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Nurianna, justice and all, is oddly quiet. She is trying to listen to what isn't being said, on this rock, in this nothing. A nothing they need to get out of.

A rock, in the nothing. Mina will figure it out.

When Min and his companions show up, it is slightly alarming, only because the only thing to approach them has been a slayer (or several), but when she recognizes the dragonrider, Nurianna is comforted to see a familiar face. And then, discomforted to know that more beings are trapped here.

She watches this odd back-and-forth with Min and Mina. It takes her a bit to recognize the message in Mina's speech, that this is one of those times where the difference between elves and half-elves is worth belaboring. Nurianna understands this is part of Mina's upbringing, perhaps all elves' upbringing... but she ignores it.

She also sees that Min is being extremely subordinate, maybe even to her, which Nurianna finds odd. Yet, correcting his behavior is not what Nurianna can see as the way to make him more comfortable. There are habits we all take comfort in, to help us through this world.

And then where did things go awry? There were sharp voices and arguments over the orc child. The children. Behind the sylph, protected. Yet bound. Nurianna, still listening to the nothing around the noise, frowns. If Red Dragonflight were involved, she wonders if it was the same nonsense as she witnessed in the temple in the south. And if it was... well, it still doesn't explain why they are tied up. After all they must have been through. They look so scared.

Assessing the health of the children, identifying conditions, wounds, etc.
Survival 1d20 + 24 ⇒ (13) + 24 = 37
Perception: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (19) + 16 = 35

She is watching the children while Mina speaks. Mina's bearing seems to Nurianna to be a mixture of royal outrage and extreme devotion to her belief system. It isn't something that Nurianna ever questions, but now in the face of the half-elf guardian of an orc child, she wonders Why now, Mina?

And now Nurianna senses an exchange of an item; she turns her glance from the children back to Mina to see her hand over an arrow. Nurianna is surprised that Mina is parting with it, but as Mina speaks, it becomes clear exactly what Mina has given Min. And when Min destroys it in front of the frightened orc child, Nurianna senses a shift, and this time is not surprised that the sylph is at the ready to defend Min.

We are about to argue in limbo, about things which, if we were on the material plane, would also take forever to resolve.

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (10) + 13 = 23
Diplomacy DC 23

"Please," she says, to all three, still standing beside Mina but facing Min and Aylaeth. Nurianna is calm, and her hands are at her sides. "These are issues that will not be resolved in limbo, nor any other plane." Looking between Min and Mina, she continues to address all present: "We can all agree that beings of honest and trustworthy bearing, when called to their duties, must answer those calls fully. The nature of those duties does not sully the fact that they remain honest, trustworthy beings." Nurianna turns to Mina. She addresses her quietly, as her friend, but still well within earshot of the others, and looking her in the eye, says: "There is gnoll among them." She cocks her head inquisitively: "Shall I slay it?"

Nurianna makes absolutely no move towards the children, towards her scimitar, nor does she move at all. But she does raise her eyebrows, waiting for an answer from Mina.

Perception check (keeping an eye on the rogue): 1d20 + 14=27
Diplomacy check (if I need it to barter): 1d20 + 11=21

Nurianna replaces the top of this vessel, picks it up off the floor, and turns to Samuel. She clicks her tongue and sighs, holding it out to him and saying kindly: "Here. Would you mind holding this, please? I don't think I can be trusted." She puts a hand on his shoulder, smiles, and then turns to the shop keeper.

"I *am* sorry for the disturbance! You could actually help me, as I come here not for myself, but on behalf of one of my travel companions, who has become a brewer of unique ales and - without his aid - our party could not have come far. I would like to repay him for his service... a gift, really... with something that would be useful to him, but... not being entirely familiar with his craft, or his predilection for drinking - " at this Nurianna looks askance at the rogue and smirks, not unkindly " - I seek the knowledge and guidance of those who work here - " at this she gestures towards the room, the building, the non-church of Caiden Caylean " - in finding special items that may complete his kit, or special tokens of the... church - " she pauses, smiles " - for lack of a better word."

From within the bag of holding, she produces one small silk bag containing one use of Dust of Disappearance, and one vial of Blue Whinnis poison. She places these on the counter for the shopkeepers view and tells her what each contains. "I have several of each of these, and thought perhaps the brewers here would have use of them, and could harness the power of each substance to be used to the advantage of the drinker. No doubt they would be valuable in battle." She smiles at the shopkeeper. "If you would be willing to barter."

Nurianna points to the door that appears to be stocked with the who-knows-what and says to Samuel "Let's head that way."

As a silent prayer to Sarenrae, Nurianna thinks If Caiden Caylean stands alongside you, then let your guidance show your faithful servant what may be helpful to Bardas on our journeys.

