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Full Name

Noravia Jeggare

















Strength 15
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Noravia Jeggare

Female human Inquisitor/Infiltrator of Milani 11
NG medium humanoid (human)
Init +7 Senses Perception +17 SM +15
AC 23, touch 13, flat-footed 20 (+3dex)
HP 80 (1d8, +2 Con, +9 HP favored class)
Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +12
Speed 20ft
Melee+2 Morningstar, Frost: +13/8(+14/9 against Thrune/Asmodean) (1d8+4(+1)/x2)
Heavy Mace: +10/5(+11/6 against Thrune/Asmodean) (1d8+2(+1)/x2)
Crossbow, light: +11/5(+12/6 against Thrune/Asmodean) (1d8(+1)/19-20x2)
Str 15 (+2 belt) Dex 16 (+2 belt) Con 16 (+2 belt) Int 10 Wis 20 (+4 headband) Cha 14
Base Atk +8/3 CMB +10 CMD 23
Feats Deceitful, Favored Judgment against humanoid(human), Weapon Focus (morningstar), Judgment Surge; Teamwork bonus feats = Precise Strike, Escape Route, Bonded Mind; Favored Judgment against outsider(evil), Extended Bane, Instant Judgment
Traits Ex-Asmodean (+1attack/damage against Thrune and Asmodeans), Schooled Inquisitor (+2 to knowledge religion/planes checks to determine abilities/weaknesses of creatures)
Acrobatics +0 (1rank, +2dex, -3armor penalty)
Bluff +21 (11rank, +3class skill, +2cha, +3guileful lore, +2deceitful)
Climb +3 (1rank, +3class skill, +2str, -3armor penalty)
Diplomacy +15 (7rank, +3class skill, +2cha, +3guileful lore)
Disguise +9 (2rank, +3class skill, +2cha, +2deceitful)
Heal +14 (4rank, +3trait bonus, +5wis, +2 kit)
Intimidate +8 (3rank, +3class skill, +2cha)
Knowledge(nature) +4 (1rank, +3class skill, +0int)
Knowledge(planes) +11/13 (8rank, +3class skill, +0int; +2 schooled inquisitor)
Knowledge(religion) +14/16 (11rank, +3class skill, +0int; +2 schooled inquisitor)
Perception +17 (9rank, +3class skill, +5wis)
Profession Herbalist +19 (11background rank, +3class skill, +5wis)
Sense Motive +15 (7rank, +3class skill, +5wis)
Spellcraft +9 (6rank, +3class skill, +0int)
Stealth +5 (3rank, +3class skill, +2dex, -3armor penalty)
Swim +5 (3rank, +3class skill, +2str, -3armor penalty)
Languages Common
Gear Inquisitor's kit (backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candles(10), holy text, flint&steel, iron pot, manacles, mess kit, rope, soap, spell component pouch, torches(10), trail rations(5 days), waterskin, holy symbol)(30gp), Healer's kit (50gp), +2 frost morningstar (18,000gp), heavy mace (12gp), light crossbow and bolts(20)(35gp+2gp), scrollcase (1gp), Scrolls: Protection from evil (25gp), Delay Poison (150gp), Confess (150gp), Freedom of Movement (x2) (1,400gp), Restoration (700gp), Silence (150gp), Consecrate (150gp), Searing Light (375gp); CLW potion (x3) (150gp); Holy Water (x4) (100gp); See Invisibility potion (300gp); Amulet of natural armor +2 (8000gp), +4 wisdom headband (16,000gp), +2 glammered breastplate (6700gp), +2 belt physical perfection (16,000gp), Glove of Storing (10,000gp), CSW wand (89charges)
Wealth20gp+3000gp(for scrolls/potions)
Special Abilities
Judgment: 4x/day; pronounce judgment on foes as swift action
Guileful Lore: add Wis mod to bluff and diplomacy skill checks
Misdirection (Sp): each day when prepare spells, choose alignment
Cunning Initiative (Ex): add Wis mod to initiative checks to dex mod
Detect Alignment (Sp): at will, can detect chaos, evil, good, or law
Forbidden Lore: can cast spells of an opposed alignment to deity
Solo Tactics (Ex): all inquisitor’s allies treated as possessing same teamwork feats as inquisitor for purpose of inquisitor receiving bonus from teamwork feats
Teamwork Feat bonus: can change b/w teamwork feats as standard action (can change x/d = to wis mod)
Bane: Imbue weapon with bane ability as swift action. Select creature type and get +2 enhancement bonus better than actual bonus and deals 2d6 extra points of damage against selected creature type. Rounds = inquisitor level; 14rounds/day (w/extended bane)
Necessary Lies: Adds class level on saving throws against abilities that detect lies or reveal/force the truth.
2nd Judgment
Stalwart: If making a Fortitude or Will saving throw against an attack that has a reduced effect on a successful save, instead avoids the effect entirely.

