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Legendary Fighter 9 and Warder 1 / Hedgewitch 10 / Cryptic 10



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Assumptions & Start of Day Buffing:

Assumed to always be taking the -2 AC/Reflex penalty to get 13 THP, refreshing at start of turn
Assumed to have "Humanoid" selected as active enemy type
Assumed to have martial and psionic focus (ie, not expending it)
Assumed to have a Black Light Glow Placed on self (100 minutes, no SP), renewing as needed.
Assumed to be concentrating on Greater Serendipity unless otherwise noted or needing a full round action; upon entering combat will spend the 1 SP to move to rounds/level as free action
Assumed to have cast a Dispel Psionics into the Dispelling Fauchard the night /week before
Daily Buffs
Greater Enhancement (Weapon) +4 enhancement
Greater Enhancment (Armor) + 4 enhancement
Armored Magic: (Armor) +5 armor bonus
Armored Magic: (Shield) +3 shield bonus
Mettle - +15 to AC vs Crits
Obstruction: DR 5/- for 100 points of damage
Danger Sense, Augmented to 8 PP
Alchemy: War Paint, Orange and Silver at 14 hours duration w/Focus chew and Aid Another
Alchemy potions crafted into blood potions, 30 minutes total
Total "Costs": 6 Spell points, 8 PP, 14 gp


First round of Combat: Swift Action quickened overpowering guilt Move Action Mass Challenge, Standard Action haste, Free Action spend 1 Spell point to shift Serendipity from "Concentration" to round/level, Free action Activation of Glory for Encompassing Light on Self

Revised: First round of combat: Swift action Mass Challenge + expend martial focus, free action spend 1 spell point to shift serendipity, second move action (temporal haste) concentrates on temporal haste, free action Activation of Glory for 1 spell point for Encompassing Light on self, Move action Shove + regain focus, Standard action Overpowering guilt,
Second Round of Combat: Swift action activation potion, standard action brutal strike + expend focus, Move action shove to regain focus,


Fortitude: +16 | Reflex: +15 / 13 (Berserking) | Will: + 18
+2 to saves vs disease, poison, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or mind affecting
Stalwart (Sentinel): Not effected when making save on an effect with "Fort or Will Save: Partial"
Evasion (Cryptic): Takes no damage on succesful reflex save for half
Haste (Veil, Incanter): +2 to Reflex saves
Lucky Horseshoe (Equipment): +1 luck to saves, +4 luck 1/day before rolling a save
Precognicient Defense (Cryptic Power): standard action and 10 PP for +4 insight to saves for 10 minutes; swift action and 10 PP for +2 insight
Mind Palace (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, immediate action +1d4 to an attack, save, skill check, caster level check, or ability check; +2 PP = +1d4
Conceal Thoughts (Cryptic Power): 1 PP or focus, +4 circumstance bonus to saves vs mind reading effects 10 hours
Cold Iron Call (Guardian Sphere, Sentinel): Can postpone a spell or SLA until the end of the next turn, treating it as CL = HP damage for the delayed damage pool.

Hit Points and Static AC:
HP: 185 (10d12+30, +1d12+3 +16 (Feat) + 4 (Equipment)
THP: 0
Unbuffed: AC 30, Touch AC 28, Flat Footed AC 17
Buffed: AC 42, Touch AC 32 , Flat Footed AC 29
Berserking -2 penalty to all ACs
Armored Aegis (Protection Sphere, Incanter): 10 hours of +5 Armor, +3 shield for 2 SP
Mettle Aegis (Protection Sphere, Incanter): 10 hours of +15 to AC vs critical hits
Haste (Veil, Incanter): +2 dodge to AC
Greater Enhance Equipment (Enhancement Sphere, Incanter): +4 enchancement to AC for 10 hours, 1 SP
War Paint (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): DC 15. Silver: +5 Deflection to AC. Lasts for 2 hours. Increase 2 hours for every +5 DC.
Modifiers to AC: +2 dodge from Haste, +3 Dodge in Defensive Stance
Delayed Damage Pool (Sentinel): 0 / 30 points maximum
Coagulate (Blood Sphere, Incanter): Reduce all bleed damage by 4 points, and swift action to stop bleeding. Must succeed on CL check or BAB check vs DC 21 to inflict magical / non-magical bleed damage.
Deathless Challenge (Sentinel): Add WIS to CON for death threshold. While a challenge is active, automatically stabilize when at 0 HP or lower and can act as if disabled; while doing so, is not staggered but still takes 1 damage for making a standard action.
Energy Adaptation (Cryptic Power): 7 PP for 100 minutes of Resist 20 Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, and Sonic; If using overchannel, can immediate action for 120 minutes with Resist 30.