Faith check: 1d20 + 4(WIS)=6
Luck check: 1d20 + 0(CHA)=natural 20
Note to GM: Nurianna is essentially looking for something that would be helpful to Bardas but she isn't sure what that might be. Hopefully you would at least allow that in the travels thus far she would have realized how important brewing is to Bardas' functionality... she has helped him repair his brewing kit and has observed him collecting materials for new brews. So she kind of gets the brewing part. But there are many aspects relative to the patronage to Caiden Caylean that she isn't aware of; enhancing these may assist Bardas. Maybe these are also brewing related, maybe they are something else entirely. This is where a helpful resident of the CC non-church could assist her. She has no ranks in K-Religion.

Nurianna instinctively looks for something resembling the Scales of Abadar in or around this store. She is not dubious of what Samuel has told her of the temple shops, but more that it's a reflex.

Perception check: 1d20 + 14=24

Nurianna smiles at Samuel but wonders at the process for gathering a city full of males, males who grow up with a connection to the celestial more out of proportion to their connection to the earth which they come from. That they serve Iomedae fills her with a stillness, but something in the back of her mind reminds her there are places in the world where abduction and slavery still run rampant. She is also pondering the idea of god-as-mother, which is not a concept to which she consciously subscribes. She catalogs the difference and moves on with ease.

She walks ahead to stand in front of the temple to Caiden Caylean, smiling at its incongruity. She looks up to note what is on the shingle before moving ahead to enter.

Note to GM: Nurianna is looking for an item which may be of some use to Bardas. No particular item, but she hopes to get information from someone within this non-church which may help direct her. She'll-know-it-when-she-sees-it kind of thing. She does not wish to be sneaky; it's a shopping trip.

Nurianna thinks to herself that trained focus can certainly lead to great things, whether that be used to take from the unwilling or remove all evidence of dirt and decay. She smiles, remembering that at his age, she might have been as zealous about her given tasks as Samuel is about his. And then she remembers something they may not have in common...

As they continue to walk into the Avenue of the Gods, she says to him: "Samuel, how long have you been a page of Iomedae's Cathedral? Do you have a family here in the city? A mother and father? Siblings, perhaps?" Nurianna pauses as she thinks of her own family, doing the only thing they knew how to get by: "When I was your age, I lived near Katapesh, which keeps Abadar holy" -- she stops and points to what is presumably the statue of the Keeper of the First Vault -- "and also near Solku, where Sarenrae's Lambent Citadel is located" -- she then points to the statue of the Dawnflower. Then she turns fully to Samuel. "It isn't a safe area, never has been, really. There's a lot of trade, and with it, a lot of lawlessness. The paladins of Iomedae helped secure Solku for Sarenrae's faithful many many years ago in the Battle of Red Hail. You must know about that, don't you?" Smiling, she continues: "I had no idea back then how intertwined the gods were, and if you would have asked me, I might have told you it didn't matter. But I know better now. You are probably a hundred times more in tune with the world than I could ever have presumed I was, back then." Then she laughs, to impress upon him that this is a compliment, at her own expense.

Nurianna then looks up and down the Avenue of the Gods, noting Erastil and Shelyn. She mutters to herself as she strains to see: "Where is the Drunken Hero...?"

To Samuel, Nurianna smiles. "I would not want to bother Starspurn over breakfast. It can wait until later. The Avenue of the Gods sounds excellent; please, let's go there at once."

To Cas, telepathically: "Ah, I see. It will be fascinating to hear about what they've seen." She pauses. "The Dragonsingers themselves are fascinating... I wonder if they know what has transpired across the woods of Rassnynyankh since we were there so many months ago."

Nurianna prepares to leave as follows: desert cloak (open) over regular clothing, no dragon armor, no shield, no weapon except her flaming scimitar in its scabbard. She carries her bag of holding comfortably over one shoulder, under the cloak. Most everything else she carries (potions, various stones/gems, other magic items, money, etc) is in the bag of holding, except the rod, which she also leaves in her quarters with the other things she is not wearing. She wears the Ring of Shielding; the Ring of Telekinesis she has the bag.

The next morning, upon wakening, Nurianna awaits the sunrise. She does not feel wholly abandoned here--anywhere there is sun, there is also Sarenrae, after all--but the slight disconnect with her diety is curious to her. She trusts in Iomedae as an ally with Sarenrae and is grateful for the guidance along the long, road-less journey to Izmir, but Nurianna is still compelled to seek the connection to Sarenrae (whose city this is not), even if it is currently a one-way connection.

To her page she says, "Can you tell me, would it be possible to meet with Starspurn at some point today? I have a few questions for him. Right now, I would like to know where in Izmir I should go to find rings and other magical items."

She telepathically asks Cas if he would like to accompany her, as she might benefit from his superior perception in locating some key items for the journey beyond the city.