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Pseudonymous Noncompliant Autistic




Expert 1







Special Abilities

Accelerated Reading


Lawful Neutral


Atheist (not Rahadoumi)


English, schlechtes Deutsch

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Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 11
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About NoncompliAut

Vocal atheist, autistic (like Lini, the iconic druid) self-advocate, and tabletop RPG fan.

Saving Throws: Resist Cues: +2 on saves against spells or effects with the charm descriptor.
Sensory Processing Issues: -2 on saves against spells or effects with the light, sonic, or pattern descriptor.

Why I think Lini is autistic:
She likes to polish a collection of sticks and she has trouble figuring out when people are lying to her (see Meet the Iconics).

Her statements at the beginning of chapters, while certainly coherent and relevant to the matter at hand, are often what would be considered "socially inappropriate."
As monsters are coming through a doorway:
“Maybe they’ll be friends!” Lini offered cheerily.
“I don’t think so, little one,” Sajan said.
“Oh. Okay then.” The gnome drew a thumb across her sickle, blood beading on its edge. “The ground looks a little dry here anyway.”
When being attacked by goblins:
"I don't think they're so bad," Lini offered cheerfully. "Just misunderstood."
In one hand, her scythe glowed with a swirl of colors that held three ... goblins transfixed, enraptured by the show. With her free hand, she calmly plucked one of Merisiel's throwing knives and slit a goblin's throat.

I am aware that this is canonically false, as James Jacobs explicitly said so on the forums. If you ever write a Golarion quiz, keep this in mind.