others) appearance, most Hardheads treat him with either disdain or amusement. He has managed to achieve "namer" status: i.e. the Hardheads use him as a gopher when the mood strikes them, but he is not an official member of the faction. O.L.L.I. is patient, and he knows if he spends enough time making himself usefull he will eventuallly be accepted into their ranks.
Where did your character learn their profession? Where did they get their gear?
When setting out on his mission, O.L.L.I. was given leave by Primus to access the Modron Energy Pool as a source of divine energy. He is a cleric who worships Mechanus and the principle of Law. As for gear <GM discretion> he was fitted with a holy symbol of Mechanus (a pattern of interlocking gears) on his chassis and a small aspergillium that can hold the equivalent of 5 vials of Law water. He otherwise has just the basics for gear, any other jink he comes across usually gets spread to cultivating contacts as bribes.
If you're a Prime, how did you get onto the Great Wheel and subsequently, to the city of Sigil? What were your first impressions and how have you adjusted?
O.L.L.I. was tasked with the city of Sigil by Primus. Primus figured if there were going to be any plots to try and suborn the Modron race again that signs of it would surface in the Cage. As a clearing house for bashers, bloods and knights of the post from all around the Wheel, it makes a great staging area for anyone contemplating an incursion into the Clockwork Nirvana. When he arrived at Sigil, the entire chaotic stew of the Cage both fascinated and repelled him. He rapidly decided that if he was to make any headway in his mission, he would have to insert himself into the local constabulary, thus he began to cultivate the Harmonium. O.L.L.I.'s curiosity is well served in Sigil, and his thirst for knowlege is allowed to thrive within the parameters of his mission, so for the moment he is very content.
Do you have any enemies or rivals?
O.L.L.I. is intensely disliked by various low-level cony-catchers and seedy touts alike for his dedication to Law. Although not an actual Hardhead, O.L.L.I. has provided information to the City Barracks on the activities of several up-and-coming knights of the post. O.L.L.I. is also very truthful and helpful to any Clueless wandering around, often giving them information that otherwise they'd have to pay a tout to discover. This doesn't endear him to the unwashed hordes of Sigilian children looking to catch an easy cony. He does occasionally gain a friend or ally by giving bribes for any usefull information, but these "allies" are usually openly derisive of him to their comrades, for fear that they will be seen as squealers. No one has yet to swear vengence against him, but as his activities progress it is only a matter of time before he angers the wrong basher. If O.L.L.I. actually discovered a plot to raid Mechanus, the perpetrators would immediately become his sworn enemies.

Answers to new bio questions:

Sigil Map
Where does your character call kip?
O.L.L.I calls kip in the Lady’s Library in the Lady’s Ward. He is an assistant librarian under the current head librarian Goldfeather, a Marrash scholar who recently replaced the previous androsphinx chief librarian Chestnut. O.L.L.I is handy to have around, and since he doesn’t sleep he is a good companion to Shactal, an ice devil bound to guard the library at night. Goldfeather allows O.L.L.I to put any adventuring gear he has (i.e. armor, shield, backpack) in a small out-of-the way closet in a library reading room. Most nights O.L.L.I can be found here with Shactal at the front reference desk.