DR, Miss Chance, Reactionary AC bonuses:
Total DR when buffed: DR 19/- (5 base from Obstruction for 100 points, +6 (Berserker) +3 (War Paint) +5 (Ablation Field))
Unbuffed DR: DR 11/- (Berserker, Ablation Field)
Berserking (Berserker Sphere, Sentinel): Free action -2 AC and Reflex for 3+BAB (13) THP that lasts for 1 round, usable every round. Also gives DR 6/-, stacking with other sources.
Power Charm of the Unyielding (Equipment): Increase class granted DR by 1 point (included in Berserking)
Defend Other (Guardian Sphere, Sentinel): Use an AoO to defend an ally within threatened area. Give the ally a +5 competence bonus to AC; if the attack would still hit, can take the damage to self and impose -3 CMB penalty on attacker for 1 round.
War Paint (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): DC 15. Orange: DR 3/-, stacking. Lasts for 2 hours. Increase 2 hours for every +5 DC.
Parry and Riposte (Fencing Sphere, Sentinel): Expend Martial Focus and 1 AoO to attempt a parry as if making AoO. Take a -2 penalty for every size larger the attacker is. If your AoO attack roll is higher than the attackers, they miss and you regain your martial focus. Can parry melee attacks, ranged attacks, and spells requiring attack rolls, though only against attackers within reach. May also replace a reflex save with the parry.
[Robe of the Forgotten Deity (Veil, Incanter):[/b] 30% miss chance, +10% bonus in dim light/darkness (LLV or DV negates bonus)
Obstruction Aegis (Protection Sphere, Incanter): DR 5/-, that can absorb 100 points of damage. 10 hours for 1 SP.
Ablation Field (Veil, Incanter): Increase DR / - by 5 points
[b]Altered Defense (Cryptic):
(INT + 4 rounds of +3 Dodge to AC or DR 3/- as a swift action; expened psionic focus to use as immediate),
Precognicient Defense (Cryptic Power): standard action and 10 PP for +4 insight to AC for 10 minutes; swift action and 10 PP for +2 insight

Healing and Miscellany:
Vigilant Skeptic (Feat): Free interaction with figments within 30' for the purpose of Will Save to disbelieve
Fast Healing 1 (Racial)
Lurker in Darkness (Feat): Creatures with special senses must still make perception checks against your stealth
Hide in Plain Sight (Cryptic): Can make stealth checks to hide even when observered while maintaining psionic focus
Second Wind (Sentinel): Swift action and 1 reserve point for: THP = BAB x2 + WIS (24) and last 1 minute, 5d6+WIS Healing up to half HP, half healing to also recover martial focus, or 2 reserve points to ignore limit on 1/2 HP max for healing. Healing also ignores the following conditions for 1 minute: blinded, deafened, entangled, fatigued, sickened, shaken, or staggered.
Salve (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): DC 15, standard action heal for 5d8+WIS, 5+WIS per day per person. Also stops bleeding. +10 DC = +5 healing.
Panacea (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): Craft DC 20: Deafened, fatigued, shaken, sickened. DC 30: Diseased, exhausted, nauseated, poisoned, staggered. DC 40: Frightened, blinded, paralyzed, stunned.
Focusing Formula (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): Move action, can be used once at DC 15, and once more per +10 over DC.
Shared Aegis (Protection Sphere, Incanter): Creatures within 5' (Medium) to 20' (Enlarged + Encompassing Light) share any active Aegis benefits
Haste (Veil, Incanter): Additional move or swift action per round; maintaining concentration is a move or swift action.
Danger Sense (Cryptic Power): Standard action and 8 PP for 10 hours of uncanny dodge and +4 insight to Reflex / AC vs traps
Bracers of Oblivion (Veil, Incanter): 20' aura lowers light radius by 1 step. Any negative emotions affecting an ally take a -2 to DC or skill check; any negative emotions targeting an enemy gains +1 insight to DC or skill check
Blindfight: Invisible melee attackers get no bonus to attack

