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Thanks for posting.

Honestly i don't think a Ninja will fit really well..probably i've to blame myself because i cannot imagine a ninja without black wearing and shurikens...

@El Taco: yeah i see, Buccaneer really fit the role!

@Fruian: i know that's roleplay, but i had no idea on which class apply that...
Magus seems a very good idea,like bard.. swashbuckler is still a mistery for me :D

oh yes, i was just looking for getting advice on what to choose.. thinking of a sword and something PC... sword and gun? Sword and magic?

Buccaneer seems very flavourful!

Yarr! I want to build a filthy, stinky, drunk, rude Pirate!
Any advice is welcome, all paizo stuff is okay! And thanks in advance!

thanks a lot leesus!

i still don't know how my cheetah could get trample, is there a way to?

about racer: My Cheetah, named "Roar",has already +10 ft movement because i am a mounted fury, and 1/h he can use a sprint-like ability (that means no-enemy can escape :3 )

maybe the Charger archetype is better for what i want to do?

archetype for mounts? If you have the link where i can read that, thank you... i didn't know that even exist..

one thing: but with ride-by-attack don't i just automatically overrun the target i hit?

how can i get trample?

i've also to choose a new rage power for the PC...actually i've got:
- Ferocious Mount
- Empty
- Empty

Is there something that can help my mount or my "charge-style"?
(if you need the complete buil i'll post it!)

oh that make me thinking of alchemist... i think that class could really be self sufficient

My mount is a Cheetah...
Narrow frame...never had the problem of squeezing
Wheeling Charge...oh yes that's great!

Mobility could be useful when charging (AOO)
Improved Overrun .. i've ride-by-attack, don't think i need that feat!

What about Improved Natural Attack? Improved Natural Armor?

only reading the title and following it: Master Summoner is the Lord of "i Do it Solo"

I've a Barbarian Mounted Fury who has already taken Boon Companion... now which are the right feats for the mount, assuming my build rely on charging most of the time?

Thanks for the advices"!

mhhh.. i wasn't considering that... so maybe better if i adjust it:

DEX 18
CON 12
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 10

8 is enough? or i need more? maybe propose me a solution without dipping in other classes..

EDIT: according to the guide seems better to swap DEX and INT..

Hello to the community :)!!

I'm from italy so i say sorry if i write really bad!

Next i write two builds of my 4th level character... i can't decide or critique, so i let you help me with the choice and advices.

I'm looking for advice on which archetype is better use; i like the Bladebound (really flavourful!)

STR 7 (-2) = 5
DEX 16 (+2) = 18
CON 13 (+1) = 14
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 10 (+2) = 12

STR 7 (-2) = 5
DEX 16 (+2) = 18
CON 13
INT 17 (+1) = 18
WIS 10
CHA 8 (+2) = 10

7] ???
9] ???


I've 11000 gold to use

Every advice will be appreciated!