What's a typical day in Sigil for him/her?
At the beginning of the peak hours, usually when Shactal slouches off to go drinking with his cronies at the Styx Oarsman, O.L.L.I will begin to open the library for business. When Goldfeather or another librarian arrives, O.L.L.I will either spend some time taking scribing commissions for patrons of the Library or he will start his daily tour of Sigil.
When O.L.L.I travels Sigil, he usually begins by walking towards the rougher parts first, figuring they’ll be safer to investigate during peak. He knows several low-level bubbers and addle-pates in the Lower Ward and the Hive. He especially keeps an eye on the Xaositects and Doomguard that he sees about, always alert for any signs of mischief. He often puts in time helping at Allesha’s Pantry in the Hive (In the cage: A guide to Sigil pg 106). O.L.L.I cultivates Allesha’s friendship because she has a lot of contacts with the underclass of the Hive, and the wretched Hivers that come to Allesha’s Pantry often drop surprising good darks about Sigil while eating their free bread.
When in the Lower Ward he often does a quick tour of the various alehouses and taverns that line the grimy streets. A lot of the early bubbers are willing to talk if there is a lil’ jink involved.
In the after-peak hours he wanders back to the Clerk’s Ward. He will often cultivate the low-level bureaucrats in their offices, running errands, buying coffees, and whatnot.
Towards the beginning of anti-peak hours O.L.L.I heads towards the Market Ward. He will travel through the Grand Bazaar, talking to the merchants he knows and just taking in the sights and conversations.
Do they consider themselves a mercenary, an adventurer, a champion of a cause or just a working stiff? What do they do as a day job if they aren't out adventuring? If you're on the wrong side of the law, do you work independently or are you part of a gang/cell? Are you likely to take anything that comes along to earn jink or does an opportunity need to have certain hooks to get you in? (Thinly veiled GM motivation question.)
O.L.L.I considers himself a champion of Mechanus and the Rule of Law. He feels he is doing a very important thing for his race and his plane by being their eyes and ears on Sigil. O.L.L.I is also realistic in that he isn’t the classical heroic type. Talking and listening are the only ways that O.L.L.I will ever serve effectively, since his reflexes and strength are low. O.L.L.I is also fascinated with the patterns of Sigil, and he examines the readily available ones to him as a low-level cleric (the poor, the addle-coved, the bubbers) to discern information. He intends to build a network of contacts eventually to be able to cover as much of Sigil as possible.
O.L.L.I earns most of his jink as a scribe, taking commissions at the Lady’s Library from patrons who wish to have manuscripts copied. O.L.L.I gives Goldfeather a small 10% slice of any monies earned. Since O.L.L.I doesn’t have a lot of overhead (no food/drink requirements) he saves most of his money to spread around the many small-time cony catchers and bubbers he cultivates. Occasionally he has undertaken commissions from others looking for a particular dark. O.L.L.I will often trade favors for information and vise versa. He prefers favors to jink. O.L.L.I is first and formost a collector of darks. If opportunities arise to learn new information or cultivate a valuable comtact, he is eager to go.
Detail an NPC and their relationship to you. How did you meet? What were your first impressions? How long have you known them? Do you trust this person?
Possibly O.L.L.I’s closest friend is Shactal, the drunken Ice Devil night watchman. The two of them have spent a lot of time together, and O.L.L.I is generous with his bubbing jink, so Shactal has grown kind of fond of him in his own devilish way. Shactal would probably stick up for O.L.L.I as long as there was no true danger to himself. O.L.L.I trusts that Shactal will always keep his promises, even if they aren’t exactly kept as first envisioned. O.L.L.I and Shactal would fight as a team if invaders ever breached the Library (O.L.L.I would actually try and heal Shactal a lot most likely)
What is one memory that affects you to this day? How has it changed you? (Please answer this one, if possible.)
The one memory that O.L.L.I is still affected by to this day is the moment he was Exiled and cut off from the Source, the collective conciousness of the Modron Race. O.L.L.I had been affected by the Rogue March, and his connection to the Source had already degraded signifigantly before his Exile. Primus judged that his latent individualism, properly channeled, would make him a perfect candidate for the critical job of spy. Loyal to Mechanus, but flexible and independent enough to deal with chaos on its own ground. Despite the degraded contact, it was still a shock to O.L.L.I to be Exiled. Over time, he became used to his new status, but the memory of the Source still haunts him. He fears now that one day he will be recalled and he will no longer be able to rejoin the Source, and will be disassembled by Primus.
If you're an immigrant to Sigil or otherwise not a born and bred freewheeling Planewalker, do you ever get homesick for your home plane?
O.L.L.I is an extremely curious being. He misses Mechanus and the Source, but more in the way we would miss our childhood. He now considers Sigil his true home. He hopes that Primus will keep him here until the end of his working ability.
At the end of the day, where do you go and what do you do to unwind?
Not having to sleep, O.L.L.I really doesn’t have an “end to the day”, just different phases to the day. During the anti-peak hours he will be at the Library researching items, copying texts he has been commissioned to transcribe, or talking to Shactal. Occasionally he will spend some anti-peak time at Liberty Hall, the Harmonium’s tavern by the City Barracks. He cultivates low-level factioners and buys drinks for the higher-ups when he can. He is still attempting to join the Harmonium, but the Hardheads feel that he is a little too clumsy and odd looking to make an effective patroller. Unless accompanied by friends/allies, O.L.L.I will rarely wander Sigil, except the Lady's Ward, after the first few hours of anti-peak.