Blood Potions: Heroism,
Manipulate Alchemy (Blood Sphere, Incanter): Potion of and Potion of , on free action trigger even outside of the turn
Alchemy (Alchemy Sphere, Sentinel): 9 formulae at once; 3 at a time in 30 minutes, 15 with a lab. Prepared each morning: 1x Focusing Formula as Blood Potion, 2x Panacea as Blood Potion, 2x Salve as Blood Potion, 2x War Paint applied, 2 Salves prepared and on hand.


Base Speed: 45' ; 75' with Haste
Unbuffed Attacks:
Standard Attack: Fauchard +19 (1d10 +5d6+7 (Cryptic) -1 (Str) + 2 (feat) + 1 (Enhancement) x2/16-20), +5 damage vs Humanoids
Full Attack: Fauchard +19 / +14 (1d10 +5d6+7 (Cryptic) -1 (Str) + 2 (feat) + 1 (Enhancement) x2/16-20), +5 damage vs Humanoids
Shove: Touch Attack +19 , 6 (dex) + 2 (feat) + 1 (Enhancement) + 5d6+7 (Cryptic), +5 damage vs Humanoids
Buffed Attacks (Includes Haste, Enhancement, Serendipity):
Standard Attack: Fauchard +26 (1d10 +5d6+7 (Cryptic) -1 (Str) + 2 (feat) + 4 (Enhancement) x2/16-20), +5 damage vs Humanoids
Full Attack: Fauchard +26 / +21 (1d10 +5d6+7 (Cryptic) -1 (Str) + 2 (feat) + 4 (Enhancement) x2/16-20), +5 damage vs Humanoids
Shove: Touch Attack +26 , 6 (dex) + 2 (feat) + 4 (Enhancement) + 5d6+7 (Cryptic), +5 damage vs Humanoids
AoO Per Round: 1 (base) + 3 (Haste) +6 (Combat Reflexes)
Haste (Veil, Incanter): +2 attack
Attack and Damage Modifiers
Blindfight (Feat): May reroll miss chance 1/attack
Moonlight Stalker (Feat): +2 Attack / Damage when attacking from concealment
Darkwalker Hood (Veil, Incanter): When self and target are in dim light or darkness, +20 precision damage on every attack
Roguish Domino (Veil, Incanter): Free action can choose one enemy at a time to be rival; gain +4 insight to attack and damage vs rival, and deal Fatal Thrust damage to them even if not meeting the trigger conditions. (+3d6 precision damage). Cannot full attack with this ability. Opponents other than the chosen rival take -4 to their attacks or opposed skill checks vs self, and -2 to save DCs vs self.
Mind Palace (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, immediate action +1d4 to an attack, save, skill check, caster level check, or ability check; +2 PP = +1d4
Greater Enhance Equipment: +4 enhancement to Attack/Damage for 10 hours, 1 SP
Serendipity (Fate Sphere, Incanter): +1 luck to attacks within 30' while concentrating; 1 SP for round/level as a free action
Fatal Thrust (Fencing Sphere, Sentinel): On AoO and attack actions vs flanked targets, or denied their dexterity, or vs chosen rival. , add 3d6 damage and impose a -4 penalty to targets AC for 1 round.
Bone-Breaker (Berserker Sphere, Sentinel): As a special attack action, inflict a -3 penalty to attacks and damage vs the target and a further -2 to CMD for 1 round. Can expend Martial Focus for +2x BAB damage
Defensive Stance: -3 attack, +4 Dodge to AC
Risky Striking: -3 attack, +9 damage
Encompossing Light (Light Sphere, Incanter): Weapon Damage 1d10 -> 3d8, Reach becomes 15' natural / 30' with reach weapon. If already enlarged, becomes 4d8 and 20' natural / 40' with reach.
Enlarged (Potions, Powers, etc): Increases reach and damage dice, but gives -1 AC and -1 Attack, and -2 Dex (another -1 AC and -1 attack) but also +1 damage
Special Attacks
Banner of the Warlord, Minor: Constant 60' radius. Allies within radius reduce any damage taken from enemies within radius by 2 points; enemy takes 2 points of damage, as Blood Totem (War Sphere)
Demoralize: Standard action, or see artifact. A creature demoralized by self takes a -3 penalty vs others, -5 vs self; must make a Fort Save vs 21 or be sickened as well.
Shove: Move action, may move up to half speed. Melee touch attack, deals Dex (bludgeoning) + Weapon enhancement and special abilities. Regain Martial Focus on success. Batters opponent for 1 round. Also adds disrupt pattern damage, but not fencing.
Mass Challenge: As a Move Action challenge up to 7 enemies; enemies take -4 penalty on attacks vs others, +2 vs self. Challenge lasts for 8 rounds, and self gains +3 attack / +3 damage, +4 more damage while berserking. Challenged foes provoke AoO for failing to cast defensively, and take a -4 penalty to save DCs of spells and SLAs that do not include self as aa target.
Serendipity (Fate Sphere, Incanter): -1 penalty to attacks, skills, ability checks, and saves within 30' while concentrating; 1 SP for round/level as a free action
Mageguard (Guardian Sphere, Sentinel): Enemies in threatened area take a -5 penalty to Concentration checks.
Opportunistic Offense (Sentinel): 1/round can make 1 AoO as an attack action for the purposes of adding talents

