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lynora wrote:
The guy sitting at the next table who can't seem to find the mute button on his computer and has obnoxious notifications turned up REALLY loud so much so that I can hear them in spite of having earphones in and listening to music is irritating the crap out of me.

Hit him with a spitball!

Doo-wah-diddy diddy-dum diddy-doo, we'll sing it

I picked you a good one today, sirrah!

Spank Trollham wrote:
Messageboard Troll! wrote:
Honest Trollperson wrote:
Spank Trollham wrote:

Aberzombie wrote:
Dude, awesome! You should create that alias, and just post that whenever a rules thread gets too heated. You could be the new Vomit Guy!
On the contrary. My vast intellegence, and obvious mastery of all that is RPG makes me the perfect focus of these rules threads. Let them overheat! I shall prove that my way is right, and anyone who plays differently has a Candle of Invocation shoved up their ass.
Frankly, you don't have the necessary intelligence to make fun of me. The math just doesn't add up.
Bofh youse is stoopid. Me an smart trol persen. nons youse can b chaleng to me.

*sigh* Here's the lowdown:

I am currently summa cum laude at the Mengele University of Troll Surgery in East Ossterfuchs. I have dozens of playtest and freelancing credits to my name. I can optimize a wizard in 4.5 seconds from memory using a stick of charcoal, three marbles, and some bark. Therefore, I do not have time to deal with nose goblins such as yourselves. So quit your butthurt whinging and read up on the rules a bit, it might stop you from looking like such n00bish asses next time.

I believe you do have time. I checked Outlook and we have a meeting at 3:17 until 4:42.

Edit: Nekkid Nose goblin mining for TotP!