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Cap'n "Grizzly Adams" Yesterday wrote:


A southern wind be blowin' across the tundra.

With an unnatural warmth a comin' with it.

If me old bones didn't know better I'd swear ole queen Nyrissa had returned afore her blade!

Should thou fare not to confront the claim,

Carest thou more for who thou dost name.

Session Thirty-Two

With the fall of the Twin,
retreated now this mortal kin
to prepare at last the decisive blow
against the Fire-Eater, lord of Trolls.
Sent forth the newborn of Leanai-Dubh
to seek the remainder in silent cove,
to search and seek the Assassin dour
who escaped their blades in prior hour.
She found him not, though her wariness warned
he was nonetheless near, but instead the Stone
and the Fire-Eater and his faithful Hound,
and the Devotee to the art whence bound.
After conferring with the Bearer of Sword,
she launched her assault, too late unwarned
her arrows had been illusion-fooled;
found no purchase in the empty cool.
The Spider Queen unleashed the wrath
of mortal order on the stone's path.

The Hound, unleashed, charged to pursue
but was cut by the Bearer and the Beast in two,
and crushed when the stone beast crashed
through the corridor before growing to smash
in true Jotun form to engage
the intruders in its earthen cave,
and cut down the Islander with vicious claw,
though swiftly restored by the magic of law.
The Fire-Eater was quick to accompany,
noting this strange company
invading his cavern might be unknown,
their presence was not welcome in his stone;
the sight of the Bearer's blade,
revealed despite the shapes they had been made.
And now all too eager to crush,
the Troll King engaged into battle in rush!

The Woodstalker found herself at death's gate
when the Assassin at last revealed his hate,
planting his blade deep in soil and blood.
Alas, her life returned in magical flood,
and her fury along with the constant strikes
of the Bearer, the Beast, and the Islander knight
brought at last the great stone titan low.
The Fire-Eater moved to make his next blow,
with the Warlock at last made himself seen
when the Bearer decimated the verminous teem
with which he had obscured his location
and sustained his attack in unseen vocation.
The battle raged, blood spilt and bones broken,
weapons sundered, spells shattered in fury well-spoken.

And when at last the battle turned,
the great Fire-Eater by acid burned,
his might weapon broken, his magic gone,
his allies fallen or trapped alone.
The Assassin, pinned like an insect,
trapped for the wrath of the Huntress to vent.
The Warlock, for all the magic he did bring,
abandoned with a word, "Long Live the King"!
Alone and unaided, oh how he did rage,
until the beast with mere alchemy closed death's cage.
They sought the strange mage but found him not,
through magic and great sight with desperation fraught.

Though in mere moments after his demise,
the eyes of the king glowed and his severed head did rise,
to speak with my voice my final proclamation:
an end to the mortals, their kingdom's damnation,
the release of the beast, the promise fulfilled,
for the death of the King did release it as I willed.
With thunderous caw and quaking earth
did herald the time of its impossible birth,
and outside the lair the soldiers did cower
at the sight of an Owlbear as tall as a tower!
And though the warriors victory thought they'd claimed,
I set my Talonquake on the path to Dun Raige.
For the time of the end of their rule has come near,
and the Queen of Forgotten Time now reigns here.