Spells, Powers, Veils, SLAs, and PLAs:

Spell Pool (Incanter): 17 (10 level + 7 CAM)
Power Points (Cryptic): 28 PP +35 (INT), +2 (FCB Cryptic)
Reserve Points (Sentinel): 5+WIS
Essence (Incanter): 16 / 16 (10 via drawback, 2 extra essence, 1 feat, 3 Incanter Specialization)
Veils Known / Shaped: 1 (base) + 3 (Shape Veil) + 1 (Incanter) + 1 (Rogue Talent)
Veils: Timewalker Sabatons (Feet, bound), Roguish Domino (Headband, bound), Ablation Field (Chest), Darkwalker Hood (Head, Bound), Robes of the Forgotten Deity (Body), Oblivion Bracers (Wrists, bound)
Darkness (Racial SLA) 4/day, 20' radius for min/level
Glow (Light Sphere, Incanter): Standard action to make a touched target shed non-visible light as a candle for 10 minutes/level. Can use a free action to cause the light to increase as a torch, or to dissappear.
Create (Creation Sphere, Incanter): Standard action (1 SP) or full-round action (0 SP). Formed from vegatable matter or Force (Hardness 10, 10 HP/inch), inflicts 1d4 + 1d4 damage per size category over Small to self. Up to Huge, or 8 Small objects.
Overchannel (Feat): Increase manifester level by 1, taking 1d8 damage; or by 2, taking 3d8 damage
Endowed Mind (Feat): Increase save DCs by 1 while focused, +1 per 2 PP augmented a power
Extradimensional Storage (Warp Sphere, Incanter; Rogue Talent, Cryptic): free action 1/round action to access storage space of 250 lbs; can make Sleight of Hand vs observers perception to hide the removal / placement of an object. Observer must succeed by 5+ to notice the extradimensional storage.
Natural Telekinetic (Far Hand): Standard action (concentration) can lift 55 lbs within 50' range; 10 augment points to spend on +5' range (2 each) or +2 pounds each. Can move object 15' per round.
Retroactive Preparation (Veil, Incanter): 1 SP and standard action to summon any commonly available item less than 1000 gp; must pay.
Periscope (Light Sphere, Incanter): May focus a sensor within 200' with line of effect having no more than two 90 degree bends, and sense as if standing there for duration: concentration.
[b]Dirt Nap (Cryptic Power):
3 PP for 10 hours, creates small 5'x10' extradimensional storage space a'la rope trick
Mind Palace (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, immediate action +1d4 to an attack, save, skill check, caster level check, or ability check; +2 PP = +1d4
Minor Metamorphasis (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, min/level. Various bonuses; +1 Size, +10' speed, burrow, swim, or climb speeds, etc
Kinetic Legerdemain (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, make Disable Device checks without a toolkit. +6 PP to make check within 50', +2 PP per for +1 competence to the check
Holographic Projection (Cryptic Power): https://libraryofmetzofitz.fandom.com/wiki/Holographic_Projection
Overpowering Guilt (Cryptic Power): 3 PP, will save @ DC 10+2(level) +7 (INT) + 1 (Endowed Mind) = 20. Single target within 50'; failed save is staggered for 10 rounds and -1 penalty to all d20 rolls; succesful save still has penalty. Augment 2 PP each to increase penalty by 1, 2 PP to make it a mass version targeting 1 creature / level, 2 PP to increase range to medium; and every 2 PP spent increases DC by 1

