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Garde Manger Guy wrote:

Also, can you be taken seriously as a wrestler if you have a bard do your intro music?

Ahem: Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions!

No, actually, what makes a Monk weapon a Monk weapon is a weapon that Monks are noted as being trained in. There's actually quite a few weapons out there that have the 'Monk' tag on them, that Monks have no weapon proficiency with.

Guess where they end up almost all going? The Fighter Monk Weapon group.
Which, oddly, has vastly more weapons than the actual Monk does.

No, because Kyton Style's bonus only applies while using the Style, and it's not in the Monk Fighter weapon group to begin with.

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You know, the funny thing is, according to Quintain's rather pants-on-head view of Lawful Good Paladins, the greatest thing they could do, to save the souls of everyone in the universe, and starve evil forever, would be to commit mass genocide.

As long as, of course, they could get a warrant for it.

No. A Paladin is beholden to no laws other than their Code. A Paladin of Torag, for example, in an Evil, Hobgoblin run nation, would be fully empowered by his god and his code to go on a spree of smiting the likes of which we can only dream about. It wouldn't matter whether or not the law of the land said 'Paladins of Torag and/or Dwarves are illegal in this nation, punishable by death," the Paladin doesn't give a toss about them.

Paladins respect legitimate authority, which generally means the authorities that they themselves recognize in their view as legitimate. This is WHY you have Paladins leading wars against kings and nations when things are going wrong.

Flat-out tell them 'no'. Anything based off of a character from Medaka Box, even Zenkichi, is not really going to work in a D&D/Pathfinder game, due to the fact that the entire series is based around characters that literally annihilate the laws of reality, on a casual and constant basis.

I'm disappointed, all of this final fighter talk, and not a single picture or thought for Mike Haggar..

Well, the magic weapon/armor is much more negligible as a caster, leaving you more money to pump into your headband and belt.

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No. The arrows are now technically 'part' of him/his gear. No dice.


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Are you serious, or was that a 'this is my prediction'?

Rysky wrote:
Nocte ex Mortis wrote:

So, you're saying that the ability to negate a crit, once ever, is equivalent in value to Resurrection, Limited Wish, or Simulacrum?

Edit: Scratch that, at 3k, it's MORE VALUABLE than those. For a one-time-ever use.


The jingasa of the fortunate soldier is 5,000 gold.

The crit negation is apparently worth around 3,000 of that. With your earlier statement that potion makers, alchemists, and scroll makers would like to have a word with someone about 'useless one-shot items,' I pointed out that you are valuing a one-time-ever ability above the cost of a scroll of Resurrection, Limited Wish, or Simulacrum.

So, you're saying that the ability to negate a crit, once ever, is equivalent in value to Resurrection, Limited Wish, or Simulacrum?

Edit: Scratch that, at 3k, it's MORE VALUABLE than those. For a one-time-ever use.

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For one, the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier is now a Deflection bonus, and the crit negation only ever happens once. That's a pretty nasty change.

If the Slayer didnt have a notification saying that it stacked, it wouldn't, just like the warning at the beginning of the chapter on Hybrid Classes warned you about.

You mean Feats that require Fighter levels? No. Not unless they multiclass as a Fighter for the required number of levels.

Komoda wrote:

Right. It says Brawler levels count.

It doesn't say Brawler levels AND Fighter levels count. Therefore, Fighter levels don't count. It is very easy to read that Brawler levels = fighter levels overrides fighter levels. How could you not?

It is as obtuse and ridiculous as saying Brawler 4 = Fighter 4 but Brawler 4 = Fighter 4 + Fighter 4 /= Fighter 8.

It makes zero sense.

1: In the Hybrid Class entry, it specifically makes note that it is usually a bad idea to multiclass with the parent classes, as many of the benefits DO NOT STACK.

2: The Brawler has no language whatsoever that notes that Martial Training stacks with Fighter levels, it merely allows you, as a Brawler, to qualify for Monk and Fighter Feats and abilities with your Brawler levels. Point of fact, Martial Training doesn't stack with Monk for damn near anything either.

3: If it doesn't say that it stacks, it doesn't. This is one of the cardinal rules the game is built on.

No, it means total Fighter levels = 4, or, if you want, 3. Brawler doesn't overwrite Fighter, and I have no idea how you reached that conclusion. Brawler levels COUNT AS Fighter levels for Feats and such, but it doesn't specify that they stack, so they don't.

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Wow, they just killed the Jingasa, and a ton of other stuff.

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Insane KillMaster wrote:
But. but, but... Baby Tarrasque could be Apocalyptic Cuteness.

How to Train your Tarrasque?

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ThunderDome. Two Tarrasques enter, one Tarrasque leaves.

Whoops, you're right Starbuck, I completely forgot about Primalist for a while there.

Totem Warrior wasn't something I forgot about, simply because it's utterly redundant.

No, you can't take multiple archetypes which modify or change in any way the same abilities. When you take an archetype, you permanently alter your base class, all the way through 20th level, it's not a 'pick one here, pick one there,' for anyone but Quinggong Monk.

There's always the classics Monk/Paladin. Flurry of Smites, absolute ungodly saves, Spell Resistance, Evasion, Mercies, spellcasting, Divine Bond....

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It's also specifically called out as such in the Feats and abilities that it works for, making it more-or-less unique. Otherwise, the only people who could use the Dimensional line would be casters.

Wrap your pointy head around this: This Feat is really not meant for Fighters. Not everything in the Armor Master's Handbook, or the Weapon Master's Handbook, for that matter, was written solely for Fighters.

No, I'm calling you on the ridiculousness of your standards.