Domain = Good
Touch of Good (Sp): Touch creature as standard action and they gain bonus of 1/2 cleric level on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws; 6x/day

Holy Lance (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon you touch the holy special weapon quality for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

Spells Known
0 level DC=15
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Detect Magic
1 level DC=16
Protection from Evil
Disguise Self
Lend Judgment
2 level DC=17
Instant Weapon
Weapon of Awe
Restoration, lesser
Spiritual Weapon
3 level DC=18
Searing Light
Align Weapon, communal
Claim Identity
4 level DC=19
Holy Smite
Judgment Light
Shared Wrath

Spells per Day: 7 x 1st level, 5 x 2nd level, 5 x 3rd level, 3 x 4th level

Noravia was born in Isger. Her father served in the Isgeri army and her mother was a healer. Her childhood was harsh because she was born during the Goblinblood Wars. She never really knew her father since he was off fighting and he was eventually killed. Her mother instilled in her an interest in the healing properties of herbs but unfortunately her mother was also killed during a goblin raid of their village during the wars. Noravia had been hidden by her mother in the village well and was eventually found by those pursuing the goblins. Being orphaned at age eight, she was handed over to one of the monasteries that the church of Asmodeus had transformed into an orphanage. At this time, she started to become indoctrinated with teachings of Asmodeus. Much of what she was taught seemed to make sense; however, there was a part of her that felt uncomfortable with exercising power over those weaker than you. This seemed to be opposite to the caring attitude her mother had had as a healer for those who were vulnerable and in need of help. But Noravia recognized that she had nowhere else to go and so she decided to obey and learned to do as she was told.

Initially, Noravia’s studies were directed towards becoming an Asmodean cleric. Her talents with extracting the healing properties from plants was encouraged and she welcomed this because it made her feel closer to her mother in spirit. However, as she got older she found it harder to blindly follow some of the dogma that she was being taught. Even though she was conflicted, she continued to hide her true feelings and follow what she was taught. But it turned out that she wasn’t as good at bluffing her mentors as she thought she was. Her instructors were determined to break the softness in her that they viewed as a weakness.

A close friend, Jola, was caught stealing from a noble’s family while delivering a note from the church. Noravia knew that Jola had done what she did because her family was close to financial ruin and were going to lose their home. In an attempt to break Noravia, she was ordered to cut off Jola’s hand as punishment. Noravia came close to obeying and even took the weapon in her hand but she couldn’t bring herself to follow through because she knew it wouldn’t be what her mom would have done. When Noravia refuses to cut off her friend’s hand, Jola is killed in front of her and it is made very clear that it was because Noravia was weak. Then Noravia is beaten within an inch of her life as punishment for not following orders. These actions have the desired effect and Noravia’s need to survive outweighs her need to do no harm. She worked tirelessly to become the best so that she wouldn’t be a target for anyone. She finishes her training at the monastery but not as an Asmodean cleric but rather as an Inquisitor, trained to root out others who were conflicted as she was. At this point, Noravia reaches the age of majority and is released from the orphanage into service to Asmodeus.

News reaches the monastery that there is unrest in the city of Kintargo and Noravia is sent there. Soon after arriving in the city, she is given the assignment to infiltrate worshippers of Milani in order to crush pockets of followers that were proving to be disruptive in the city. Her superiors believed that the weakness she had shown when younger would make it easier for her to blend in. They also provide her with intense lessons specific in how to infiltrate and Noravia is inundated with Milanite dogma. This takes a few years and as she learned about Milani’s teachings to help with her ruse, the teachings rang truer in Noravia’s soul than Asmodeus’ ever had. It became clear that Asmodeus only cared about power whereas Milani cared about the people. Finding Milani was like finding her mother all over again. Instead of infiltrating, Noravia ends up defecting and becoming an inquisitor of Milani. Knowing what was being planned to destroy the church of Milani, Noravia warns as many of those belonging to the Rose of Kintargo as she could before they were attacked during the Night of Ashes.

Appearance and Personality:

Short, light brown hair with a hint of red; Hazel eyes; 5’6”

Once Noravia was free of the oppressive environment of the Asmodean church, who she had been as a child with her mother learning about medical plants resurfaces. She has a warm demeanor and is very concerned about the welfare of the people she meets. She almost always has a smile on her face and an easy, hearty laugh. She discovered the joy that hope from Milani afforded and desires to bring that to others. However, she retains the seriousness and assertiveness required in being an inquisitor. She uses what she was taught to do what she can to thwart the Asmodean church in Kintargo and bring hope to the citizens of Kintargo.