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Full Name



Elf (Mordant Spire)


Bard (Sea Singer)/1




6' 4", 136 lbs








Common, Elvish, Aquan


Sea Singer

Strength 13
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Nimwi

Born of the reclusive elves of the Mordant Spire, Nimwi was considered someone different. The day of his birth was marked by a solar eclipse at high noon and followed by a lunar eclipse at midnight. The elders knew of no such event before and considered it a time of wonder; whether it was a good omen or ill tidings only time would tell.

It was in his twentieth year that Golarion changed. Far out in the Mordant Spire the sea breezes blew and the weather was fair. A good day for diving and many of the elves were at it. Still only a small child, Nimwi was left ashore in a creche with the other young elves. When his parents came back to collect him, the caretakers were obviously shaken. They told of how Nimwi had suddenly stopped playing and stood looking to the east. He pointed and said that the eye of light was gone from this world. Seeing his parents, Nimwi pointed to the south and told them the eye of darkness was open upon the world. His parents agreed that it was a strange portent and hoped nothing more would come of it. Some weeks later news arrived that the last son of Azlant was dead, Aroden killed and his eternal light snuffed out. A ship arrived only hours later, reporting that a huge hurricane had opened up in the Fever Sea off of the west coast of Garund, churning the ocean and bringing an unnatural darkness.

Nimwi expressed an intense interest in the water and could always be found swimming. The only other joy in his life was the songs his people sang. He quickly picked up the words to every song he heard and was constantly asking the minstrels for new tunes. An aging bard, an elf who was virtually a stranger to her own people, noticed Nimwi's enthusiasm and requested that he be apprenticed to her. She explained that his love of the sea and his talented voice would make him ideal for sea singing, a little known art that brought ease to the sailors on a ship, calm to raging waters and conjured winds in the midst of doldrums. Nimwi's parents were concerned that such teachings would eventually turn their son into a vagabond wanderer. The wizened sea singer pointed out that each day he swam farther from shore and each night he sang into the winds of the headland. His was a wandering spirit and was destined to go out from his homeland. She proposed that he be at least taught an art that could help him in his travels. Reluctantly, they agreed and she took Nimwi as her student.

For years, Nimwi traveled with his teacher in her own small boat working as crew alongside her, learning all the songs she knew and meeting many strange and wonderful people of the sea. From the merfolk to the strange gillmen they had their own strangely beautiful songs. She even brought Nimwi to the vaunted and feared sirens, letting him listen to their plaintive wails and forlorn pleas for him to join them freeing them from the loneliness. She even once let him be seduced by one of their young number and join the siren for a short time before charming the female and dragging his held body back to safety.

After nearly a century sailing the seas together, Nimwi and his mentor found themselves beset by a ship out of the sodden lands. The pirates bested the lone sea singer and her apprentice. She died in the fighting and Nimwi was nearly killed as well. He woke to find himself in chains, sailed back to the pirates of the shackles stronghold and sold to a passing captain. He worked hard and proved himself helpful to the crew with his soothing songs and weird ways of knowing the weather. He was eventually freed and made a member of the crew. On arrival in Corentyn, he amicably departed his friends and is now looking for work upon one of the great sailing ships that be heading out into the great blue world.

Init +3 Senses Perception +6

HP 8
Fort +0
Ref +5
Will +2 (+5 vs. enchantments)

AC 16 (+3 DEX, +3 Wooden Armour)
FF 13
Touch 13

BAB +0
CMB +1
CMD +14

Melee Attack
Dagger +1 1d4+1 19-20/x2
Scorpion Whip +1 1d4+1 x2
Trident +1 1d8+1 x2

Ranged Attack
Dagger +3 1d4+1 19-20/x2 10'
Net +3 N/A 10'
Trident +3 1d8+1 x2 10'

Racial Features:

Spirit of the Waters: Some elves have adapted to life in tune with the sea or along the reedy depths of wild rivers and lakes. They gain a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, can always take 10 while swimming, and may choose Aquan as a bonus language. They are proficient with longspear, trident, and net. This racial trait replaces elven magic and weapon familiarity racial traits.

Class Features:

Sea Shanty (Su): A sea singer learns to counter seasickness and exhaustion during long sea voyages. Each round of a sea shanty, he makes a Perform skill check. Allies within 30 feet (including the sea singer) may use his Perform check in place of a saving throw against becoming exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, or sickened; if already under such an effect, a new save is allowed each round of the sea shanty, using the bard’s Perform check for the save. A sea shanty has no effect on instantaneous effects or effects that do not allow saves. This ability requires audible components.
This performance replaces countersong.

World Traveler (Ex): A sea singer gains a bonus equal to half his bard level on Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), and Linguistics checks. He can reroll a check against one of these skills, but must take the result of the second roll even if it is worse. He can reroll one additional time per day at 5th level and every five levels thereafter. This ability replaces bardic knowledge.


Acrobatics +7
Climb +5
Knowledge (geography) +8
Knowledge (local) +8
Knowledge (nature) +8
Perception +6
Perform (sing) +7
Profession (sailor) +4
Swim +9
Use Magic Device +7


Combat Expertise


Mordant Heritage (Regional) - You have lived among the Mordant Spire elves and know their strange ways. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks and a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against enchantment effects.

Prehensile Whip (Equipment) - In your hand a whip has a life of its own, wrapping around pillars and beams with ease. You can use a whip as if it were a rope with a grappling hook at the end. Attaching your whip is a standard action, but detaching it is a full-round action.


0 Level - DC 13 - Unlimited
Dancing Lights
Detect Magic

1st Level - DC 14 - 2/day
Animate Rope


dagger 2.00gp 1lb
net 20.00gp 3lbs
scorpion whip 5.00gp 6lbs
trident 15.00gp 4lbs
wooden armour 20.00gp 25lbs
wrist sheath, spring loaded 5.00gp 1lb
compass 1.00gp .5lb
entertainer's outfit 3.00gp 4lbs
explorer's outfit 0.00gp 0lb
flotation device 1.00gp 1lb
periscope 20.00gp 4lbs
swim fins 0.10gp 5lbs
waterproof bag x2 1.00gp 1lb
whip 1.00gp 2lbs
TOTAL 94.10gp 56.5lbs