Stat adjustments:

STR 8(-1)
DEX 6(-2)
CON 16(+3)
INT 15(+2)
WIS 17(+3)
CHA 11(+0)


BAB +2 CMB: 0
Move: 20 feet (encumbered), 30 feet (unencumbered)
Attack: +2 (+2 BAB,-1 STR, +1 MSWK hammer)
Damage(warhammer) S: 1-6(-1) M:1-8(-1) Crit X3
HP: 28 (Currently: 28 )
Armor Class: With armor 18 10+6(armor)+2(shield)-2(Dex)+2(Natural armor bonus) Touch: 8 FF: 18
Fortitude: +6(+3 base/+3 CON)
Reflex: -2 (+1 base/ -1 DEX)
Will: +6 (+3 base/ +3 WIS)

Racial Traits:

As an Exiled Modron, O.L.L.I has a +2 in CON and INT, and a -2 in DEX and CHA

As a living construct, O.L.L.I does not eat, sleep or breathe. He is allowed to drink potions for their effects. Despite not needing to sleep, O.L.L.I still needs to rest for 8 hrs to prepare his spells.

He cannot heal damage naturally.

He is immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, Disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion and energy drain.

He is always considered flat-footed until his 2nd turn on any non-instigated combat.

He receives a +2 natural armor bonus.

He has fire/cold/acid resistance 5.

He receives a racial +2 vs. illusions.

He suffers a -2 on CHA checks with chaotic creatures.

He has a +2 bonus on Spot and Listen checks.


Special attacks: Channel positive energy 3/day, Lore Keeper (touch), Touch of Law, Comprehend Languages 1/day, Protection from Chaos 1/day

Skills (Class skills) Diplomacy +4 (1 rank), Heal +9 (3 ranks), Knowledge (Planes) +7 (2 ranks), Knowledge (Sigil/Local) +8 (3rank), Sense Motive +7 (1 rank), Spellcraft +8 (3 ranks), Perception +5 (2 ranks)

Touch of Law (Su): As a standard action, you can touch
a creature, giving it the ability to treat one d20 roll
as if its natural result was an 11. This ability lasts 3
rounds or until it is used. This ability can be used
after the die is rolled to change the result. Once a
creature has benefited from touch of law, it can gain
no further benefit from this ability for 1 day.

Lore Keeper (Su): Add all Knowledge skills to your
list of class skills. You can touch a creature to
learn about its abilities and weaknesses as a melee
touch attack. If successful, you gain information
as if you had made the appropriate Knowledge
skill check with a result equal to 10 + your caster
level + your Intelligence modifier.


Augment Healing[General]
Prequisite: Heal 4 Ranks
Benefit: Add +2 points per spell level to the amount of damage healed by any Conjuration[Healing] spell that you cast.
Example: When O.L.L.I converts a 1st level spell to a Cure Light Wounds he would heal 1D8 +2(level bonus) +2 (Augment Heal 1st-level spell bonus)for a total of 1D8+4


O.L.L.I has the domains of Law and Knowledge. These give him a +1 caster level adjustment on Divining and Law spells.

Common spells while in Sigil or other 'safe' areas:
0 Level: Read Magic, Light, Detect Magic, Ammanuensis
1st Level: Remove Fear, Comprehend Languages, Detect Chaos, Sanctuary
2nd Level: Bull's Str, Lesser Restoration.

Spells per day: 4/2/2

Spells in italics are domain spells.

As O.L.L.I is unable to naturally heal, as a Neutral Cleric he has elected to channel positive energy when substituting spells. Thus he can Heal, but not Inflict when changing out spell energy.


Item(GP Cost/LB Weight)
Masterwork warhammer(312/5)
Heavy steel shield(20/10)
Masterwork Modron armor(270/30)
Healer's Kit (10 Uses)(50/1)
5 vials of holy water*(125/5)
Anti toxin(50/1)
Custom multi-pouched vest(10/1)
Masterwork manacles(50/2)
Magnifying glass(100/-)
Scroll cases (10)(10/5)
Sheets of paper (100)(40/-)
Inkpens (2)(.2/-)
Silver holy symbol(25/-)
50' Silk rope(10/1)
Sealing wax(1/1)
Steel mirror(10/.5)
Steel vials: Ink (10)(80/1)
Steel vials: Empty (10)(10/1)
Good quality lock(80/1)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 50 charges (750/-)
Bandoleer belt with pouches (10/1)
Totals(GP/LB): 2016.2/68.5
*O.L.L.I stores the holy water in his aspergillium
Note: When in Sigil, unless on a dangerous mission, O.L.L.I doesn't wear his armor or shield. This brings his carried weight down to 28.5
Carrying capacity: Light up to 26/Medium 27-53/Heavy 54-80

O.L.L.I usually carries 100 GP worth of jink around Sigil. This is usually split into small denomination coins (100 SP/100 CP/89 GP) so that he can slip a bribe to whomever he needs. When traveling, O.L.L.I will take most of the remainder of his jink in gem form (say 500 gp in 5 100 GP diamonds) which he keeps secreted on (within?) his person.

EXP: [2650]

James' sketch of O.L.L.I.