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Full Name

Nissa van Donk




Solarian | HP:44/44, SP:42/42, RP:9/9 | AC:19e/19k | F:+7, R:+9, W:+8/+10v.Fear | Perc:+3, Init:+5 | 10v.Fire







Special Abilities

Mote Form / Subatomic Size


Chaotic Good


Sarenrae, the Dawnflower


Harvard, MA (the town, not the university)


English, Atlantic



Strength 9
Dexterity 20
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 12
Charisma 23

About Nissa, the Subatomic Bombshell

• Height: 2’3”
• Weight: “somethingteen pounds”
• Age: 20 (going on 21 in a few days!)
• Hair: blonde
• Eyes: sunfire gold
• Complexion: fair
• Build: slender with small, hairless feet


Mercy Pistol: d20+11; d6+2 F Nonlethal / ☀️d6+3
Sarenrae’s Blessing: The first time Nissa deals fire damage each round, she can convert half the fire damage into holy energy damage. Fire resistance or immunity does not apply to the holy energy portion of the damage.

+1 Light Sap: d20+12; d4+1 Nonlethal / ☀️d4+2
Acrobatics +14+2
Bluff +15 / +1d6 Sidereal
Culture 10+1 / +1d6 Sidereal
Pilot +14 / +2 Reckless Gloves
Profession: Supermodel +15+1
Medicine (untrained)
Sense Motive (untrained)
Stealth (untrained) +5+2
• reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving by 5
• reduce the Stealth check penalty for sniping by 10

Lv.1: Divine Blessing: Sarenrae
Lv.3: Multi-Weapon Fighting
Lv.5: Enhanced Resistance: Fire
Lv.7: Scoundrel’s Finesse
Lv.9: IUS

Theme: Icon

Solarian Abilities:
Skill Adept: Culture & Medicine are class skills
Stellar Mode:
• ☀️ = Photon-Attuned
• ☀️☀️☀️☀️ = Fully Photon-Attuned
Sidereal Influence: +1d6 to skill checks
• Culture
• Bluff
• Medicine
• Stealth
• Diplomacy
• Sense Motive
Weapon Specialization: +Lv./2 to Small Arms damage

Stellar Revelations:
Lv.1: ☀️☀️☀️☀️ Super Nova
Lv.2: ☀️ Stellar Equilibrium
Lv.4: ☀️ Distant Burst
Lv.6: ☀️ Blazing Orbit
Lv.8: ☀️ Plasma Sheath
Lv.9: ☀️☀️☀️☀️ Solar Acceleration
Lv.10: ☀️ Lightspeed Tread
Lv.12: ☀️ Glow of Life
Lv.14: ☀️ Particle Field
Lv.16: ☀️ Superlative Constellation
Lv.17: ☀️☀️☀️☀️ ?
Lv.18: ☀️ ?
Lv.20: ☀️ ?

Solar Manifestations:
• Solar Armor: various states of dress from nude to aura to bikini to sundress to valkyrian armor.
• Mote Manifestation (at will) Nissa becomes “a mote of stellar energy slightly smaller than [her] fist.” Those who get a closer look will see within the globe of light is a feminine silhouette with the wings of a phoenix.
• Subatomic Size (1 RP) Nissa can shrink to subatomic size, making her imperceptible as if she “effectively ceases to exist and […] cannot be located or contacted by any mundane or magical means.” She can move through solids in this state, but her movement is limited to 5 ft./min.

• DEX Upgrade (Lv.1) 1400
• CHA Upgrade (Lv.2) 6500

Void Flyer
• Clearweave 1350 (+3 E/KAC)
• Illuminator 275 x2 (1d6F, nonlethal) – only one gun!!
• Battery 60 x3 (+20 charges) ***
• Hygiene Kit 3 *
• Mess Kit 2
• Perfume 50
• Consumer Backpack 3 *
• Personal Comm 7
• Charge Cloak 200 (+4 ch/day)
• Reckless Gloves 250 (+2 Pilot)
• +1 Light Sap
Shock Truncheon: STATIC
Refractor Suit (+7 E/KAC)

Credits: 4205
4000 @Lv.3
+2700 @Lv.4
+4000 @Lv.5
+6000 @Lv.6

“A Day at the Beach”:

CU of NISSA dressed in swimsuit, sitting in demure pose on what appears to be a bronze rock.

PULL BACK to reveal the bronze rock is actually the bicep of FLEX LUTHOR.


Nissa turns her glare from the script on her personal comm unit to the guilty eyes of her agent.

“They want me to sit on Flex Luthor’s bicep while the two of us are in swimsuits? Like, seriously, Bob?”

The agent is sweating, likely because he’s wearing a regular suit under the summer sun. It can’t possibly be the knee-high diva standing on the picnic table, being disagreeable again.

Bob replies, “You’re not a child model anymore, Miss van Donk. We discussed this. You told me you’re comfortable in your own skin.”

“It’s his skin that’s making me uncomfortable, Bob! The very thought of my butt parked on Flex Luthor’s oiled muscle makes my skin crawl.”

“So shall we cancel then? You might want to sleep on that. PR for superheroes is a lucrative prospect. And I’m sorry to say that sex sells. You never complained about those poses for the Clearweave ad.”

Nissa blushes. “That ad was cute, though. And it was just me in a bunch of sexy outfits. But this bit with Luthor isn’t sexy—it’s sexist.” It’s not lost on Nissa that her stereotypical hands-on-hips body language is diminishing her hear-me-roar moment. “Why not have me with a female superhero?”

“You mean you would prefer to sit on the Vermilion Vixen’s lap?” He contemplates the image in his head. “Hmm... that’s actually pretty hot.”

“Bob! No! I don’t want to sit on anyone’s bare, bulging muscle! I want something… wholesome!”

The agent laughs a few tears—and forces himself to regain his composure. “You’re a role model, Miss van Donk. You think of the children and teenage girls that look up to you. Yes! That’s how we’ll play it.”

“Who’s playing?”

Bob laughs, but not as hard this time. “Spoken like a pristine maiden.” Ignoring the look in Nissa’s ice blue eyes, the agent goes on in a businesslike manner. “Get some sun, if you like, Miss Donk. You’ll be with fashionista Addy Lane this evening, modeling her excrement petite line.”

“You mean extrêmement petite.”

“Same difference. You’ll work with other models. Gnomes. Twin sisters. They’re feisty,” he warns.



Nissa is sitting on what appears to be a bronze rock. Tears rain from her eyes, like drops of molten gold streaming from two miniature suns.

“So he… he warned me about a couple of mean girls—and *sniff* they’re kinda sweet, actually. B-but no one warned me about this!”

The ‘bronze rock’ Nissa is sitting on is, in fact, Flex Luthor’s well-tanned flesh. Nissa is not on his bicep. She is seated in the palm of his hand. The twin gnomes are there, as is the Vermilion Vixen.

Studying the extrêmement petite model, the Vixen says, “Whatever happened to ye, the folks here can help ye sort it all out.”

Flex Luthor adds, “You’ll make an excrement superhero too, little lady.”

“Excellent,” Nissa replies, her voice like a tiny bell to those towering over her inches-tall form. “Or maybe you didn’t misspeak. I’m no hero. I never did anything great, and I don’t even have an origin story! What the heck is happening to me?”

As if in reply, a door opens. Behind it is, perhaps, answers.