Powers Known:
Talents (2): Detect Psionics (Concentration), Conceal Thoughts
1st Level (3 + 2 equipment): Precognition (Defensive), Kinetic Legerdemain, Mind Palace, Minor Metamorphasis, Chameleon
2nd Leve (3)l: Control Sound, Overpowering Guilt, Dirt Nap
3rd Level (3): Dispel Psionics, Danger Sense, Holographic Projection
4th Level (1): Energy Adaptation
Psionic Tattoos (Up to 10): Kinetic Legerdemain x2, Precognitive Defense x5, Chameleon x 2


STR: 9 DEX: 22 CON: 16 INT: 24 WIS: 20 CHA: 14
Light Load: 30 lbs without Heavyload belt or muleback cords; 60 lbs with belt, 86 lbs with cords, 258 lbs with both
DC to be Demoralized: 10 (Base) + 10 (HD) + 5 (WIS)
BAB +10; CMB +9 / 16 finesse (medium) and +10 / 17 finesse (Large);
CMD: 10 - 1 (Str) + 6 (Dex)+ 1 (size) + 5 (deflection) = 21 + Dodge and insight bonuses to AC
Feats 13 +1: Blood Potion (Incanter Bonus @ 4th), Blind Fight, Moonlight Stalker, Overchannel, Versatile Crafter, Combat Reflexes, Lurker in Darkness, Endowed Mind, Distill Compound, Essence of the Immortal, Potent Pigments, Extra Martial Talent (Alchemy - Salve), One Pattern, Improved Critical (Polearms), Skill Focus (Stealth, Bonus), Skill Focus (Alchemy, Bonus), Scribe Tattoo (Bonus), Vigilant Skeptic (Bonus), Natural Telekinetic (Bonus), Capture Spell (Bonus)
Associated Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike (Brute)
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, dueling dagger, longbow, longsword, fauchard. Can threaten with reach weapon at -2 penalty. May wield polearms as if they had finesse.