This is a GOOD FEAT, not a BROKEN FEAT. It allows for classes that had no real way to get Shield bonuses, and were effectively permanently locked out of the benefits of those bonuses, a way to get them. Potentially for the cost of three Feats, or being forced to multiclass to get it down to two Feats.

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How in the blue Hell are these 'Broken,' when they live in the same part of the game as Leadership, Dazing Spell, and Prone Shooter?

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That's kind of my point. To get Unhindered Shield is feat-intensive, along the lines of the things you actually want your class to do. For what, possibly 6,7 AC, if you're spending significant chunks of your progression and money on it?

Could they use it? Most definitely the two classes I listed could really benefit from it, but they are going to pay out the nose for said benefits, so I don't see how this could be considered 'broken,' even when placed against similar styled martial Feats, let alone the big offenders like Leadership and Sacred Geometry.

In short, three Feats is not an insignificant investment, so there should be a large return on it. This shouldn't be another Greater Trip.

Dimensional Dervish line?

(Fill-in-the-blank-Combat) Style?

I mean, for a full loadout, that's seven Feats right there.

You have to have either A: An Archetype that gives it to you, B: A Feat that gives it you you, C: Possibly a Trait, or D: Have it as an in-Class ability.

The two classes who could use this the most, honestly?

They have 1 Archetype in the new book, I think, no in-class given ability, no shortcut to get it, and there's exactly 1 Trait to get proficiency, and it's a Regional Trait.

It is surprisingly difficult to get.

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Aelryinth, a serious question for you:

For the classes who could use this the most, it is cripplingly feat-intensive to take. What THREE FEATS out of TEN are you going to sacrifice on a Magus or Monk for this, and how do you think that is going to effect everything you do with that character from then on?

Before you go off on a rant about it 'not being three Feats,' keep in mind that neither of those two classes have Shield proficiency, which means they have to take that, then Shield Focus, THEN Unhindered Shield.

Multiple feats if you're a monk, but hey what's new?

No, under bloodrager bloodlines it states that unless otherwise noted these powers only work while in a bloodrage.

You are still screwed.

Well, it's a dagger, so... I'd think yes?

I just don't understand, and never have, why Paizo is so adamant about never, under basically any circumstances, allowing dex to damage with flurry of blows. Why does every Monk basically have to be the damn Hulk?

Yes, it does. In the ability. How can something be a target for Hypnotic Stare, which it HAS TO BE for Painful Stare to work, if it's immune?

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It's a logical flow: Hypnotic Stare is a mind-affecting effect. Painful Stare only works on things that Hypnotic Stare is capable of effecting. Some things are immune to mind-affecting effects, ergo, Painful Stare doesn't work on them, as they aren't valid targets for Hypnotic Stare.

Oh, that stupid Feat. Then yes, you have replaced your (most likely Arcane) Bloodline power with a Familiar. It stacks. Woo?

Then you are a 5th level Bloodrager/1st level Witch. Bloodrager doesn't grant a familiar.

No, it's a touch attack that has a specific rider on it. It has to be able to contact your skin, or through thin clothing. 1D4 Con damage per touch is absolutely terrifying, especially as it could potentially do 8 points of Con in a single round.

Plate armor plus helm is most definitely not thin clothing or flesh. Look, touch attacks are dangerous enough as-is. If someone happens to have something on that renders the attack moot, they happen to not be effected. It's like trying to Sleep an Elf, it just doesn't work.

You just answered your own question.

Sissyl wrote:

It doesn't get s@*@. I didn't even go through the other crap, it was just too much to check every little interaction. If I did, however, I am quite sure it would fall together like a house of cards. Stupidities like that always do.

This debate was about casters vs martials. Stick to obviously fair writeups that don't rely on broken rules, too-kind GM rulings, and similar stuff, and we can talk. Or, Arkalion can go be killed by Anti-Arkalion's autohit and autodeath sword.

The sad thing is, Arkalion is 100% rules-legal. Blood Money is one of the dumbest ideas ever put to print in a Pathfinder book, but it's a legal spell for a Wizard to know, and Simulacrum is as broken as they come because they for some reason refuse to give it reasonable guidelines, or any guidelines at all.

Arkalion is a representation of what happens when a player decides to stop screwing around, and really go for the throat as a Wizard.

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No, a Cleric's job is to end fights by calling down armies of (fill in the blank divine or profane beings here), while also being able to heal, teleport, and basically be another form of Wizard.

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I'm.... not sure Pathfinder can accurately describe Saitama.

You get all three

Rynjin wrote:
That's too bad. Flurry of Tears would be a great attack against Fire elementals.

They'd have to be able to hit them, though.

Hey, still better than the situation that I just had to leave. Playing a high-lethality campaign, knowing this going into it, I plan accordingly with my Bloodrager. It doesn't matter, unfortunately, as the GM gets a little trigger-happy with his monsters, and sets us up against (get this) more than 50 golems, and a major Oni.

I manage to take down the Oni, while my friends are keeping the golems busy in a running fight. He kills me in the process, but, again, I had prepared. I had a one-use Breath of Life amulet that pops me back up with just enough to take the last swing needed to kill the guy.

My reward? The golems nearby crush me to death as they fall apart.

Fortunately, my weapon was sentient, and could cast Raise Dead once per week. This apparently cheesed off my GM, even though he had vetted everything I had, and we had gone over, what I thought at the time was, all the house rules. Apparently not. He didn't like the fact that the 'only' penalty for being brought back with Raise Dead was the two negative levels, and declared that, from now on, if someone was raised by any means, including True Resurrection, they permanently lost a level.

I informed him after the session that it was the last straw, and haven't been back since. Three major changes in the house rules in three sessions, none discussed or announced beforehand, and I was done.

TL,DR; Death is enough of a penalty without making it worse.

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