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Full Name

Nthanda Bahati - 117769-5


HP 14/14 | AC 19 (18 FF/11 T) | CMD 14 | +5F +1R +5W | Init + 3 | Perception +4, SM +7| Move 20'


Tracked Resources:
CLW 50/50, Channel 1/1, Re-roll 1/1, Bit of Luck 6/6, Liberation 1/1


Male Human Cleric: Luck & Liberation





Special Abilities

Bit of Luck, Liberation








Taldane, Polyglot


reformed Aspis enforcer, Initiate of Shimwe-Magalla

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Full Character Sheet

Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 7

About Nthanda Bahati

Any information not in the visible fields is contained on the character sheet I have shared on Google Drive. This is in the Homepage URL.

Nthanda was raised by his grandmother in the city of Bloodcove. His father had sailed off shortly after his birth, never to return, and his mother died of dengue fever when he was only a few years old. His grandmother had little income, having been falsely accused of stealing from the noblewoman she had previously served and fired. During Nthanda's early childhood, she scraped together what she could cleaning and mending laundry.

Nthanda lacks formal schooling, as from the age of 7 he needed to augment his grandmother's income with odd jobs like relaying packages, washing windows, and painting fences. It was perhaps inevitable that he fell in with a gang of local toughs, whose trade in Zerk and Flayleaf garnered him more substantial income. Eventually these small gangs were eliminated or consolidated during the rise of the Aspis Consortium within Bloodcove. His gang joined up, and for a short while he enjoyed the way the other locals were now forced to look at him with respect.

He was strong and fairly perceptive, and quickly gained his bronze badge. Now privy to some of the inner workings of the organization, he was troubled by how careless the organization was both pragmatically and ethically. During a routine 'taxation' visit to the local church of Shimwe-Magalla, he and his fellows beat the deacon nearly to death. He had troubling visions that night; terrible dreams of a stormy sea, and stars looking down on him like eyes of judgement.

The next day, he returned to the prayer-house, apologized for what he had done, and took care of the deacon until he had recovered. The priest told him that to truly repent, he must renounce his ways and his association with the Consortium. This he did, and became an initiate of Shimwe-Magalla. He learned all he could of the religion, of channeling minor magics for the benefit of others. He was content for the first time he could remember.

The Consortium does not care for those who leave the fold; his grandmother was soon found dead, poisoned by snake venom. To ensure this fate would not befall his new mentor, Nthanda set sail for Absalom, to join the Pathfinder Society and stand against his former employers.