Heavyload Belt (2,000), Tunic of Fastidiousness (1,000), Mark of the Grinning Skull (2,000, CL 8), Boots of Bent Moments +3 (2,000), Muleback Cords (1,000), Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone (Saves) (4,000), MW Thieves Tools (100), Travelers Any-Tool (250), Bottomless Flask (1,000), Force Hook (1,000), Power Stones (2,000 each for Chameleon, Kinetic Legerdemain), Tactically Adapted (performance) & Attendant Fauchard (3,000), Crackling Tassel (2,500), Pocket of Holding x2 (400), Natural Linguist Power Stone x2 (300), 1st level Psionic Tattoos, 8x (200), Hammer of Mending (900), Lucky Horseshoe (6,800), Portable Alchemists Lab (75), Bracelet of Charms (Unyielding, Health x2) (4,000), Blackwick Cauldron (8,850), Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000), Akashic Catylast, Least (8000), Banner of the Warlord, Minor (15,000), Chest Piercings (Major) (3,750), Head Piercing, Minor (3,750), Focus Chew x10 (+2 alchemical to Concentration, +1 to INT Skills 140), 5,010
Force Hook: This short metal rod fits well into the hand and is small enough that it is barely longer than a clenched fist. You may activate it as a move action and cause it to telekinetically hook on to a solid, inanimate surface within 200 feet, allowing it to act as if you had a rope securely linked between the rod and that surface. A second move action causes the hook to retract, drawing the rod and its wielder towards the surface at a rate of 50 feet per round. You may also use a free action to disconnect the hook from any surface it is attached to. The hook can support a load of up to Huge size.
Blackwick Cauldron: Crafted from cattail wicker, rendered magically immune to fire, and blackened by years of use, __blackwick cauldrons__ are but one variety of a number of similar items. Designed to aid in the crafting of potions and admixtures, a __blackwick cauldron__ grants a +5 competence bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks and a +5 bonus on Spellcraft checks to create magic potions with the Brew Potion feat. Additionally, a __cauldron__ allows a user to craft multiple potions at a faster rate than normal. The user can craft a single potion with a value of 300 gp or less in 2 hours and can make any combination of potions totaling 1,200 gp or less in value in a single day.
In addition to its crafting uses, a __blackwick cauldron__ can cast __identify__ once per day on an item placed inside of it.
Pocket of Holding: This small cloth bag easily fits in the hand, but opens into an extradimensional space that can store up to 1 cubic foot of material or 10 pounds. They can also be designed as pockets and sewn into normal or magical clothing.
Lucky Horseshoe: +1 luck to saves; 1/day can gain +4 luck to one throw before rolling
Bottomless Flask: This ornate and surprisingly weighty hip flask appears to be made out of silver, and its stopper is decorated with five small gems of different colors. It does not appear to be able to hold more than a pint, but the flask can open into five separate extradimensional spaces, each of which can hold up to 20 gallons. These spaces do not mix or overlap, so the contents are kept separate and uncontaminated; in addition, they can safely store volatile substances such as acid or alchemist’s fire. The different spaces can be accessed by twisting the stopper so that a different gem faces the front of the flask, which can be done as a swift action. The flask can pour out a maximum of one pint per round (or a single flask of an alchemical substance) into a square within the wielder’s reach. If broken, the flask is ruined and all contents are lost in extradimensional space.


Face of Nightmares: An artai mask that seems to twist in on itself, drawing forth the onlookers nightmares but only visible from the corner of their eyes. This mask gives the wearer the benefit of the Hero's Display feat and the Performing Combatant feat, though only in respect to Hero's Display. Additionally, the wearer has the Gruesome Slaughter feat, but can apply its effects to any Intimidate check. The penalties for being demoralized by the wearer increase by 1 at 8th level and every 6 levels after.
This mechanically gives a swift action AoE intimidate on a critical, charge, or dropping an enemy to 0 HP, assuming that the character can make a DC 20 CHA check. There are a couple +2 bonuses to the check; +2 for BAB, +2 for ranks in Perform (Dance), and +2 for using a performance weapon. Hero's Display gives a +2, and I have +2 CHA; altogether, its 10 + 1d20 vs DC 20 unless I can find something else to boost CHA. Anyone demorilized must make a Fortitude save or be sickened for 1 minute... +4 circumstance to P. Combat checks with Crackling Tassel

Oaths and Oath Points:

Oaths: Oath against Artifice (1 point, Cannot wear metal armor or shields, cannot use firearms or technological devices with charges), Oath of Ritual (1 point, Must spend 1 hour per day and either 50 gp or reduce HP by 10 for the day), Oath of Offerings (7 points, Must give half of wealth to an organization or charity), Oath of Secrecy (1 point, you take a penalty of -5 to AC and saving throws vs creatures who know your name or have seen your face)
Oath Points (10): Bonus Talents (3 points, at 2, 6, 10); Enhanced Abilities ( 2 points, +2 enhancement to abilities at 4, 6, 8, 10); Enhanced Armenants x2 (2 points each, +3 bonus to Implement, +3 bonus to Fauchard), Skillful (one point, all skills are class skills, and gain HD ranks for skills),
Implement Timewalker Sabatons, +1 Enhancement to Time sphere and +2 for Talent: Temporal Haste
Weapon Fauchard, +1 Enhancement base and Entangling (+1, entangled on critical for 1 minute or move action vs DC 17 / 23) and Dispelling (+1, as spell storing but with +enhancement to the dispel check)

Casting Drawbacks, Boons, and Concentration:

Concentration Bonuses: +2 trait (Desperate Focus), +5 competence (Shadow Piercings), +2 alchemical from Focus Chew
Minimum Concentration Roll: 1d20 + 10 + 7 + 7, so 25. Casting Defensively is 15 + 10. Damage Threshold DC is 10+Spell level + Damage.. DC of 10 + 5 + Damage makes 10 damage the threshold for needing to roll concentration.
Psionics: tattoos have a visual display that cannot be suppressed when manifesting
Incanter: Anemic, Draining Casting, Coy Caster, Focus Casting/Galvanized, Mental Focus, Witchmarked, Skilled Casting, Somatic Casting x2
Restrictions: Must have a hand free and not be wearing armor. DC 25 to cast after failing a save vs mind affecting, subject to a critical, or losing ability to concentrate; full round action to restore focus. DC 25 to cast without focus/weapon. DC 20 to cast when observed. Takes bleed damage from piercing / slashing, and additional bleed damage from bleed effects, equal to 1 + 1 per 10 points of damage. Every spell point spent causes 3 points of non-lethal damage that can only be healed by a nights rest. Skilled Casting using Craft Alchemy, DC 25. Nikolsi has glowing purple eyes from Witchmarked.
Boons (9 points total): Easy Focus, Essence Pool, Draw Magic. Can concentrate as a move action, and gain +1 or 2 to Caster Level when 3 or 6+ creatures within 30' are affected by own sphere abilities. Gains a pool of 10 essence.

Traits, Skills, and Languages:

All skills are class skills via Oath Bonus;
6+INT * 10 skills, plus background, +10 from Oath; total of 160 ranks + 10 each in C. Alchemy and Bluff
Intimidating Pattern (Cryptic): +5 to Intimidate
Vigilant Skeptic (Feat): +5 to perception / sense motive vs glamers
Hidden Pattern (Cryptic): +6 competence to Stealth
Control Sound (Cryptic Power): 3 PP, concentration for min/level; +4 circumstance to stealth while manifesting it
Chameleon (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, +10 enhancement bonus to stealth for 100 minutes
Conceal Thoughts (Cryptic Power): 1 PP or focus, +10 circumstance bonus to Bluff vs Sense Motive for 10 hours
Mind Palace (Cryptic Power): 1 PP, immediate action +1d4 to an attack, save, skill check, caster level check, or ability check; +2 PP = +1d4
Skill Focus: Alchemy, Stealth; +6 bonus
Head Piercings, Minor (Equipment): +5 competence to Intimidate
Darkwalker Hood (Veil, Incanter): +7 insight to Perception and Sleight of Hand, Knowledge checks to identify a creature
Roguish Domino (Veil, Incanter): +20 bonus to Disguise checks, only for concealing true identity; +4 insight to Disguise generally. May disguise self as a move action
Skill Mastery (Cryptic): Take 10 on 3+INT skills: Intimidate, Craft: Alchemy, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, UMD, Stealth, Bluff, Sleight of Hand, K. Local

Traits: /[b] [b] Desperate Focus (Magic): : +2 trait to concentration checks, Shadow Whispers (Religion, Norgorber): +1 K. Local and +2 Intimidate to Demoralize, Highland Clansman (Social): Can use Orange and Silver War Paint together, Fate's Favored (Faith):Increase luck bonuses on self by 1
Common Skills (120 Ranks) Acrobatics +19 (10), Bluff +15 (10, Spheres), Craft Alchemy +32 (10, Spheres) Intimidate +27 (10), K. (arcana) +20 (10), K. (local) +21 (10), K. (planes) +20 (10), Linguistics +20 (10, Background), Perception +25, +5 vs glamered (10), Perform (Dance) +15 (10, Background), Sense Motive +18, +5 vs glamered (10), Sleight of Hand +26 (10), Spellcraft +20, +25 for potions (10), Stealth +34/44 with Chameleon (10), Survival +18 (10), Use Magic Device +15 (10)
Uncommon Skills (40 Ranks) Appraise +11 (1), Autohypnosis +8 (1), Climb +3 (1), Diplomacy +6 (1), Disguise +15 (5), Escape Artist +10 (1), Fly +10 (1), Handle Animal +6 (1), Heal +9 (1), K. (dungeoneering) +15 (5), K. (engineering) +11 (1), K. (geography) +11 (1), K. (history) +11 (1), K. (martial) +11 (1), K. (nature) +15 (5), K. (nobility) +11 (1), K. (psionics) +15 (5), K. (religion) +15 (5), Ride +10 (1), Swim +3 (1),

Languages: Common*, Infernal*, Abyssal*, Aklo*, Celestial*, Dwarven*, Elven*, Giant*; Shadowtongue, Draconic, Auran, 17 more

Class Abilities:

Cryptic Insights (6): Enhance Tattoo (INT/day cause tattoo to function at full ML, augmented), Dislocating Pattern (-2 penalty to saves, attacks, skills, and damage rolls on damaging enemy with Disrupt Pattern), Rogue Talent: Prescient Dodger (Add INT to AC, +1/4 levels), Rogue Talent: Skill Mastery (Take 10 on 3+INT Skills), Rogue Talent: Now You See It (Swift action access to storage), Rogue Talent: Cloaked Killer (Learn and shape Robe of Forgotten Deity veil)
Disrupt Pattern (Cryptic): 5d6 + INT damage, +5 vs humanoids
Channeled Disruption (Cryptic): Disrupt Pattern applies on every melee hit
Incanter: Bonus feat at 4th; Veilshaping specialization giving +1 CL to Veilshaping sphere and 1 essence at CL 3 and every 3 thereafter. Familiar as Wizard.
Combat: 23 (10 (Sentinel) + 4 (Martial Tradition) + Berserker, Guardian, Defend Other (Sentinel), +3 (Oaths), +1 (FCB) + 2 Feat : Alchemy (3): War Paint, Panacea, Focusing Formula, Salve; Mana Chemistry drawback. Berserking (1, Bonus sphere): Bone-Breaker. Brute (2): Brace Weapon, Focused Might. Fencing (4): Parry and Riposte, Parry Anything, Wide Open. Equipment (Bonus) (Spear Dancer, Polearm Mastery, Custom Discipline), Guardian (2+2 bonus, Bonus sphere): Swift Guardian, Defend Other (Bonus), Mass Challenge, Mageguard, Cold Iron Call.
Magic Spheres 21 (Talents: 9 (Incanter) +5 bonus (Incanter) + 2 (Wizard) + 2 (Bonus Casting) + 2 Specializations +1 FCB ): Blood (1): (Self Control, Manipulate Alchemy; Self Controlled and Limited Acceleration drawbacks), Creation (1): (Practiced Creation, Object of Force; Limited Creation(alter) and Fission Drawbacks), Enhancement (1): (Deep Enhancement, Greater Enhance Equipment; Delinquent Enhancements and Obvious Enhancements Drawbacks), Fate (1) (Greater Serendipity; Sanctified Drawback) Light (3, Bonus): (Periscope, Black Light, Encompassing Light, Glory, Lingering Glow; Flexible Lens and Subtle Light Drawback), Protection (1): (Armored Magic, Shared Aegis, Mettle, Obstruction; Protected Soul, Limited Protection (Aegis), Alternate Aegis, and Second Skin drawbacks), Veilshaping (9, Bonus): (Shape Veil x3, Extra Essence, Capacity Increase x2, Bind Feet Chakra, Bind Wrist Chakra, Bind Head Chakra, Bind Headband Chakra, Sphereshaper Talent; and Limited Essence Drawback), Warp (1): (Extradimensional Storage x2, Bender and Limited Warp (Shadow) Drawbacks)

Favored Class Bonuses:

FCB (Incanter): +1/6 of a new Talent x9, FCB (Cryptic): + 1/6 of a new insight x8 and +1 PP x 2, FCB (Sentinel): +1/6 a Guardian Sphere x 10

Aella, the Familiar:

Familiar: Cat
Initiative: +2, Senses: LLV, Scent 30', Perception: +14
AC: 27, Touch AC: 14, Flat-Footed AC: 25
HP: 92
Str 3, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 7
Attacks: 2 AoO per round, at +14 attack bonus
Speak with Master, Empathic Link, Share Spells
Archetypes: Protector
Trades Improved Evasion, Alertness, Deliver Touch Spells, and Speak with Animals of its Kind, Spell Resistance
Feats: Bodyguard, Combat Reflexes
Abilities: Can share damage between self and master equally